Duke's Redemption

Page 39

“Too much?” I ask.
“Hell, no. I think it’s just enough. If we had a way to eat here, I would keep you home and all to myself.”
“We’ve got all night,” I say with a smile.
Pulling me toward him, he presses a soft kiss to my lips. Duke may not think he’s a gentle man, but I am glad I get to see glimpses of that side of him every once in a while.
When his lips leave mine, he asks, “Are you ready to go?”
I nod, and he ushers me out the door. He helps me step up into his truck, and I’m positive I flash him a glimpse of my ass as I awkwardly get in.
“Sweetheart, are you wearing a thong?”
“Yes. Didn’t want panty lines through the dress.”
His head falls back, and he lets out a low moan. “Woman, you are really testing my self-control.”
When he gets in, I say, “You know, if I hadn’t just flashed you, you never would have known.”
He scoffs. “Oh, I would’ve known.”
“Oh, yeah, how’s that?”
“I think you underestimate the amount of time I spend staring at your ass.”
That gets a big laugh out of me. “And you would automatically just know that I was wearing a thong? No panty lines could mean I wasn’t wearing any panties at all.”
His eyes flick over to me. “You keep putting images like that in my head, and I will pull this truck over and rip any panties that you’re wearing clean off your body.”
“I don’t know if you’re trying to threaten me, but you suck at it.”
My sexy banter with Duke brings out my sexy confidence once again. That sultry, wild child living inside me is dying to make an appearance. I feel like I have a fiery alter ego within me. She has a level of confidence that I typically do not possess.
What should I call her? It has to be something sexy.
Is Scarlet still a sexy name?
It is now.
And Scarlet is about to make an appearance.
Feeling completely empowered, I lift my butt off the seat just enough to slide the thong off and down my legs. Once it’s off, I toss it at Duke.
“Is that better?” I ask.
He sighs and picks up the panties, twirling them around his finger. His eyes flick to me. “You’re going to pay for that later.”
“Can’t wait for that.”
He holds onto my panties. “What are you going to do with those?”
“Not sure. But I sure as hell am not giving them back to you for the rest of the night.”
I start giggling. “Fair enough. So, where are we going?”
“Well, Maple Oaks doesn’t have a whole lot of options, so I thought we’d head a couple towns over. Then I’ll let you pick once you see what’s there.”