Duke's Redemption

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I’ve spent so much time and energy worrying about this when, at the end of the day, I have so much to be grateful for. I have a whole new life to enjoy. I inherited this gorgeous house, which I can either rent out, or if I really wanted to, I could live in. (I’m starting to lean more toward the latter). I have a business that I can run from halfway across the country. I have a wonderful man who has been here for me through this entire emotional roller coaster and never wavered once. We have a cute dog.
Sure, I found out that I come from a bit of a fucked up situation, but who doesn’t? I’m done wallowing in it. And I’m tired of letting the mystery of it all consume me. It’s time to move on and live my life.
And I know exactly the best place to start.
Chapter 32
“Hello?”Thevoiceonthe other side of the phone answers.
“Hey, Boyd. It’s Duke Samson.”
“Samson! Holy shit! Talk about a blast from the past.”
Boyd used to be one of my best intelligence guys when I was in the SEALS. If I ever needed information about anyone, I went to him. Wanting to distance myself from the service, I haven’t reached out since I left. I honestly never thought I would have to reach out again.
Or at least I hoped I wouldn’t have to.
But hearing all about Avery’s dad and about how he was worried for Avery and her mom has me concerned. It doesn’t sound like the issue was ever resolved, and I don’t like the thought that there could be someone out there wanting to hurt the woman I love. So, I thought a call to Boyd was necessary.
He says, “Nice to hear from you, bud.”
“I wish I could say that it’s just a social call.”
He laughs. “Come on, Duke. I know better than to think you would call just to say hi. What’s up?”
“I need you to run a name for me.”
“What’s the name?”
“Samuel Avery. Alias is listed as Samuel Whitmore. I think he was some sort of secret ops, but I don’t know much more than that.”
“Alright. Can you tell me what I’m looking for?”
“Let’s just say he uncovered something he shouldn’t have, and someone came looking. I want to make sure no one else comes looking now.”
“Gotcha.” Thankfully, I don’t have to say much for Boyd to get my meaning. “It’ll take me a bit. Special ops takes some digging.”
“Just let me know when you find something. Thanks, Boyd.”
When I hang up, I about jump out of my skin, hearing Avery say, “Hey, baby. What are you doing?”
“Just trying to make sure none of this becomes a bigger problem. And maybe we can get a little more information about your dad.”
She walks in and sits on my lap. “Do me a favor.”
“Let’s just let it go. As curious as I am, I don’t want to be the cat in that scenario. I’d rather just let it go—for now, anyway.”
“What changed?” I ask.
“Well, after my long slumber, I have decided that I’m ready to just move forward. There’s too much good to wallow in the bad.”
I can’t help but let out a soft laugh.
“What?” She asks, looking a little worried.