Duke's Redemption

Page 50

She’s a suicide bomber.
My feet take off at a full-blown sprint in an attempt to grab Dixon and pull him out of there.
“Bomb!” I yell.
Dixon turns at the sound of my voice.
But the moment he turns to face me, it’s not Dixon.
It’s Avery.
What the fuck?
My legs move as fast as possible. I reach out my hand for her, but just as soon as I’m about to grab her…
I sit straight up in bed, drenched in sweat as my chest heaves. My heart feels like it may explode out of my chest.
Not only am I having nightmares without Avery next to me, but now she’s playing a starring role in them?
I try to gain my composure, but I just can’t seem to calm down. I know it was just a dream, and I know that Avery is fine, but there’s a nagging voice inside my head trying to convince me that something is wrong.
“What am I doing?” I say out loud to the empty trailer. “You finally find a girl worth having and you push her away, you dumb son-of-a-bitch.”
Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. All Avery wanted to do earlier was be there for me, and I was a total dick to her. And now, I’m sitting alone once again—having the nightmares once again.
Fuck this.
I fly out of bed, ready to try to fix my mistakes and hoping to God it isn’t too late.
Chapter 22
Whothehelldoeshe think he is?
Those are the words I keep muttering to myself as I sit in my bathtub long enough for my fingers to get all pruny. I’ve been in a mood ever since Duke left today. I considered calling or texting him and giving him a piece of my mind, but that would probably just make me more frustrated.
Besides, I don’t see Duke being a great communicator over text messages. And knowing me, I’d misread his tone and blow things way out of proportion.
I don’t know what I said earlier to set him off, but he completely shut down on me. Everything was going so well, and then something just made him turn cold. It was like suddenly I was a stranger.
As I sit and think more and more, though, are Duke and I really much more than strangers? Lord knows it’s like he’s a stranger to me. It’s like I’m the one doing all the talking and sharing. Sure, our bodies are getting to know each other pretty well, but I still know next to nothing about him. I’ve shared things about my life–my family. But he’s just been a closed book.
I start going over all the things that I actually know about Duke.
One, he was a Navy SEAL. But I have no idea what a Navy SEAL actually does. Isn’t that classified or something? Maybe I’ll give him a little bit of a pass on that one merely due to the whole national security thing.
Two, he has two brothers. Both of them are younger. I think he said their names were Devon and Tanner? One is hung up on his bitchy girlfriend, and the other is… I don’t remember.
Three, he has a mother whom apparently, Duke doesn’t like for some unknown reason.
Four, he has a trailer somewhere in town. He told me the street name, but that means next to nothing to me.
Five, he’s good at fixing things, hence the handyman job.
And that’s about where my knowledge ends. I mean, I know he’s great in the sack, but I’m sure a lot of other women have learned that along the way.