Duke's Redemption

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Stop being dramatic, Avery.
Trying to shove my fear down, I turn the TV as loud as it can go and force myself to go to sleep.
Chapter 7
I’mhalfwaythroughmyfirst day of work, and it’s already going pretty well. So far, I’ve fixed a loose railing on the banister and taken a look at the bathtub. I’m going to have to get a new faucet and kit to fully be able to fix it, though. I’ve now moved on to patching some holes in the drywall. Most are small, but there’s one that looks like someone punched a hole through it.
I bet there’s a story there.
Everything seems to be going well… except for the fact that my new boss is walking around in some of those tight legging things and a tank top. She’s making it extremely difficult not to stare.
I try to work in different rooms than her so that my gawking doesn’t make her uncomfortable. I don’t know what about Avery I seem to be so attracted to.
Yeah, she’s gorgeous. But I see gorgeous women all the time. Typically, I don’t let them get under my skin. I tend to keep my distance. With my fucked-up head, that seems to be the best option.
Occasionally, I go home with a woman to have some fun and get my dick wet. But it never goes further than that. I don’t even stay the night.
It’s just easier to keep to myself.
As beautiful as Avery is, that fact is not about to change.
So, I’ll just try to do my job and keep my thoughts out of the gutter. While I’m filling a hole in the kitchen, I hear a crashing sound followed by Avery screaming, “Mother fucker!”
I toss down my tools and run into the office where I last saw her. As I step through the door, I see her once more.
Bent over her desk…
She’s messing with some cords… I think. It’s hard to see beyond her ass up in the air.
Sweet baby Jesus.
I clear my throat, but it doesn’t seem to phase her, so I ask, “Are you okay?”
“Oh, yeah,” she groans. “Just trying to hook up this damn computer.”
Walking toward her, I say, “I’m not great with technology, but I can try to help.”
When I reach her, she asks, “See that cord down there? It needs to plug into the back of that little tower thing, but I don’t think it’ll reach.”
As I walk around the desk, Avery is still bent over, her head hanging off the side. I try not to notice the fact that her face is eye-level with my dick. The image of Avery’s mouth anywhere on or around my cock is not something I need plaguing my thoughts.
It takes a minute, but I help her get everything moved around and all the cords hooked up. When it’s finally done, Avery slowly stands up. Her face is all flushed from her head hanging upside down.
“Thank you,” she says. “I’m a bit of a klutz sometimes.”
“No worries. Just glad you’re okay.”
As I walk out of the room, she calls, “Do you like muffins?”
“Huh?” I ask, turning back around.
“Muffins. You know, it’s like a cupcake but slightly healthier. Do you like them?”
“I guess.”
Seeing my confusion, she adds, “When I’m bored, I like to bake. Something tells me that around here, I’ll be bored quite a bit. I thought about making some muffins. Are you allergic to gluten or anything?”