Duke's Redemption

Page 35

Looking up at him, I ask, “So, how much more work do you have to get done today?”
His eyes glance upward as though he’s mulling it over.
“I think that depends on what my boss thinks. She’s a real hard-ass, you know.”
“Hmm,” I say. “Well, I sayfuck the boss.”
Without warning, he picks me up and slings me over his shoulder. “Gladly.”
I giggle and squeal as he carries me toward the stairs. I figure he’ll set me back on my feet before heading up, but he carries me the whole way.
“Am I heavy?” I ask.
“You sure?”
“Yep,” he replies, this time with a smack to my ass.
We get into the bedroom, and he gently tosses me on the bed. I look up at him and tease, “Hey, aren’t I supposed to be your boss?”
As he grabs the collar of his t-shirt and pulls it over his head, he replies, “Not in here, you’re not.”
What about that turns me on so much?
Crawling over me, his eyes trail up and down my body.
“What?” I ask, nervously.
“I just can’t get enough of you. You’re so fucking gorgeous.”
An unexpected wave of emotion hits me because I’ve never been with anyone who went out of their way to make me feel beautiful the way that Duke does. I’ve been with guys for much longer than I’ve even known Duke, and they didn’t make me feel half as good as he does.
Not wanting to get all in my feelings, I wrap my arms around Duke’s neck and pull him down for a kiss.
As our tongues start to dance, I reach down and unbutton his jeans. My hand slips under the waistband of his boxers and grabs his hard cock.
A low moan vibrates in the back of his throat as my fingers squeeze the base.
“Avery, I’m trying to give you some foreplay here, but you’re making it extremely hard.”
With another squeeze, I say, “Yeah, I can feel that.”
He laughs, and I add, “Why don’t we skip the foreplay, and you fuck the shit out of me instead?”
He cocks one eyebrow at me. “You’re just a little surprise, aren’t you?”
“You have no idea.” I smile. “Now, fuck me.”
That’s all it takes for Duke to let go of any shred of self-control he was holding onto. He yanks every piece of clothing off me before kicking his jeans off. In a flash, he grabs a condom and rolls it on.
I expect him to get on top, but he doesn’t. Instead, he commands, “Flip over. Get on your hands and knees with your ass up in the air.”
Because I love doggy-style, I excitedly do as he says. I pay no attention to the fact that my boobs are hanging awkwardly or that my stomach rolls are showing. All I can think about is how good it will feel when Duke slides inside. I’m practically vibrating with excitement, but he intends to make me wait a little longer. I feel his fingers spread my pussy lips as his thumb toys with my clit. My entire body jumps at the sensation. When he touches the most sensitive point, I squirm all over the place.
He uses one of his large hands to hold my hip in place while he continues to tease.
“Please,” I whine.