The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 67

I’m not going to lie, I’m in complete shock over what’s happened and being able to finally talk is a
miracle in itself. According to Dr James, I would have healed eventually but Kai choosing to mark me,
sped up the process. I got angry, I’ll admit but it’s all worked out in the end. Besides, now I can tell Kai
how I really feel and I claimed him, the same way he claimed me. No more trying to protect me out of
jealousy, no more just taking things lying down. Now I can really begin to stand up for myself. There’s
going to be a new Winter, I decide. No more trying to please everyone else, or keeping quiet about
what I want. That old Winter is gone. I’m going to be changing things up for the better.

Kai leads me out of the hospital room, still feeling guilty, and I tug on his hand and force him to look at
me once we safely reached the grounds outside. I can’t deal with him looking like that. It’s frustrating

“Kai” I rasp out “stop, look at me.” God, please look at me for heaven’s sake.

He does, but he avoids my eyes and it’s irritating the hell out of me. Is he going to wallow in his guilt
forever? He needs to get the hell over it, I’ve already forgiven the i***t. Even if he doesn’t really deserve

“I forgive you” I say hoarsely and he sighs, looking at me and running a hand through his hair. He looks
frustrated with me.

“Has it ever occured to you, that sometimes you’re a little too forgiving. A little too kind” he complains
“wouldn’t it be much better to torture me for a little by hating me and well, yelling at me when you’re
able to” he finishes dramatically.

I give a raspy giggle. Somehow I can’t picture myself yelling at the big bad Alpha, like a harpy. It makes
a funny image though.

“No” I whisper “I want a clean slate. You’re taking me out on a date” I tell him, poking his chest with my
finger, a look of determination on my face. This is the least he could do. Take me out somewhere nice,
let us finally start the transition forward and let go of everything horrible that happened in the past. Let
us forge our future together.

OOoohhh a date, How awesome, good idea Winter. Make him take us somewhere nice. He still has to
agree to it Sabriel.

He’ll agree, because otherwise I’m going to bite him, in a not so pleasant place that will make him limp
for the next few days right between his legs. It will be my pleasure to do it as well.

That’s sadistic Sabriel and very unkind of you.

Thave other ideas I could do instead if that helps? But they all involve pain of some description and
even removing his manhood.

No, no, no Sabriel, no more. Let’s just let him speak. Fine, but I want to go somewhere there’s steak! I
want to dance and I want to get laid! I’ll let him know about the steak. But that’s a hell no to the getting
laid. We already talked about this. Prude Hornbag

“A date” murmurs Kai looking throughtful “somewhere nice and I can show you I’m trying to change for
the better” he .. mutters, C*****g his head. He’s clearly trying hard to think of something and my heart is
swelling with joy. He’s really

going to do it, he’s actually listening to what I want. I wonder what he’s thinking. What kind of place he
might have in mind. Whether it will be a relaxed atmosphere or something else. So many choices.
Whatever he does, will give me some more insight into what kind of person he is as well.

“I have a great idea” he says “but you’re going to need time to be ready and” he takes a deep breath “I
want a few days to prepare. That way your voice might improve to the point we can have full on

conversations without you struggling or without it hurting you to speak.”

I contemplate that. It sounds fair doesn’t it? A few days is nothing, I decide, besides now I’m intrigued
as to what he is planning on. It gives me something to look forward to. Maybe I can guess where he’s
taking me? Ooooh, it’s all so fun. I want to squeal but don’t. It might hurt my voice.

“Agreed” I rasp out and he looks pleased, not to mention excited at the prospect of the date. Is this
something he’d been wanting as well? Men were such obtuse creatures. He could have asked me
before for heaven’s sake.

“Fantastic” he says with a wicked grin and a wink. I giggle again and let him start tugging me towards
the pack breeze that makes the leaves on the trees and the branches sway back and forth. The sky is
so blue, so bright, it lifts my spirits up instantly. The sun is warm as it shines down on me and I can
hear the sounds of birds chirping in the distance.

It’s perfect. I almost want to skip with how happy I’m feeling. My heart is singing in joy. I close my eyes
and let the breeze flow through my hair. Kai looks surprised at my happiness even though he’s the one
to put it there.

. Instead I let go of Kai’s hand and he stares at me perplexed. I give him a grin of my own and without
ceremony, begin to strip off my clothes nonchalantly. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, it’s
been far too long since I last went on a run with Sabriel, and today is a good day for it. The weather is
beckoning for me to go running.

We’re going for a run Sabriel

Oh my god, yes girl. I need to be free, to race through the trees, feel the wind in my glorious fur. Chase
down wild animals and scare the crap out of them.

I wonder if Kai will join us?

He’d be crazy not to, I want to see that spunky wolf of his. He’s beautiful and I want to nuzzle him and
lick him all over.

Way too much information Sabriel, way too much.

I won’t tell you the rest of it then, prude. …I’m not a prude I just don’t believe in oversharing.

Yeah, you’re a prude. You need some girlfriends to gossip with, even if it’s just for my benefit. I need
some good gossip to listen to and girly talk. Think about it.

I’ll try and make some friends for you then.

For yourself too, no need to be such a loner Winter. Bet theres heaps of friends we can gather. Heck,
I’ll frigging talk to their wolves if I have to. But you’ll always be my best friend Winter.

You’re my best friend too Sabriel.

l begin to shift as Kai watches wide eyed, his jaw dropping open. I’m sure he’s seen a naked woman
before, in fact ! know it has, so its kind of annoying seeing how shocked he is. I can hear my bones
cracking and adjusting, until I stand before him in all my glory as a wolf. I frown to myself. I feel like I’m
slightly bigger again and as I examine my paws, lifting

one up and then the other, I’m certain that they are larger. I don’t feel like a tiny runt, but I’m still not as
big as the average wolf. Still, it’s nice to be a bit bigger. At this rate I might grow to a normal sized wolf.

Sabriel are we bigger? Or am I just imagining things?

I told you girl. The more confident you get and the more you grow as an individual, the bigger we’ll get.
Did you not hear me the first time?

But how big will we get?

That’s up to you. Continue to believe in yourself and become the confident woman / know you’re
capable of becoming and who knows how large we’ll grow to. Maybe we’ll even be as big as Kai’s wolf.
Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

I doubt that will happen, but it’s nice to imagine it will. Let’s run girl. Wait, let’s see if Kai wants to join
us. Hell yes, I want to see if he gets naked. Up close and personal I don’t think he’ll appreciate us
staring at him. You never know. Besides isn’t it a compliment to look at him? Just don’t do anything

We sit down on our haunches and regard Kai who looks at me with a large smile on his face. He
reaches out a hand and I nuzzle into him as he pats my silky fur, his eyes wide and gleaming.

“I take it you want to go for a run?” he asks, laughter in his voice as I give an adament nod. He shrugs.

“Why not he mutters “its been ages since Storm and I have gone for a run ourselves. The pack can
wait” he adds and right in front of my eyes, he too begins to take off his clothes. He looks entirely
comfortable doing it too.

I swear my eyes nearly bug out of my head. He rips his tshirt off and I drool, seeing his taut abdomen
with a six pack. God, he’s glorious. Sabriel steadily agrees, waving her tail in my head. Horny mutt that
she is. His pants are next and I pant as he throws them to the side. God, at this rate, I might have a
heart attack, he’s like a male adonis. Male perfection in human form, there’s no one that could compare
to him. No one would even come close. Sabriel’s fairly purring with satisfaction in my mind, openly
ogling him like he’s a piece of meat. She really has no shame, but then I’m not much

* When he starts to peel off his underwear though, I get a bit skittish and my heart starts thumping.
Sabriel is urging me to go closer, but I refuse and look down at the ground, hearing Kai chuckle in the
background. I only look back up when I hear his bones cracking, the sound loud in the otherwise
quietness of the outdoors, until a large black wolf stands where he was moemnts ago.

He’s beautiful. His fur is dark as night, his paws large on the ground. He easily towers over my wolf
but Sabriel’s not

silver and gleaming in the sunlight. It’s intimidating, to me at least, while Sabriel prances in the
background of my mind, impatient to go for a run. We walk closer and nuzzle our head against his fur,
Storm doing the same to us. God his fur is so silky and smooth. Sabriel purrs.

Kai mind-links me lead the way, Winter, you choose where we go Hope you can keep up then?

Oh I’m sure I’ll have no problems with that sweetheart, but if it helps Storm is loving the backside on
you and more than happy to watch it as we run.

God, sounds like he’s just as much as a horny mutt as Sabriel is.