The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 70


The club is loud and there’s couples gyrating on the dance floor everywhere, I might own the club but
this really isn’t my scene, not that I’m about to tell Winter that. Not when she’s looking all over the place
with awe, a large smile on that beautiful face of hers. She looks like she’s glowing in excitement and
I’m further surprised when she just orders a root beer to drink and sips at it, her face alight as she
listens to the music, her foot tapping in time to the rhythm. She looks like any other normal teenage girl
out clubbing,

For awhile we sip our drinks, content to listen and be quiet, occasionally asking each other questions
but I can see Winter is longingly looking at the dance floor. The outfit I chose for her suits her down to
the ground and she even added leggings to it. She looks stunning, an absolute goddess and easily the
most beautiful woman in the room. I’m lucky to have her here with me, that’s for sure. Especially given
the envious looks from several other males who spot her. I smirk. She’s all mine, fellas. Come near her
and I’ll murder you without a qualm.

I quietly place my drink down and turn to her with a small smile. “Would you like to dance” I offer and
her eyes light up immediately as she stands up and almost drags me to the dance floor. I guess that’s a
yes, then.

We go to the edge of the dance floor. I prefer not to be in the centre with all the gyrating bodies
everywhere. Good lord, some of these girls are wearing almost nothing. Aren’t they freezing?

I’m a little out of my element. I’m not much of a dancer and I’m also incredibly aware of my scars. I can
see a few women pointing them out to each other and whispering and my face burns in
embarrassment. But I was determined to make sure that Winter had a good time and that’s what I was
going to do. So I put aside all my inhibitions and began to groove to the music, Winter laughing at my

pathetic attempt to dance to young person’s music as I like to think of it. But at least she’s having fun
and that’s what matters the most to me. I want her to be out here enjoying herself.

She’s having a wonderful time, even cosying up to me and laughing as I twirl her around. But it’s not
long until I get hot from all the moving around in the crowd and judging by the flush on her cheeks she
feels the same. We both need to cool down.

“Another drink?” I suggest and she nods gratefully, using her hand to fan her face as I lead her back
towards one of the booths.

“Root beer?” I check and she gives a small nod. “I’ll be right back” I tell her with a smile. I go and join
the crowd waiting to be served.

We could wait for a waitress but it’s gotten crowded now and they appear to be run off their feet. It will
be much quicker to go to the bar and fetch them. I make a mental note to hire more waitresses as I
make my way over and give the bartender a small smile.

“Root beer and coke please” I tell him and he nods, serving the drinks up quickly. The bartender is
efficient, I’ll give him that. Doesn’t try to engage in small talk, like a lot of them do. He’s also not trying
to hit on any of the women which I like. Means he takes his job seriously.

He places the drinks in front of me and I take one in each hand, slowly maneouvring my way through
the crowd to . make it back to Winter. I frown. There’s a guy standing in front of Winter, looking down on
her, swaying slightly on his arly inebriated. I hesitate. Storm wants to go over there and slam the guy’s
face into the table, but part of me is hesitant. I don’t want to play the hero if she’s capable of sending
him away herself. Besides she might not welcome my interference. I slowly walk towards the table,
able to catch some of the conversation with my sensitive hearing.

“How are you doing, baby doll” creep a zoids voice. He’s definitely drunk and slurring his words.

“I’m not your babydoll” Winter’s voice, she sounds extremely annoyed and angry, staring up at the man
who’s overtowering her.

“You don't’ have to be like that” creeps voice. Determined fucker, I’ll give him that.

“I’m here with someone so I’d appreciate it if you would leave.” Winter’s voice. She’s standing up for
herself. Good for her.

Iglow at that Still I move closer in case she needs me. My whole body is tense. I’m prepared to step in
at any moment and deal with this creep the way he deserves to be treated.

“You mean that man with those ugly scars” creep’s voice sneers and I see Winter stiffen. She looks
pissed off. Somehow I’m not surprised that my scars get dragged into this but Winter’s reaction
surprises me the most.

“They are not ugly” Winter’s voice. “Please leave.” She’s starting to sound a bit angry now and I wonder
whether !

going down. I begin to move. Something’s wrong, He has something in his pocket, that’s gleaming in
the light. How the hell did he get it past security? Son of a b***h.

“Listen you little b***h. Do as I say or I’ll knife you right here and now…” he begins and that’s it, I drop
the drinks and storm towards them both, my eyes turning pitch black in my anger. How dare he, I think
furiously, but then I’m stopped in my tracks. Winter’s handling it.

“I asked you more than once to leave me alone” Winter says icily “and you still continued to bother me..
I’m not going anywhere with you, you son of a b***h” she hisses and pulls her arm free. In one smooth
mooth as I watch in disbelief, she reaches over, grasps his head and slams it into the table as he gives
a shocked cry, blood pouring from no doubt what is now a broken nose.I’m speechless and in awe. She
freaking slammed his head into the table, and the man more than deserved it. Way to go Winter!

I see him starting to get back up and come over, gripping hold of the man’s arm as security
approaches. They should have been a bit quicker, I think to myself, slightly annoyed at them. Did they
not see what was happening over here?

“He was pawing the lady, get his ass outta here” I tell them “make sure he leaves and never returns.
Oh and he has a knife on him” | growl, watching as they begin to pat him down. – They give a nod and I
turn to Winter who is pale and shaky, but still looking absolutely furious. She looks absolutely adorable.
I keep that thought to myself though. I don’t want to make her even angrier. I just hope she doesn’t
want to go home yet and call the date over.

“Are you alright?” I ask softly, grabbing hold of her arm, where he’d taken hold and softly rubbing it as
she looks at me, a troubled look on her face.

She gives me a small nod. “He wouldn’t leave me alone, I had to do it” she tells me worriedly, biting her
lip “am I in trouble?”

I laugh, my shoulders shaking in amusement. Why on earth would she be in trouble when all she’d
done was defend herself against a creep who was manhandling her? If anything she’d done the club a
favour in getting rid of a predator, She should be proud of herself.

“No, I saw the whole thing” I mutter “you did well, I’m actually really proud of you Winter for standing up
for yourself like that. It was amazing.”

“Really?” she says in a small voice “I haven’t wrecked the date?” she asks timidly.

Is that what she’s worried about? I feel a warm glow inside of me. She hasn’t ruined anything. There’s
no way I would say this date was ruined. Not when it’s only just begun. Poor thing.

“Of course not” I say with a grin “do you want to leave or do you want to go and dance some more?” I
really hope she wants to dance again, I’m desperate to have her in my arms again.

She c***s her head and gives me the tinest smile “I would like to dance” she breathes and I lead her to
the dance floor, twirling her around and ignoring the mutters and looks. All i can think about is Winter
and how she had defended my scars to the creep who’d approached her. She didn’t have to but she’d
done it anyway, not aware that I could hear. My

heart skips a beat. I’ve fallen in love with this girl, completely and utterly but I had yet to say the words,
at least in an official matter. Would she accept my feelings or would she think I was moving too fast. I
decide to wait, closing my eyes and resting my head on hers as we slowly move in time to the music,
grateful just to hold her in my arms and breath in her delicious scent. This has been the best night of
my life and it’s all because I got to spend it with my mate. I’ll never forget this date for as long as I live. I
hope its the same for Winter. But I’ll never know unless she tells me. At least I know it’s the first date
she’s ever been on. Surely that would make it special, wouldn’t it?

Later, I’m driving and keeping a wary look on my sleepy mate. She stares out the window, watching the
scenery, her eyes barely staying open as I force back my grin. There’s no way she’s going to be awake
when we make it back to the pack house. Not that I mind. It means I get to hold her again when I put
her to bed. But, I say sternly to my wolf who’s prancing around in my head, it would only be putting her
to bed, not the other thing. Storm whines but accepts it. The poor girl’s almost comatose, that’s how
tired she is.

“Kai” she mutters, slurring her words from how tired she is “can we go back again and dance together?”

Of course we can. We can do whatever her little heart desires, if it means I get to hold her in my arms
again or kiss her. Man, I’m becoming clingy, aren’t I? Yet I can’t seem to help myself, not when it comes
to her at any rate.

“Anytime you want, so long as there’s nothing else going on” I promise thickly. She’s already planning
on going out with me again. I give a cheesy grin. The next date will be even better, I promise myself.

She puts her head on her shoulder and her soft snores begin to fill the silence in the car as I smile,
carefully driving slowly, wanting to prolong this date for as long as I possibly can. I can’t help wanting to
be this selfish. It’s the most