The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 68

When Winter strips naked in front of me, I’m taken aback at how nonchalant she is. There’s no self
consciousness at all in her movements and the sight of her beautiful body has my c**k twitching in my
pants and Storm going absolutely crazy in my mind. I can’t stop myself from staring at her, knowing I
should look away but my body refuses to co operate, my eyes widening. I can see the scars on her
body and I so badly want to touch them, trace them with my fingers but I dont want to frighten her or
cause her to shy away from me either. Those scars are part of her, and if anything, they show just how
brave she is.

She shifts and I’m blown away again by her beautiful wolf as she sits on her haunches. I blink in
disbelief as I stare. It might be my imagination, but I swear her wolf has grown by several inches. It
looks bigger to me at any rate, but then I could be wrong. Clearly Winter wants to go for a run and I can
tell she’s waiting for me, her little tail wagging. It’s adorable. Well, if she wants to go for a run with me,
who am I to stop her? In fact, right now I can’t think of anything better I would like to do. Storm is more
than game to go for a run, he’s practically dancing in my mind with excitement.;

Hell yes, it’s been so long man. Look how cute our mate is, she’s tiny, like so small but sooo cute I don’t
think you should tell her that though Storm, she might take it the wrong way. Can / tell her she’s
beautiful? That nothing can compare to her beauty? “Yes, I suppose you could. Women like that sort of
thing, so I imagine a female wolf would love it too.

Ah, sweet. You know you should take a leaf out of my book. Steady boy. You sound lovesick. That’s
cause I am Kai, that’s cause I am. Storm, you have so much self confidence, it’s astounding.

I begin to peel off my clothes and smirk, realising she’s not looking away from me either. I’m not self
conscious, in fact I take it as a compliment that she can’t stop staring at me. I hope she likes what she
sees. Storm is raring to go for a run with our mate and I’m hard pressed to keep him from taking over

as we shift to our large black wolf form, easily towering over poor Winter. She’s not afraid though,
coming over and nuzzling us to Storm’s ecstacy. He’s really pushing hard and reluctantly I mind-link
Winter, for the first time, since I marked her. It’s relatively easy to my surprise, there’s no resistance at
all from her, even though this is the first time we have mind-linked each other. ..Winter, Storm really
wants to take over and run with your wolf if that’s possible. I understand if you say no though. It’s
entirely your decision and how comfortable you are with it.

That’s okay, Sabriel really wants to run with Storm. I’ve had to warn her no funny business though, you
might want to say the same to Storm. I’d rather not have sex in wolf form, no matter how horny Sabriel
is. That’s not a joke by the way.

Hear that Storm? No funny business or I take back control.

Fine but if she jumps me, I’m not saying no he grumbles and I sigh. Storm is going to lose control if he
so much as attempts to do the naughty without Winter’s consent. I suspect the same goes for Sabriel.

I give Storm control and Winter does the same with Sabriel. It’s always a surreal feeling being in the
back of my mind like a passenger in a car seat, but it’s cool at the same time. Sabriel takes off at a run
and Storm trots to keep up with her. Because Sabriel’s still quite small, Storm doesn’t have to fully run
to stay in stride with her, but he doesn’t care he’s fully enjoying himself. I watch as my big bad Alpha
wolf, turns to putty in Sabriel’s hands, nuzzling her constantly and licking her neck. Sigh, I’m almost
embarrassed at my wolf’s public display of affection. Not that Storm cares. He just

smirks at me. . They run together, through the trees which pass by in a blur. For fun they track down a
nearby buck and scare it,

rather than eating it. According to Sabriel, Storm tells me, Winter would rather not eat anything raw. I
agree. I’ve never liked eating animals in wolf form, but when hunting and travelling it was a necessity
and I understand that. Storm’s a little disgruntled, he loves to eat animals but he respects Winter’s

wishes, knowing that she might take control otherwise of her wolf and he would lose his time with

The hours pass by as they frolic together, play fighting and enjoying the outdoors but even wolves get
tired eventually, it must be said. Storm is sad to stop and so is Sabriel but Winter and I are starving by
now, as well as tired ourselves. We need food to replenish our strength and soon. Not to mention fluids.

We make it back to our clothes and I shift first, Winter seonds later. I finish dressing and turn around to
see that

“Hungry?” I ask teasinlgy, holding out my arm and feeling a glow inside as she takes it, nodding her
cute little head firmly.

“Yes” she rasps, laughter in her voice. She seems to have enjoyed herself.

We make it to the kitchen and I make her sit down, noticing that except for the flush in her cheeks, she
looks extremely pale.

“How does omelettes sound with some chicken?” I ask and she looks at me in suprise. “You cook?” she
says incredulously. I pretend to be offended. “Of course I cook. Not all of us men are hopeless in the
kitchen” I tell her gruffly.

“Sounds good” she gets out and I grin, whipping up the ingredients in no time. I do make a mean
omelette if I do say so myself. Although contrary to what I told Winter, it’s one of the few things I’m
competent at. I’m not so good with complex recipes, but she doesn’t need to know that. This will
impress her and that’s what I’m after. … slide the plate in front of her, sitting across from her and
watching with delight as she picks up the fork and takes her first mouthful, moaning in delight. f**k, my
d**k twitches at the sound and I squirm in my seat, hurriedly beginning to eat in the hopes of distracting
myself. It doesn’t work and I continue to shift, trying my best to stop myself from hardening.

… There’s silence as we eat, but it’s not the awkward type of silence. Rather it’s comfortable silence
and before long, I push my plate away, Winter’s still half full and she glances at me sheepishly. I guess
I gave her too much to eat.

“I thought you were hungry” I comment a little nonplussed and slightly panicked. What if she didn’t like
it and was just being polite? Maybe I could offer to make her something else? A sandwich, or crackers
or something?

“I’m not used to eating large portions” she admits dryly and my heart stops.

Of course she’s not, not with all the abuse she told me about. I decide not to make a big deal about it,
not wanting to make her uncomfortable. Still the mood is slightly awkward now.

Igrab the plates and place them gingerly in the sink, returning with two sodas, one of which I hand to
her as she looks at me gratefull and begins to sip. Theres an idea playing around in my mind and I dont
know whether its a great idea or not. Still I can’t stop myself from mentioning it.

“I know you want to go on a date” I say delicately as she nods “and I very much want that too, but
there’s something else I want to ask you about while I have your full attention. It’s important to me and I
want to get your opinion.”

She waits patiently, hands on the table as I ponder what to say. Stuff it, I’m just going to tell her.

“Theres’ an annual meeting every year with us Alpha’s. We take our partner to the summit and there’s
dancing, talking, just a casual sort of thing. Would you mind attending with me? I can show you off to
the other Alphas” I say, feeling a bit hopeful that she might agree to it.

She looks pensive, sipping at her soda, while I wait on tenterhooks. Is she going to agree or have I
moved way too fast for her liking?

Finally she gives a wide smile. “I would like that” she says hoarsely as I reach over and grip her hand, a
smile on my face. . “When is it?” she asks.

I stop and think. S**t. It’s actually not that far away. Hopefully that won’t matter. I meet her eyes feeling
sheepish. “It’s in two weeks time” I say slowly “which means we need to organise a dress for you
before you go.”

Winter looks at me and shakes her head. My heart plummets to the ground. Did she not want to go with
me now? Was it too soon for her liking?

“No dress” she tells me and my heart begins to speed up again “I don’t like them.”

It’s unusual but if she doesn’t want to wear a dress, I’m not going to make her. But I can’t help myself
from asking “what would you like to wear?”

She shrugs. “A skirt maybe, not sure.”

Fair enough. Why shouldn’t she be comfortable in her own skin and clothes? I guess we men have it
easy in that respect. It’s easier for us to get dressed and go. I want her to dress however she likes,
even if it means sweatshirt and pants. She looks beutiful no matter what she wears.

“In the meantime, I’ll get started on this date of ours” I say with a wicked wink as she giggles “are you
going to be okay if I go and do some business?” I ask. “You could always sit in the study with me” I
add, my eyes lighting up.

“Can I come with you?” she asks uncertainly. “Oh you bet you can” I growl, picking her up and carrying
her down the hallway. I place her on the couch in the corner , tossing and turning slightly as I walk
over. Do I wake her? Or let her sleep? She looks so innocent and child like, I can’t help but reach over
and touch her face, her pale lips partially open and her soft snores filling the room. It’s so endearing.

Quietly, I gather her up and begin the long trek upstairs, careful not to wake her. Date night was going
to be the best damn date Winter had ever been on, I determined, looking down at my beautiful mate. It
was time I started making everything up to her and showed her just what a great mate I could be and
show her my adoration at the same time. Make up for all the crappy thing’s I’ve done to her.