Duke's Redemption

Page 29

“Oh yeah,” he growls. “Fucking perfect.”
Before I can even process his words, his tongue circles my clit. I’m already so sensitive I about fly off the bed. But Duke’s arms wrapping around my thighs ensure I’m not going anywhere.
I’ve always loved getting my pussy eaten, but let’s be honest—most guys aren’t good at it. They give it a couple licks and that’s it. Meanwhile, Duke’s tongue makes sure to give attention to every inch of my pussy, and he takes note of what gets the biggest reaction out of me and focuses there. The tip licks the pearl of my clit, and I can barely lie still.
When he speeds up, moving like a vibrator would, I can’t take anymore. My entire body starts to squirm as my pussy contracts. He continues to lick entirely through my orgasm. When I’m too sensitive to take anymore, he gives my lady bits one final kiss before standing up to remove his own clothes.
I move a couple of pillows behind my head, propping me up a little.
“Are you okay?” He asks.
“More than okay,” I tell him. “Just wanted to get in a better position to appreciate the view.”
There’s that smile again.
I watch him quickly shed his clothing. And his body is even better than I could have imagined. He isn’t overly toned, but man, he’s solid. His wide chest has the perfect amount of hair—enough to not look like a teenager but not enough to wonder if he is part grizzly bear.
When he takes his boxers off, my mouth drops open at his big cock. I could feel it earlier through his jeans, but it didn’t do it justice. I won’t say it’s the longest in the world, but man, it’s thick. The big purple head glistens with a drop of pre-cum that I have the sudden urge to lick off. But he rolls the condom on before I have a chance.
As he walks toward me, his dick pointing to the sky, he says, “I have to tell you, Avery… I’m not very good at the whole soft and sweet sex. It’s never really been my thing.”
“That’s good,” I say. “Because I don’t come with soft and sweet.”
I’m not quite sure who I am right now, but this confident, sassy woman is like my alter-ego that I’ve always wanted. Right now, I don’t feel awkward or clumsy. Instead, I feel sexy as sin, and I never want this to end. I silently pray that Duke isn’t a Two-Pump Chuck.
I expect him to get onto the bed and join me, but I’m taken by surprise when he grabs me by the ankles and yanks me toward the edge of the bed. He positions me so that my ass is just barely hanging off of the mattress.
He takes my legs and moves them so each of my ankles sits on one of his shoulders. He uses three fingers to slide inside me and make sure I’m ready for him. When he teases them against my g-spot, I let out a loud moan.
Duke watches me as I writhe against his fingers. “You are so fucking sexy.” He pauses for a moment before asking, “Are you ready for me to fuck you?”
I frantically nod. “Yes, please.”
My moan turns into a disappointed one when he removes his fingers. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait long, though, before feeling the head of his cock pushing inside.
He’s big, but my pussy has no problem opening for him to fit. As he slides inside, every nerve ending in my body sparks to life. I’d forgotten just how much I missed sex. But Duke is quick to remind me.
He stands still for the briefest of moments before starting to move. I quickly realize he wasn’t kidding about the no soft and sweet thing. His movements are fast and rough, but he knows what he’s doing with each one. He’s hitting all the perfect spots.
My boobs bounce up and down with each thrust, and I take my fingers and pinch my nipples to add to all of the overwhelming sensations.
Duke gets a hungry look in his eyes and leans forward. My legs drop off his shoulders and wrap around his waist. As his large body hovers over mine, his hands come down to pin my arms above my head. Then his mouth lowers to my nipples. His dark eyes find mine before he slips the stiff peak into his mouth.
My back arches as his tongue circles the area. He alternates back and forth between the two of them while the lower half of him still fucks the shit out of me. My head spins from all of the different sensations.
This man may not be all about the soft and sweet, but he sure as shit knows what he’s doing. But that’s not surprising. A man as good looking as Duke probably has had a lot of practice over the years.
When his mouth finally takes a break, he whispers, “Do you want to come again, beautiful?”
I nod and let out a small moan.
Grazing my nipple with his teeth, he says, “Tell me. Tell me what you want.”
“I want to come again,” I say in a breathy tone.
Releasing my hands, he stands back up and puts my legs where they started. He fucks into me while using the fingers on one hand to rub my clit.
“Holy shit!” I cry as my entire body struggles to sit still.