The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 60

Needless to say I’m still exhausted and drained the next day, Alpha Kai still watching over me. I
examined him

while he slept, fascinated at how peaceful and innocent he looked as his soft snores filled the air. His
scars were just

as rugged and stood out against the whiteness of the hospital lights, but to me they made him look
even more

handsome to me. I still caught him out of the corner of my eyes during the hours he spent by my side,
occasionally tracing them when he thought I wasn’t looking. I suspect now, that it has nothing to do with
being self conscious, but

rather that there’s a whole other story, one that he has yet to tell me, that causes him to do it.

When I’m discharged, I’m relieved as is Kai who claims he has important paperwork to get to. I feel bad
for disturbing his business but he doesn’t seem to be too phased. I’m wondering how I’m going to walk
back to the pack house, my limbs still quite shaky and to be honest, I’m that tired, I’m not sure I’ll
actually make the trip, when Kai shocks the hell out of me by picking me up and carrying me bridal
style. As we make our way out to the main

entrance, I see several nurses stop and stare and Dr James, I swear, winks at me on the way out. I
grin. I’m rather fond of that doctor. He’s so jolly it’s hard to find anything to dislike about him.

“Let’s get you home” Kai mutters, my arms wrapping around his neck tightly. His hair is soft against my
hands and I have to resist the urge to tug on it. His grip is so secure, that I have no fears of him
dropping me. Not with his

muscular body and the protective look in his eyes. I trust him completely and that alone shocks me.
When is the last time I allowed myself to trust anyone? Even someone who’s family like my brother
Damien? Too long. But with a childhood like mind, was that really not to be expected? It feels nice to
trust someone, even if it’s slightly.

You know, you could easily kiss him from your position right? Those luscious lips of his, just begging to
be touched with ours….

Sabriel, I don’t think now’s the time. Besides we’re still becoming accustomed to trying this whole mate
thing and that’s if I don’t get killed first.

That’s the thing with you humans, you always have to take it so damn slow. How do you expect to get
laid, if you don’t start getting the show on the road?

I’m not ready for that Sabriel.

Well, at some stage your gonna do the deed. Unless you want me to take over and do it in wolf form
with his

wolf? Because I’m totally ready to make that sacrifice for you Winter. Just say the word.

Um no thanks Sabriel. I would rather not have you make that sacrifice.

Sigh. Well if you change your mind woman, I’ll be ready to step in in a heartbeat.

She sends me inappropriate images of her getting it on with his wolf and I fight the urge to block her.
Right now her presence is soothing, even if she’s frustrating me just a little bit. The day is pleasant at
least, the sun shining down and a gentle breeze caressing my skin and hair. The sky is so blue with
barely a cloud in the sky and I inhale the

scent of pine and dirt coming from the nearby forest as we walk. It’s a beautiful day, one that’s meant to
be enjoyed.

“I’m going to put you to bed” Kai mutters, his arms tightening further around me as I look up at him wide

“You need to rest Winter” he adds firmly as I shake my head at him.

I pout, but he’s not dissuaded. “No, you will do as I say” but his voice is teasing and lighthearted. It’s
pleasant to

Fine, if he wants to take care of me, then maybe I should let him. He’s only trying to take care of my
wellbeing after all, and being in a relationship is all about compromise, isn’t it? I can accede to his
wishes for now. But only for now. I can be just as stubborn when I want to be.

The pack members openly stare out on the grounds, several jaws dropping open as they see their big
bad Alpha kai, holding a woman in his arms and openly carrying her into the house. I guess even with
all the gossip it still shocks them to see Kai with his mate in the open. Hopefully, they see it as a good

He’s careful to take me up the stairs slowly, my heart thudding wildly in my chest, despite knowing he
would never drop me. He takes me into the bedroom and gently places me on the bed, taking my
shoes off and placing the

bedcovers over me. I want to moan, I’m in absolute heaven,

“I’m going to place a guard on the door” he mutters “make sure no one enters the room while you get
some sleep.”

That sounds a bit overprotective but I can see his point. Someone has tried to kill me twice now. It’s not
such a bad idea. It means I’ll sleep a hell of a lot easier.

Then he surprises me even more, giving me a gentle kiss on the forehead as I stare up at him, my eyes
shining brightly at him. The last person to ever do that, was my mother when I was little and it brings
back a feeling of nostalgia.

“I’ll see you later” he promises and is out the door before I can so much as nod. I watch the back of him
and feel a

sense of loss, even though I know he’s only going to be downstairs and in the study. It’s not like I’m not
going to see him again for christ sake.

I don’t know how long I’ve been asleep for, when I’m rudely awakened by someone shoving me roughly
off the bed. I hit the ground with a thud, wincing at the pain as my eyes shoot open and I look up to see
an angry, pissed off

woman, her arms on her hips as she glares down at me. How the hell did she get past the guard? I
know who this woman is, I’ve seen her before, hanging off of Kai and it makes sense that it has to be
none other than Candice, that Kai had broken up with recently. What the hell was she doing here, and
what the f**k did she want.

Kick her in the nuts

She’s a woman Sabriel, she doesn’t have nuts

Kick her in the v****a then, I’m guessing it will still hurt.

I can’t do that, let’s just see what it is she wants.

I don’t think she’s here for a friendly chat somehow Winter. I dont’ like the look on the b***h’s face.

She’s Kai’s ex girlfriend, I can’t just hit her.

Say’s who? She’s not even supposed to be in here. Where the f**k is the guard?

I awkwardly scramble to my feet and back away slightly. A quick glance at the doorway shows the
guard wasn’t there. That’s not good. How did she manage to get him to leave his post?

“You must be Winter” the woman sneers and I give a small nod, watching her every move tentatively.

Her eyes narrow as she rakes me over with her gaze, a look of contempt in her eyes. I flinch but
bravely stand my ground.

“I don’t know what he sees in you” she says heatedly “you’re nothing but a pathetic omega, You’re too
skinny, you’re dirty and you can’t even speak. How on earth are you going to be his mate when you are
this weak?”

I just blink. Maybe if I just stand there, she’ll just leave me alone. She strides forward and stares at me,

in her anger.

“I deserve to be Luna” she hisses “not you. Do you have any idea how repulsive it was to pretend to
love that

disgusting man with those horrendous scars? How much effort I put into pleasing him? I was all set to
be his chosen Luna and then you had to come along” she says shakily and I feel sick to my stomach.

She’d led Kai along on a string and the only thing she gave a damn about was the fact she wouldn’t get

become Luna? Cold, calculating b***h.

Kai isn’t repulsive. How anyone could use someone like that is beyond my comprehension. All she’d
ever wanted was to be Luna, and she’d been prepared to lie and manipulate in order to get what she
was after. She was

disgusting, not Kai.

She must have sensed my reaction because she raised her hand and swung it, intending to slap me
across the face.

My hand grabs her arm before she can, to my astonishment. My reflexes were quick, it seemed and
before I can

stop myself I slap her instead, watching in great satisfaction as she clutches her red cheek and howls.

Unfortunately, this time I’m a little slower and she get’s a good kick to my guts as I double over and
clutch at my stomach. f**k that hurt. Sabriel’s ready to shift and tear her to strips, but it turns out not to
be necessery.

Just as I’m straightening back up and she’s preparing to take another swing at me, a voice speaks from
the doorway, causing me to stiffen and her to stop short, her mouth opening in shock.

“Candice, what are you doing to my mate?”

It’s Kai and his eyes are pitch black as he stares at his ex-girlfriend.

“Kai” she stammers “I was just coming to meet your mate” she said, pointing at me “and she attacked
me” she

lied. My mouth falls open.

Kai saunters into the room, his eyes never leaving hers. “I put a guard on Winter’s room” he said softly,
his tone

dangerous and ominous. “Where is he?”

“He wasn’t here when I came to the room” Candice muttered but neither I or Kai believed her.

His eyes glaze over and it’s evident he’s mind-linking someone. Several warriors come rushing in.
“Take Candice

to the dungeon” he demands and Candice’s mouth falls open as she begins to back away, a terrified
look on her face

now. Did she honestly think there would be no repercussions for this? To be fair, I wasn’t sure he’d
punish her for this,

but he looks determined to. Sabriel’s prancing around like a unicorn in my mind, pleased at our mate’s

“Kai, you have to believe me” she pleads “it was all her.”

He’s having none of it. “I saw what happened Candice” he shoots me a look “and I’m proud of Winter

standing up for herself.” He adds with a low growl.

The warriors grasp hold of her as she kicks and bucks, screaming obscenities as she’s dragged
roughly away. “You’ll pay for this” she screams over and over, but everyone ignores her and before too
long she’s gone, her voice

fading away completely. I stare at kai uncertainly. Am I in trouble? But instead he crossed the room and
holds me

tight against him, his head on my shoulder. “Sorry” he murmurs in my ear “I’ll make sure she never
troubles you ever