Novel Name : My Dreamy Old Husband

Chapter 1503

In fact, Michael would rather that he didn’t wake up from his cryogenic sleep. This is madness… He
only remembered taking a nap with his daughter while on the plane, only to wake up to her being
married to a twenty-year-old man and having a baby with that man.

When Michael was once again resuscitated, he opened his eyes only to see Sophia explaining herself
with reddened eyes and an aggrieved look on her face. “Carmen is all grown up, so I can’t stop her
from sleeping with someone else if she so wishes to. Besides, she could easily meet up with Bailey
behind my back even if I separated them. So instead of allowing her to go rampant and be scarred by
the experience, I figured I could lend her my wisdom so that she could avoid making certain mistakes,
as well as enjoy the experience while she was at it.”

In the meantime, Michael was lying flat on bed as well as wearing an oxygen mask, but he still looked
like he could faint at any moment. I shouldn’t have gone into cryogenic sleep. One never knows what
kind of world he will wake up to. No longer intent to know the specifics of Carmen and Bailey’s night
out, he wanted to know how the child was conceived. “Fine. We’ll skip that part. Tell me how the child
was conceived.” He wheezed.

After a few sobs, Sophia wiped her tears away before continuing, “You’ll have to blame Linus for that.
Although his team developed a thermostatic smart condom that regulates temperature, relieves pain,
as well as warns the users of viruses, they didn’t take into consideration the stiffness of the user’s
erection, so Bailey tore it. Thus, the preventative measure ended up failing.”

It tore. Michael’s eyes were wide as his mind repeated the words. No, I heard nothing! That can’t be
true! I must still be in cryogenic sleep! This is all fake! This is all but an illusion!

Meanwhile, Sophia comforted her grandson while holding him in her arms. “Although I gave Carmen
some contraceptive pills after that, it’s not foolproof, so she ended up getting pregnant after that first
time. I accompanied her on a checkup, and the results showed that she had twins! After some

discussion, my family agreed that an abortion would hurt Carmen. Besides, the babies are absolutely
adorable, so it’d be a pity if we abort them! Carmen and Bailey also wanted kids, so in the end, we
decided that she should give birth to the babies. Later on, we had them registered as a married couple,
deciding to host the wedding ceremony once you regained consciousness.”

Hearing that, Michael shot up from the bed in bewilderment. “Twins? Where is the other one?”

With that, Carmen brought in another child before him, all the while pouting, feeling aggrieved. “I was
scared that the news might come as too much of a shock to you, so I decided I should only show you
one of them in the beginning, and show you the second one once you accept the reality. By the way,
the second one is also a boy!”

As soon as Carmen said that, the second baby opened his emerald eyes to stare at Michael. The two
of them—with their contrasting eye colors—locked eyes for a long while. In fact, Michael was sent back
not long after he regained consciousness in order to give Sophia a surprise on her birthday. He was still
recovering, but his vitals were all normal, so he would make a full recovery after spending some time

His organs were repaired and reconstructed using cutting-edge technology, so he didn’t receive an
organ transplant from a donor. Therefore, he was physically young and healthy. He hid himself in the
gaps of spacetime to avoid death’s embrace. In the end, he was reborn anew.

After that, everybody except for Sophia left the ward. With his grandsons sleeping on both sides of him,
his mind was all muddled up as he tried his best to accept the cold, harsh reality. Meanwhile, Sophia
was lying beside him while drawing circles on his chest. “Darling, you need to recover quickly. We
missed you a lot.”

Three months later, the five generations of the huge family were gathered happily together in Villa No.
8 of The Imperial. Mark Fletcher, who was still alive and kicking, held in his arms junior Bailey with a

broad smile on his face, while Louis was also all smiles as he held the other junior Bailey.

Michael was staring at Bailey hostilely. “Mr. Bailey, pardon me, but I’ll make sure to cut you up into
pieces if you get any closer to my daughter!” He held a chilly gaze while asserting his presence. All of a
sudden, there was a fierceness about him.

However, Bailey only gave him a smirk. “Haha, I don’t think you have any say in this, Mr. Fletcher.”

On the contrary, Cooper seemed to side with Bailey, as he began chiding Michael. “You should keep
your mouth shut! The kids know what they’re doing!”

Although Michael seemed to have backed down, he was still glaring at Bailey. Without warning, Louis,
who was the eldest of the in-laws, put on a stern look on his face while lecturing Cooper, “My grandson-
in-law had just woken up from a cryogenic sleep, so he’s still recuperating! Can’t you be nicer to him?”

Cooper also seemed to have backed down, but was still in fact staring daggers at Michael. There was a
momentary silence before Michael started bickering with Bailey again. “My daughter was only eighteen
years old, so how dare you! Just you wait! Someday, I’ll make sure to cut you up into pieces!”

Unexpectedly, Cooper lashed out at him as soon as he spoke. With a quirky tone, Cooper sneered,
“This is your karma for buying my eighteen-year-old daughter over at a price of eighty thousand!”

With that, Michael deflated. However, Cooper didn’t get to enjoy his victory for long. He suddenly
noticed Louis’ menacing stare, which in turn deflated him, as Anna was also pregnant with Sophia
when she was eighteen.

Since Bailey and Carmen were registered as a couple, Bailey decided to take Carmen with him to form
their own family. In order to provide their children with a better living environment, he bought a large

house in the western suburbs. He bought a mansion with a courtyard that was located near educational
resources, all the while ensuring that it had a safe and clean environment.

Michael’s heart went with Carmen, so he would always go for a stroll at the western suburbs between
breakfast and work. Since there would be heavy traffic on the way to the western suburbs, he went on
the subway. Not only did he need to travel on the jam-packed subways, coming out of it all disheveled,
but he even risked being harassed by old women due to his young appearance, all for the sake of
checking on Carmen.

Just like a searchlight, he arrived on time every day, as if fearing that Bailey would mistreat Carmen in
any way. One day, no longer able to tolerate Michael’s constant visits, Bailey spat in a foul mood, “It
won’t do to have you travel across such a long distance every day. Why don’t you move in with us?”

Although it was intended as a sarcastic remark, Michael did as told. He moved in with his own family
within a span of two hours, which annoyed Bailey. A similar occurrence seemed to have replayed itself
on a different occasion.

However, it was fortunate that Michael still had Sophia with him. With his life starting anew, there were
a lot of things that he needed to accomplish. He had a lot of dreams that he had yet to realize, such as
shooting a movie to announce his comeback, as well as spending the rest of his life with Sophia in
order to make up for the thirteen years he lost.

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