Novel Name : The Alpha's Rejected Silent Mate

Chapter 71

Winter POV

The summit is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It’s unreal, the amount of Alpha and Luna’s that
are present and

women here are wearing such tight dresses that it’s a miracle in itself that they are able to walk, not to
mention their shoes! I feel sorry for them. It can’t be much fun being barely able to move. Plus, Kai has
already told me I’m beautiful, so he doesn’t seem to think I’m underdressed.

“Are you alright?” Kai asks me and I try to give him a smile, albeit a bit of a shaky one. This is nothing
I’d anticipated ever going to but that didn’t mean I wanted to spoil it for him. After all he’s really trying,
being the perfect gentleman and I was appreciative of all his efforts. He’s trying to make sure I’m
comfortable, even with this large crowd.

“I’m alright” I say quietly, the rasp almost completely gone from my voice now “just overwhelmed” I
admit, after all it’s not a lie, I am extremely overwhelmed and uncomfortable in such a large crowd.

“I’m right here with you sweetheart” he tells me and I feel the hand of his on my back as we slowly walk
into the room, Kai making a beeline for another man, making sure I’m by his side the entire time.

“Alpha Terrence” he exclaims and the man turns, one of the few present without a Luna by his side. He
lights up the second he sees kai and its clear to see that they not only know each other, but that they
know each other well.

Teye the man curiously. He’s large and well built but he’s nothing compared to Kai who seems much
bigger and more muscly in comparison. Still he’s a handsome man with dark brown hair and a

sheepish looking smile on his face, his green eyes twinkling as he greets Kai back. He seems nice. I
like the look of him.

“Terrence this is Winter, my mate” Kai tells him with a smile, pushing me slightly forward as I shoot
daggers at him. I’m feeling shy.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Alpha Terrence” I manage to croak out and the other Alpha smiles and
shakes my hand eagerly.

“I never thought I’d see the day you actually accepted a mate, you old dog” laughed Terrence “I
approve though, Winter, you’re a very beautiful woman” he compliments me and I nearly glow at his
compliments, while Kai looks slightly disgruntled. Ha, serves him right for putting me on the spot like

“How do you two know each other?” I ask in curiosity.

“Terrence went to school with me” Kai explains “we were friends and have tried to keep up with each
other since. We don’t catch up as much as we’d both like to though. Being Alpha’s of our packs, keep
us both busy regretfully.”

This was news to me, but welcome. At least I now know that Kai does have friends and isn’t as much
the loner as | initially thought he was. Plus this friend was lovely and definitely not female, which made
me feel even better. For some reason, I had thought there would be loads of women hitting on him, and
even now I’m keeping a wary eye out. God, I’m a jealous little thing, I think to myself, cool it down
Winter, Kai’s marked you remember. But I can’t help comparing myself to some of the women here and
finding myself lacking in some way. I really need to work on my confidence, Sabriel’s

already scolding me inside my head. I need to be more like her, I think with a chuckle. Nothing gets
Sabriel down. She’s got killer confidence in spades.

Then the music starts and Terrence gives me a glance while Kai stiffens. I know my mate’s not much of
a dancer, but I’m itching tod dance to the slow music. It’s easy to dance to.

“May I have this dance?” Terrence asks me and Kai gives me a small nod, letting me know it’s okay.

“I would love to” I answer and he sweeps me onto the dance floor, holding me close, his hand on my
waist and the other one holding my hand. We begin to sway to the music.

“He looks different” Terrance comments as we move around the dance floor, a gleam in his eyes. He
sounds pleased.

I frown, perplexed. What did he mean by that?

“He seems to be smiling more, more relaxed” he clarifies “at school he was always so angry, so mad
and when that girl rejected him” he trailed off and I didn’t need him to finish the sentence to know that’s
when Kai changed for good, believing he was unworthy of being loved. I felt a pang for the boy I never
got to know. But at least I get to know the man, Tremind myself.

“You’ve made him into a happier man, Winter, you’re a miracle worker” he tells me with a smile but I’m
in disbelief. Had I really managed to change Kai that much, that even his friends could see the
difference? Because to me, he was just

“May I cut in” Kai asks but his tone brooks no arguments and Terrence chortles as he reluctantly lets go
of me. “You may” Terrence says resigned “but only because you’ll rip my head off if I say no.

I giggle as Kai grins and takes hold of my hand, swaying back and forth to the music. Just being in my
mates embrace made me feel so loved and cherished, although it was hard to ignore the pointing and
muttering amongst the crowds, especially from the women. I can tell Kai is getting self conscious and
rise to my tiptoes and give him a peck on the cheek.

“They’re just jealous I’m with the most handsome man in the room tonight” I declare hotly and his eyes
sparkle down at me with good humour.

“You are, are you” he growls and I nod my head emphatically, my eyes smiling up into his. He twirls me
around as I give a small shriek. He laughs and I adore the sound of it. He’s having such a great time,
and if I’m honest with myself, I am too.

The music stops and I look over at the refreshments. “How about I fetch us some drinks” Kai offers,
pointing to a table, where I’m relieved to see, Terrence is sitting and chatting to another person. “That’s
our table” he tells me and I nod, slowly walking towards it while Kai heads in the opposite direction.
Terrance is giving me a welcoming smile. I grin. Looks like I get to know Kai’s friend a little better.

Someone stumbles into me, and almost causes me to fall as I turn around in annoyance. A well built
man, dressed in a suit and with his hair slicked back like some sort of mafia man, glares down at me
before his expression changes to one that instantly chills my blood and causes me to stiffen. I’ve seen
that look before and I hate it.

“Well aren’t you a pretty little thing” he drawls and I feel bile rise up my throat as I smell the scent of
alcohol on his breath. His words are slurred and he’s weaving slightly. Great, the last thing I need is a
drunken Alpha to contend with. What is it with these asshole men thinking they’re gods gifts to us
women? Why can’t they just get a goddamn clue. Besides, can’t he tell I’m here with someone?

“Let’s go back to my room and have some fun” he slurrs and I shake my head, even as his eyes turn
pitch black.

“No, thankyou” I say firmly and turn back around to go to the table when his hand grips hold of my
shoulder so hard that tears come to my eyes. Can he not see that I’m marked and claimed? Or is he so
arrogant that he doesn’t care? The crowd is watching closely now and I can see two men coming

towards me, presumably to help me but I’m not waiting around. I’m sick of people thinking they can
have whatever they want by using force. I don’t care that he’s an Alpha or that he has authority. In fact,
I’m so angry that my whole body is shaking now as I turn and face him again. I’m ready to rip his head
off, with my bare hands.

“Let go of me” I say between gritted teeth and his smile grows wider. God, he really is an i***t.

“Come with me” he repeats and that’s it. I raise my hand and slap him across the face, the sound loud
and sickening as the crowd falls silent. Even the Alpha looks shocked for a moment as he finally let’s
go and clutches his cheek. I guess he’s not used to being refused, something else that makes me feel
sick to my stomach.

“You little b***h” he hisses dropping his hand and advancing. I stare right at him, not intimidated at all,
not even when he raises his own hand to strike me, the other two men trying to get to me frantically
before he can strike me.

“She told you to let go” a voice growls from behind me and my heart skips a beat. He came to my side
and the Alpha – lets his hand fall down.

“b***h slapped me” the Alpha said loudly, looking around the room “we all know that means she has to
be punished.”

I open my mouth to protest, and Terrence comes up beside Kai.

“You tried to force someone who’s mated to go to your room, if anything you’re the one that’s going to
be punished” Terrence said thickly, on the other side of me. “That slap was well deserved” another man
chimed in and the crowd began to agree. Thank god they seem to be on my side. Not that Kai, would
ever let something happen to me.

The two men from before, gripped hold of the man’s arms and dragged him away, cursing and kicking,
furious that he was being thrown out of the summit. I watch him go and give him the finger just for
added emphasis as Terrence chokes behind me and Kai slaps me on the back in pride.

“That’s my girl” he declares approvingly as the crowd begins to talk and chatter amongst themselves.
“So strong and so brave” he compliments me as I blush.

“That’s one hell of a girl, you have there Kai. Make sure you don’t lose her” Terrance says sounding
envious as he walks back to the table.

Kai leans down and gives me a kiss that has my body trembling and feeling like complete putty in his
hands. “Don’t he tells me with a wink and I relax, grateful that he doesn’t want to leave just yet. I still
want to dance and there’s plenty of people to meet. Not only that but both of us are staying in a hotel
room and I wasn’t quite sure where the night might lead to. But I knew, that there was a decision I was
going to have to make and it was going to involve complete trust in Kai. The question was, would Kai
show me that trust or would I be disappointed in him and myself again?

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