Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 46


f**k, f**k, f**k. I can’t believe I just did that. My mind whirls with the implications. I should never have
done it,

let alone even gone to see her. What on earth was I thinking? My wolf is pleased, sending me all sorts
of naughty and inappropriate images in my mind, which is not helping with the situation. I can’t stop
thinking about that kiss. God, her lips were so soft and gentle and those moans of hers. My c**k
twitched just thinking about it. If I hadn’t pulled back when I did, we would have ended up doing it on
the hospital bed and how embarrassing would that have been? Storm doesn’t think it would have been
embarrassing at all, the bloody hornbag.

I can’t be near her, I decided. It was too dangerous to control my feelings when it came to Winter. Even
though she can’t speak, she still draws me in. Something about those large eyes of hers that beseech
me and make me feel like a right bastard. Even now, I bet she’s hurt at me leaving. I swear there were
tears in her eyes.

Would you just accept the mate bond already and get rid of that slut Candice?

She’s not a slut, she’s our girlfriend and I can’t just upend her for Winter. Remember, I don’t want a
mate that’s going to hurt me like the first one did.

She’s not going to reject you. When are you going to realize that? Would you get over the scars you
possess already? Winter doesn’t seem to be bothered by them.

That’s because she can’t tell me she is. I won’t be put in a vulnerable position again.

Candice just wants to be Luna, you know that as well as I. Stop being so blind to her.

Shut it wolf. I won’t break up with her, so just leave it.

He sulks but shuts up thankfully as I head back towards the pack house deep in thought. I wasn’t
oblivious to Candice’s faults, contrary to what my wolf believed. But shouldn’t she expect to be Luna
after dating me for so long? Wasn’t that a normal thing to do? I could just mark Candice but my wolf
feels sick at the very thought of it and I just feel hesitant, as though I’m forcing myself to do something I
don’t want to do. Damnit. Why was this so hard? Why

can’t I just reject Winter and get rid of all the drama? But she looks so fragile, so in need of protection
and I feel

protective of her. My wolf is just as protective and it’s ironic, because he doesn’t feel protective when it
comes to

Candice at all.

Maybe I should just lock myself up in the study and bury myself in paperwork. That would take my mind
off of

everything surely.

My wolf snickers.

Sure, paperwork is really going to help. You try that, you moron.

You’re pushing it.

So are you with this nonsense? You’re a bloody fool Kai. The mate bond is only going to get stronger. I
can’t wait for the day when you realize just how stupid you’ve been. You’re going to have a lot to make
up for when it comes to Winter and, at this rate, she might find a way of rejecting us.

I’ve no sooner settled myself in my study when Candice comes sashaying in. For the first time ever,
instead of lighting up when she comes in, I feel nausea at her presence. Why is she disturbing me
when I’m busy? I instantly feel bad for thinking that and try to give her a smile, even though it feels

“Candice, is there something you need?” I ask pleasantly enough. cleavage. I swallow hard. My wolf is
extremely annoyed in the background and I put a block up, ignoring his


“Well, I’m always happy to see you” Ilie.

She’s wearing a killer red dress that leaves nothing to the imagination and it enhances her beautiful
figure perfectly. I have an idea of what it is she’s after and my c**k twitches as I look at her all over.

She trails her fingers down my arm. To my surprise, I feel numb, not as excited as I usually am. Still, I
stand up and kiss her, deep, disappointed not to feel any sparks or tingles. I just need to get Winter out
of my head, I think to myself grimly. Candice senses there’s something wrong and pulls back, her eyes
shining with concern. Love?

“You’re a bit tense” she comments and I almost laugh. She’s not kidding, I’m so bloody stressed out, it’s


“How about a massage?” she offers and I sit back down with relief. At least she’s not angry. Not that
she has any reason to be, I think, a tad bit guilty. After all, that kiss meant nothing. Nothing. But my
body and my wolf think


She begins to knead my neck and I tip my head back in appreciation, feeling my tense muscles begin
to relax

underneath her ministrations. This was heaven. I moan and she smiles widely at me.

“Poor thing” she comments sweetly, “your all tense and well, stressed out. I know exactly how to fix
that” she

murmurs and moves me from out of my desk, still in my chair as I face her.

Her long fingernails undo the zipper on my pants and I’m not wearing any underwear. I usually don’t, it
just gets

in the way. She pulls out my member and gives me a seductive smile, getting to her knees and
beginning to lick the tip, as I shudder in pleasure.

She knows exactly what to do, slowly placing my c**k inside of her mouth and beginning to suck, slowly
at first, her hands moving up and down on my shaft as I lean back against the chair.

God, she’s f*****g good. It’s not long and I’m struggling to maintain my self control, putting aside all
thoughts of Winter. This is my life, this is what I want. A girlfriend who’s crazy about me. Who will never
hurt me. Who shows me just how badly she wants me all the time. I can’t take it anymore and hastily
stand up, my c**k standing to


“I think maybe it’s time for you to have some fun too” I, say firmly, and she gives me a knowing look,
sliding out of her panties and flinging them to the far corner of the room. My throat goes dry.

“Bend over the desk” | growl, desperate to be inside of her.

She bends over, her dress up to her waist, her hands on either side of her head. She waits. I stare at

delectable ass but don’t feel the lust I normally feel. Why was this happening? All I wanted was to take
her and dispose of her, not feeling as tender towards her as I usually feel.

1 position my rock hard c**k against her entrance as she wiggles playfully against me in
encouragement. She’s more than ready for me, I can smell her juices and the scent of her arousal. I
push in, hard, getting all of my c**k inside of her in one fell swoop. She loves it, crying out as I begin to
pound into her without mercy, thrusting hard and rough, her moans and cries spurring me on. But
there’s something that I can’t seem to control and, no matter how rough I take her or how animalistic I
am, I can’t seem to c*m and, shamefully, I begin to imagine that it’s Winter beneath me, the one that
I’m f*****g instead. It seems to do the trick, making my c**k tingle all over and I let out a huge shout as I
spill my seed inside of her, shuddering, giving one last thrust as Candice’s walls clench around me

and she orgasms tightly while I’m still inside.

Panting heavily, I slowly pull out and Candice turns to grip me tightly. “I have some shopping to do” she
murmurs and, without a word, I pull up my pants and hand her my credit card while she beams at me.

“Have fun” I manage to grunt as she puts her panties back on and waves, shimmying out. I watch her
go regretfully. She had no idea that I was pretending to be with someone else and I put my head in my
hands and swore quietly. All I can think about is Winter and the knowledge that she would have felt the
pain of me being with someone else. I really am a right bastard. Not only that, but I shamed Candice by
imagining my mate beneath me. How was! going to fix this mess without hurting either of them? Was
that even possible?

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