Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 56

God, it’s ridiculously cold in here. Langdon’s shirt is doing absolutely nothing to keep the chill at bay and I
sit there, my arms folded, shivering and trembling as I wait to see if I’m let out. Langdon had better be
right about this, think sourly. Otherwise I might just let Sabriel do whatever she wants to him and his
precious bachelor pad.

Should have pissed all over his house, given him something to really be angry about. Especially if he
was going to punish us both this way.

Sabriel, is your answer to everything going to be piss on it?

Well, I could do the other thing, but you’re too much of a lady to let me. Or are you?

That’s disgusting

Says you.I call it Karma

I hope Langdon comes back to let me out soon. I can tell that the sun is beginning to set and it’s only
going to get

colder at nightfall. I doubt I can make it though the night without freezing to death, shifter or not. Plus I’m
so annoyed, I feel like punching the wall, but that’s not going to make anything better.

I close my eyes and lean back against the hard bricks of the building, my body aching all over and my
stomach growling in hunger. Then, miracles of miracles, I hear the loud creak of the dungeon door
opening and then tense as a familiar scent washes over me. What on earth is he doing here? I’d been so

sure that he would have just left me down here. Sabriel, of course is smug.The damn wolf is cocky as

Of course, our mate is coming. He can’t resist us. We’re the most beautiful creatures he’s ever seen. Or
at least/

am, although you’re pretty cute too.

Wow, so humble Sabriel.

/tell it like it is. Not my fault you don’t like it.

He’s probably just come to yell at us or something.

Winter, has anyone told you that you are way too pessimistic? Why do you have to be all doom and
gloomy? Save that crap for Halloween.

You’re way too optimistic.

Well, one of us has to be.

Sabriel is driving me insane, prancing about excitedly in my mind, while all I can hear is the loud
thudding of my

heart, beating wildly in my chest. I feel a small spurt of hope, despite all of my protestations. His
footsteps are loud, like he’s storming downstairs and that doesn’t bode well at all. Even Sabriel has
stopped her prancing and is listening nervously. He sounds like he’s angry, but with luck it’s directed at
Langdon and not at me. A girl can hope right?

“God dammit” he’s muttering to himself as he walks down “F*****g Langdon. I swear to god, when I get
my hands on him, I’m going to rip his head off his body.”

That seems perfectly acceptable to me Winter. See he’s defending our honor.

Thonestly just think he’s mad at Langdon Sabriel. It has nothing to do with our honor.

Pity, I’m rather bloodthirsty.

Not as weird as you.

That’s debatable, I think idly to myself as he finally reaches the end of the stairs and comes crashing
over, his eyes wild and his hair all dishevelled. I gulp. He looks half crazed and now I’m thinking it’s safer
to be in the cell, than out of it with him. I guess he sees the fear in my eyes because he straightens up
and attempts to smooth his hair down somewhat and make himself more presentable.

“Right then” he snaps, “Langdon should never have locked you up. But you” he booms, pointing his
finger at me as I cringe “should never have even left the house” he roars, “I put you there to keep you
safe. Why is that proving to be so difficult.” He sounds completely perplexed.

Right. Not to keep me away from his so-called girlfriend. Is he kidding himself right now? I roll my eyes
and he stares at me incredulous, not able to believe that I’m showing him such disrespect. Well, he
started it.

He fumbles slowly inside his pockets and produces a key, examining it thoughtfully. I resist the urge to
reach for it as he begins to pace back and forth.

“This is the last thing I need” he mutters, glancing at me, “the last thing I want. Why does it have to be so
hard though” he exhales, staring at me intently, and I squirm at how intense his gaze is. Maybe Langdon
doing this was the last straw and Kai has finally lost his senses and his mind.

“I just broke up with Candice” he says irritably and my heart skips a beat at the words. Hope fills my
body, even though I’m certain there is a but coming. There’s always some sort of string attached. I don’t
even know why he’s

bothering to tell me this. I’m not the reason for his breakup, unless she found out about me and even so,

wouldn’t be my fault. Or is there a reason behind his telling me? Sabriel is almost dancing in joy.

He slowly unlocks the cell door and pulls it open. “Well” he says quietly, seeming to calm himself down
somewhat, “are you coming?”

I stood up and slowly went towards him, Kai backing away so that I could walk out. My body is trembling
and my mouth is dry. Was he just going to abandon me with Langdon again? Is that why he wanted me
to come with him? Or worse? Was he going to throw me out of the pack and leave me to fend for myself?
I feel nauseas, my stomach churning as I try to remain calm.

“Come on” he barks impatiently, and I follow him upstairs to the main area of the pack house, astounded

he begins to ascend the stairs.

I’ve never been upstairs. It was forbidden for myself and other omegas to go up there. It was explained
that the Alpha didn’t want lowly omegas to enter his rooms, apparently several of them had tried to
seduce him and he got tired of it. Marias was one of the few he entrusted to clean in his private rooms.
He’s an enigma this Alpha Kai who’s

supposedly my mate.

I’m in awe as he ushers me down the hallway and into his bedroom, or at least I presume it’s his
bedroom, ushering me in frantically and closing the door. I look around in interest. The room itself is
massive, huge in fact. The four poster bed looks so inviting with it’s beautiful green bedcovers and I sit
down, feeling just how soft it is. The room doesn’t contain much besides the bed, just a dresser and

wardrobe. I can’t even see much in the way of personal effects and that makes me feel sad for some
reason. It’s not the homeliest feeling of bedrooms.

He watches me looking around, a small smile on his face. Then he stands in front of me and I blink,
looking up at his big hulk of a body. He looks tentative, hesitant and I brace myself for whatever it is that
he’s about to say. But he manages to surprise me.

“Listen” he says gruffly, folding his arms and staring intently down at my face “I just left Candice because

wolf and I can’t keep ignoring the mate bond anymore. Turns out she was only interested in being Luna
anyway”, he muttered, and I feel sympathetic towards him. That must have been horrible for him to find
out. Must have been one hell of a breakup. The sympathy fades quickly however when I remind myself
just how bad he’s treated me thus


“I don’t know what to do with you” he says quietly “every time I look at you, I’m blown away by your
beauty and your innocence. I’ve been rejected before and it sucks. If you want me to reject you,
however, especially after the way I’ve treated you, I can look into how we do it?” He doesn’t sound too
enthusiastic about the idea though, but I could

be reading him wrong.

I shake my head. I don’t really want to go looking for another mate and despite everything, my heart is
screaming out for him, I feel more that I ever felt with Johnathon. I want him, my mind is screaming it.
Sabriel is screaming it in my mind. He looks pleased. Was he hoping that would be my response? Or did
he expect it? Then he does the unthinkable and swoops down, his lips landing on mine as he kisses me,
roughly, his tongue demanding access

which I eagerly give him, my arms holding onto his as I try to keep upright on the bed. Sparks fly
between us and Sabriel is giddy in my mind. When he finally lets go and backs away, I feel disappointed.
I really hope he’s not about to apologies over this kiss like the last time. I don’t think my heart could take
it. But instead he gives me a wicked grin

that makes my heart start to beat loudly in my chest.

“I think it’s time we tried being proper mates, Winter, don’t you” he drawls, and I can’t help it. My mouth
opens wide in shock as Sabriel screams out in joy in my mind. Was he finally accepting me? Or, my
heart skips a beat at the thought, am I just a replacement for Candice now that she’s gone?

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