Duke's Redemption

Page 89

My phone vibrates again, this time with a text message from Avery.
Scary guy here. Trying to get in. Get home.
“Motherfucker,” I whisper. “Mom, I have to go.”
Before she has the chance to say anything, I run out the front door and jump into my truck. Dust flies behind my tires as I skid out of her driveway.
I drive as fast as I can, trying to call Avery along the way, but there’s no answer.
Son of a bitch!
I feel like my whole world hangs in the balance. The ten-minute drive that should go faster since I’m breaking the sound barrier still feels like it’s taking forever. This guy is clearly some type of special ops, so I don’t want to spook him.
I pray to God that he hasn’t made his way inside the house yet. Hopefully, Avery locked him out, and I can get home and beat the shit out of him before calling the cops for trespassing.
But as I approach the house, I don’t see him outside. All I see is a car in the driveway.
Not wanting him to see me, I park in the side yard, far enough away to where I won’t draw any attention to myself. Before I head inside, I quickly unlock the gun safe under the backseat and open it up. I grab my holster with my pistol inside and hook it onto my belt and then take my shotgun too, for good measure.
I go into stealth mode and sneak around the truck before heading toward the front. Peeking in the front window, I don’t see either Avery or Thomas. As quietly as I can, I turn the handle on the front door and head inside.
I’m coming, Angel.
Chapter 35
“Getoffofme!”I scream, trying to push this man off of me with every fiber of my being. He’s not a huge man, but damn, he’s strong.
People always say that when you’re about to die, you see your life flash before your life. You see all of the most wonderful moments before you take your final breath. But right now, all I can see is white, hot rage.
How dare this guy! How dare he come in and try to ruin my happiness when I decided to leave all the negativity behind.
In fact…
How dare everybody.
How dare my father forkeeping us from all of this.Turned out really great, Pops.
How dare my mother for lying to me my whole life.
And how dare the universe for not letting me have one glimmering speck of happiness.
Yes, rage is all I can see right now. I channel it and try to push this guy off of me as hard as I can. I make a valiant effort, but he pulls a dirty move and slams my head against the wood floor.
The room spins around me as I try to regain my composure. I refuse to go down without a fight. And maybe if I piss him off enough, he will just off me without raping me in the process.
Man, I wish I was going to be around when Duke gets ahold of this guy because make no mistake, Duke won’t let him get away. He will find this man and rip him limb from limb. I’m sure of it.
Just the thought of him makes my eyes well up with tears. I wish I could tell him I loved him one last time.
No, Avery. No tears. Don’t let this man see even a hint of weakness.
I lift my head, still somewhat combative. Deciding to put an end to that, the man’s fist connects with my jaw. Pain radiates through my entire face as my head falls backward once again.
It’s in this moment that I feel him starting to undo the clasp on my overalls. I always thought these things were ugly as hell, and I’d only wear them to paint in, but now, I’m thankful for them. At least taking them off will make him work for it.