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She panted, excited, thinking I was finally going to fuck her.
But her punishment wasn’t over yet.
“Do you want my cock, baby?”
“Yes. Please.”
“Do you think you learned your lesson?”
“And now you think you deserve to have me inside you, stretching you wide?”
“Please. Please, Kent.”
“I’m not so sure.”
“What?” she screeched.
Chuckling, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her back with me until I landed in the chair I just ate dinner in. She held tight to me as she stumbled, struggling to move with her pants pinning her thighs tight. She fell into my lap, and I thrust my length between her ass cheeks, pulling her hair aside to make room for my mouth.
“You have all this cum between your thighs. I think we should use it,” I explained just before I shifted so I could slip my cock up between her legs, gliding easily through the wet mess.
“Kent, I need you inside me.”
“Your punishment isn’t over yet, baby. Now be a good girl and make me come. Use your mess as lube, squeeze me between your tight little thighs, and make me come.”
She leaned forward, resting her hands on my knees, and slowly slid up and down. The small of her back over her rosy cheeks transfixed me. I couldn’t look away from the way her ass rocked and rolled like an erotic lap dance just for me. When she tried to lift higher and sit back on my length, I gripped her hip, stopping her and delivering another blow to her tender skin.
She dug her nails into my knees, and I groaned, my eyes sliding closed in pleasure. When I opened them again, her brilliant blue eyes glared back at me over her shoulder.
“I hate you,” she whimpered.
I smirked at her attempt to be angry. “Watch it, my sweet wife. Or else I won’t even let you get off.”
She glared harder, and I laughed.
She was about two seconds away from standing up and telling me to go fuck myself when I reached around her hips and slid my fingers between the folds of her pussy. I loved pushing her to the edge, and now that she was there, I was ready to finish this.
Her hips rocked faster the more I played with her clit, jerking me off between her thighs. Slick, wet, smacking echoed around the room each time she landed on my lap. We were a fucking mess, and I loved every second. I loved her cum all over my cock, my balls, and my thighs. I loved the warm cum coating my fingers.
“Kent. Oh, god. Yes.”
“That’s it, baby. Ride me. Make me come.”
My fingers slipped around her nub, moving faster and harder. I knew she was on the edge of orgasming when she lost her rhythm, and her cries grew louder. Her begging whimpers sank into my skin, sending fires of electricity down my spine, pulling my balls tight.
“Come on, Olivia. Come for me.”
Within seconds, she obeyed, screaming her pleasure, still rocking up and down. Her pussy pressed against my length and the wet fluttering pulses of her cunt undid me. Everything ceased to exist except my wife and me and the deafening sound of our pleasure. Nothing mattered except the waves of euphoria chasing each other along my skin, prolonging my orgasm. When the storm finally calmed, I collapsed against her back, still gently brushing my fingers between her thighs just to feel the aftershocks of her own orgasm.
When she stood, I let her. Hell, she could flip me over and spank me right then. I was too damn spent to fight her. Thankfully, she didn’t and instead pulled her pants off and climbed back on my lap. This time facing me.
“I’m a fucking mess,” she said, dragging her finger through a thick line of my cum across her thigh. “But I don’t mind.” She brought her finger to her smirking lips and licked it clean.
“Good.” I leaned in, needing to kiss her.
Her mouth moved under mine while I slid my finger between her thighs to collect her cum before finding another string of mine and collecting that too. I pulled my mouth from hers just long enough to paint her lips with our mixture, only so I could lick it off. Her tongue chased mine, equally desperate for a taste.
With a groan, I pulled back, knowing it was getting late. I hadn’t planned on taking so long, but I’d be late to every meeting for the rest of my life if it meant having Olivia any way I wanted.
“I don’t want you to go,” she whispered, not meeting my eyes.
I gripped her chin and lifted it until she looked at me. The blue I loved shined bright, but the dull gray lingered, and I knew something deeper still plagued her. I wish I knew what it was but wouldn’t force her to tell me. She’d come to me when she was ready. So, while I couldn’t help her with that, I could make sure she knew I loved her just as she was—spoiled, pouty, and all.