Duke's Redemption

Page 63

I take the small wand with me as I return to my position on the bed. I open my legs wide so that I can find the perfect spot. Duke’s eyes stay glued to me as I click the vibrator on and slowly touch it to my clit. An involuntary moan escapes my lips as vibrations touch my most sensitive spot.
Duke whispers, “You are so fucking sexy.”
And as he watches me, Ifeelsexy.
As I keep the wand pressed against me but move it around in small circles, Duke’s mouth takes hold of one of my nipples. Between the sensation of his tongue and the pleasure from the wand, my clit throbs with the need to come.
My moans get louder, and my legs start to twitch with the buildup. This isn’t going to take long.
As I edge closer, Duke moves down my body until he’s between my thighs. His hand covers mine, so both our fingers are wrapped around the toy.
“Is this how you like it, Angel?” He asks.
All I can give in response is a loud moan.
“Do you want to come?”
Now, I manage to find my words. “Oh, God, yes.”
With one of his hands still on the wand, he takes the other one and slides two fingers inside me. My back arches off the bed as he rubs against that wonderful spot. It feels so intense that my body twitches and writhes uncontrollably.
Duke’s hand grips a little tighter around mine, and he applies a bit more pressure with the toy as he adds a third finger. The pleasure completely overtakes me as I get lost in my orgasm. My pussy pulses for what feels like forever as I soak Duke’s hand.
When I start to come down off of the incredible high, he turns off the toy and leans in to give a light kiss to my clit. I’m so sensitive that I practically buck off the bed.
“Such a pretty pussy,” he growls.
He stands up long enough to take off his boxers and to grab a condom. When he climbs back on top of me, immediately his lips find mine. He slips his tongue in my mouth at the same moment his cock slides in.
As he starts to move, we seem to get completely lost in the moment. The world around us disappears as our bodies move in perfect harmony. The sound of our moans fills the silence of the quiet room. I’m not usually overly impressed by the “making love” aspect of sex, but the connection we are sharing right now is something that I’ve never experienced before. And since I’m still riding high from my orgasm, it feels incredible.
Duke’s lips move from my lips all the way down my neck and back again. At one point, he stops and looks at me, those dark eyes of his piercing right through me.
“I love you,” he tells me.
“I love you too, Duke.”
And as crazy as it may sound, I mean it with every fiber of my being.
After our marathon sexy session, Duke heads downstairs to get us some water. I’m lying in bed in a state of post-orgasmic bliss, two minutes away from falling asleep, when I hear a startled Duke scream for me from downstairs. This man was a Navy Seal. I imagine it takes quite a bit to get him rattled.
Quickly, I jump out of bed and throw on Duke’s t-shirt, which is sitting on the catch-all chair. When I get downstairs, I see him standing at the back door.
“What’s wrong?” I ask.
“I need you to explain something to me.” When he steps out of the way of the door, I see a ball of black and gray fluff through the glass. “Why is there a raccoon knocking at the back door?”
“Oh, that’s just Hank.”
“Hank? You named him?” He asks, confused.
“Well, yeah. What am I supposed to call him?The raccoon?That could get confusing.”
“Avery, how would that get confusing? How many raccoons do you know?”
“Why are you like this?”
“What—? You — But—” Not being able to finish a thought, he finally settles on, “Why is he here?”