The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 58

There’s a commotion of sorts outside and I’m watching, seeing warriors forming a group in the distance. I
can only think of one thing that would cause that sort of reaction in the pack, and that’s a rogue attack. I
feel dread inside of me, even though I don’t know why. Kai is an Alpha, one of the strongest werewolves
in the country and more than capable of defending himself. But my concern is high and I hold out hope
and a longing that he does not get hurt. Even now, I still can’t bring myself to hate him, not when he’s
finally showing me, even if it’s only a little bit, that he does care for me.

If he gets hurt, we can play nurse. How cute would that be? A little nurse’s outfit, tending him back to
health…things start to happen when he gets better,,, hint, hint.

Sabriel, I’m not buying lingerie to play nurse because you have a fantasy in your head.

We don’t have to be an actual nurse, besides, Kai would appreciate the effort we go to, to make him feel

I bet he would, but I’m not doing it and I doubt that you would have the same impact, dressed in a wolf
nurse outfit

You never know where his kinks lie.

You are twisted, Sabriel. But fun. Winter, lot’s of fun.

I shake my head at my wolf’s antics, still watching outside, but the wolves are that far in the distance I

make anything out and I flop on the bed with a sigh. I still can’t believe Kai wants to try being mates, after
everything. My heart goes out to poor Candice who he’d broken up with, even if Kai claimed she just

wanted to be

Luna. Surely, their relationship had to have meant something to her. Nobody’s that cold or calculating.
Are they?

You always want to believe in the best of people Winter. It’s adorable. But it means you’ll always be hurt
by people, even those you trust.

It’s better than believing the worst Sabriel.

True, but it’s unrealistic. Evil exists in this world. It’s best to accept it and learn.

I want to believe there is good as well, Sabriel, rather than always see the bad aspects in life.

Hold onto that, it’s a rare quality in a person.

I can hear shouts now and I feel a dark, achy, pain in my chest and midsection, that seems to come out

nowhere. I wasn’t injured, so at first I’m confused. Realisation strikes and my eyes widen. Could this pain
be coming

from Kai? Was the mate bond allowing me to feel his injuries? Was he dead? Oh god no, please don’t let
him be dead.

Not now.

I felt grief for a moment. There’s a loud pounding on the door. Langdon bursts in, looking frazzled,
completely naked and I immediately avert my eyes.

“Winter” he pants looking pleased to see me and distraught at the same time. Something’s happened.

I looked over his shoulder to see that there are two men carrying Kai between them. What has happened
to him? I look at Langdon, who looks sheepish as he directs them to place Kai on the bed. My heart
skips a beat as I take in the nausea.

‘He was hurt” Langdon tells me unnecessarily as I can see that for myself. “A rogue managed to get a
few good hits in. We need your help” he tells me and my eyes widen in disbelief. How can I possibly help
him? I dont’ have any powers to speak of.

“He’ll heal much faster, with his mate by his side” Langdon says, shooing the other men out of the room.
They leave after casting me curious glances. I guess they don’t know, wholam. Well, now that they do,
it’s bound to get all over the pack by nightfall. Gossip can be a real nuisance in a pack. I ignore the looks
and focus on Kai.

I walk over to Kai who’s breathing steadily, even if he is unconscious. I touch his scars, feeling how
jagged and rough they are on his face. I feel tingles through my fingers and Langdon gives a small smile
as he watches.

“You know” he says quietly “I don’t believe I ever saw Candice touch his scars ever. You’re not afraid of
them, are you?”

That makes me look at him. Why would I be afraid of his scars? To me it was a sign of how brave he was
and courageous. I would never be disgusted by his scars. You would have to be pretty shallow to be or
vain or both. I’m

none of them.

“If you could maybe, lie next to him or keep touching him” Langdon suggests gently “then I’m sure he’ll
heal in no time.”

Inod and trail my fingers down Kai’s bare arm feeling the sparks that are always there.

Langdon backs towards the door. “I’ll arrange for some tea to be brought to the room later” he says and I

giving a half hearted wave as he leaves us, the door closing softly behind him. I feel awkward and a little
anxious as I hesitantly curl up beside Kai, snuggling hard against him and resting my arm over his chest.
It seems to do the trick,

because he mutters something and slightly shifts closer to me as I hold his hand. Right now he looks so
vulnerable, a

stark contrast to the confident and overbearing man that I’ve seen the few times I’ve been with him.

His wounds begin to knit together as the hours pass by in a blur. I’m enjoying actually touching my mate,
but feeling bad it’s while hes unconscious and there’s no way I would touch him below the waist, even if
Sabriel’s urging

me to at least look at his c**k which makes me blush. God I’m tired, I think as the sun begins to set. My
stomach gives

a loud growl of hunger and Sabriel giggles in my mind.

I can think of something to put our mouths on, but it won’t really satisfy our hunger

Sabriel! Now is not the time to be such a hornbag!

There’s always time to be a hornbag Winter, I’m not ashamed.

Fine, but he’s injured, we should at least show some concern towards him.

I am concerned, who knows whether his downstairs has been affected? What if he’s hurt down there.

Really Sabriel?

You should check.

Right, that’s it, I’m blocking you.

I slowly climb out of bed, doing my best not to disturb Kai, who is now resting peacefully. But I’m also
hesitant to leave his side for a minute, let alone long enough to grab something to eat. Didn’t Langdon
promise to send food up?

I’m starving

There’s a gentle knock on the door and I open it curiously, grateful to see an omega on the other side,
holding up a dinner tray with all sorts of goodies on it, including a teapot and freshly made tea. My mouth

“May I put this down” the girl chirps cheerfully and I nod, motioning for her to place the tray down on the
dresser. She does so and goes to leave, but I grab her arm and mouth the words ‘thankyou’ to her. She
beams, before leaving, shutting the door quietly behind her.

Texamine the tray but my eyes dart to the tea. My throat is parched and I’m incredibly thirsty. It would

slightly help with the hunger. I pour some into a cup and sit on the edge of the bed. I sniff the tea,
puzzled. I have no

clue what kind of tea it is, just that it’s a herbal one. It smells slightly bitter but that would be normal for
such a tea. I sip it. It tastes like peppermint with a hint of something else I can’t quite put my finger on.
But it’s not horrible, in fact it’s refreshing and I sip away at it, content as Kai begins to fidget and move
around in his sleep. At this rate he’ll be awake soon, I think to myself pleased. That mean’s he’s healing

incredibly fast, but for an Alpha that’s not really that surprising. They heal faster than normal shifters.
Lucky bastards.

I finish the tea and place down the cup with regret. My stomach is beginning to feel slightly
uncomfortable now and I wonder if its’ the hunger or the tea. Then the room begins to spin around me as
I sit there, my limbs feeling like they are paralyzed. My throat begins to close up and my body topples to
the floor, my eyes fixed on the ceiling as I feel like I’m choking. It’s like the air is being sucked out of my
me and I lie there, unable to do anything, unable to grab anything to alert anybody to my predicament.
Just as I fall unconscious, a thought enters my brain. THE TEA WAS POISONED!