Duke's Redemption

Page 64

“I’ve been giving him snacks.”
That gets a huge reaction out of Duke. “You’ve beenfeedinghim? Why do you think the raccoon needs snacks?”
“Well, Duke, I don’t know that anyoneneedssnacks, but they’re always nice to have. He was diving in the trash cans.”
“Yeah, that’s what they do. And it’s even harder to get them out of the trash cans when you feed them.”
Not listening to a word that he’s saying, I walk over to the cabinet and grab a Vanilla Wafer. I head to the back door and crack the door open just enough for Hank to grab it out of my hand and run away.
Duke stands there open-mouthed, not able to believe what just happened. Reaching up on my tiptoes, I kiss his bottom lip.
Before I can walk away, he grabs me and wraps his arms around my waist.
Looking down at me, he says, “You’re something else. Do you know that?”
“Would you want me any other way?”
“Well, as much as I wish you wouldn’t feed the wildlife, no, I wouldn’t want you any other way. Now, take that sexy ass of yours back upstairs, and I’ll bring us some snacks of our own.”
“I’m going to look up something up in the office real quick, but I’ll be up in a minute.” As I’m walking away, I add, “And Honey, Iamthe snack.”
“Fuck yes, you are,” he calls after me. “And in a little while, I’m coming back for seconds.”
Before I head back upstairs, I detour to my office and sit down at my computer. Earlier at Duke’s mom’s, I got some information that gave me a whole new glimpse of information into my father. But I still don’t know much. I still have more questions than answers.
Why does no one in town seem to know anything about him?
Why was he always gone?
What did he do for a living?
Why was I led to believe he left when I was born, yet I see photos of when I was a toddler?
A million questions, but next to no answers. But I am still going to try to get some any way that I can.
I don’t know why it hasn’t occurred to me before to do a simple Google search on the man. I mean, it’s easy to hide from a lot of things in life, but the internet isn’t one of them.
I pull up my homepage and type in: Samuel Whitmore.
There are thousands of results, but as I scroll through, none of them seems to be what I’m looking for.
Samuel Whitmore from New York.
Samuel Whitmore, the doctor.
Samuel Whitmore dies in a fire in 1800.
“Okay, this isn’t working,” I mumble to myself.
Going back to the search bar, I change it to:
Samuel Whitmore, Maple Oaks, TX
I hit enter and get the message.
No results were found. Try using fewer keywords.
How can there be no record of someone? Surely, there would be some kind of paper trail. People have bank accounts and tax records.