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Deep breaths, Olivia. You’ve dealt with this before. You’re in control. It’s nothing new.
So, why does it feel so much bigger?
Why is it so much harder to rein in?
Everything bubbled close to the surface—too close because, in the next instant, Daniel’s eyes narrowed, searching under the irritation to find the real reason that brought me there. He read me better than anyone, but the last thing I wanted was for him to ask me what lay under the surface. I didn’t want to think about it, let alone talk about it. So, in a frantic grab, I latched tighter onto my irritation and used it to fortify my walls with spoiled arrogance.
Lifting my chin, I sat tall like a queen on her throne. I had every right to be there. Why didn’t he leave? “No,” I answered.
His eyes slid closed, and he inhaled as if hoping to breathe in some patience. “Olivia, I swear t—”
“I came to see my husband. So, no. I will not leave.”
Daniel glared before flicking his gaze to Amara and nodding, signaling her to call my husband to come fetch the errant child. Perfect.
“Relax, Uncle D.” I sighed and my eyes. “It’s not like I think you’re some blushing virgin. I mean, you own a sex club.”
“It’s not a sex club,” he ground out.
I knew this—everyone did, but I also knew how much it riled him up when anyone called it one. “Says the man who had his head buried between his wife’s legs while others watched.”
“Jesus,” he groaned.
“It’s not like I saw your dick or anything. Now that would have been weird.”
Despite her blush, Hanna snorted.
“Don’t encourage her,” Daniel reprimanded.
Hanna rolled her lips between her teeth but still smiled. I winked, offering a silent thanks for finding me funny. “Why don’t we get a drink?”
Daniel’s chest expanded around a deep inhale. Even though he shook his head, he leaned against the bar and ordered two drinks. While he continued to grumble under his breath, I took my own deep breaths and looked around.
Movement in the dark recesses of the back seating area caught my eye, hidden from most people in the bar. Unless, like me, you were looking for something to watch—something less curated than the performers that worked here.
My heart raced. Heat washed over me, pushing away any other feeling than the blood pulsing through my veins. This. This was what I needed. A distraction so big I couldn’t think about anything else.
Watching the woman on her knees, her face buried in a man’s lap while another buried his face between her thighs from behind, twisted my insides into knots that should have had me jerking around to face the bar. I should have averted my gaze and let them continue with their faux privacy in the corner.
But that was the thrill of it all—the illusion of privacy when the reality was the desperate need to watch—to be watched.
My muscles twitched, itching to go over and claim the last empty seat in the circle, with the two other men stroking themselves as they watched the performance. My mind swirled with curiosity of what sensations the woman experienced. My body ached as I imagined experiencing each one myself. Each of my senses so consumed and leaving room for nothing else.
“Do you like that?”
I sucked in a sharp breath, unprepared for the familiar stroke of his deep voice down my spine. Goosebumps erupted across my flesh, trying to get closer to him.
As though my body wasn’t yearning to turn and throw myself in his arms, I held still, studying the scene for a bit longer just to torture him. I watched the man replace his mouth with his hand before burying his other into her hair, pushing her down on the seated man’s cock, controlling it all.
Rough fingers caressed up my spine, pulling another gasp into my heaving lungs. Kent lured me in with his soft grasp against the nape of my neck. As soon as I relaxed, leaning into the heat of his breath, his grip tightened. I barely managed to snap my jaw shut, cutting off the moan clawing to break free.
“I asked you a question, Olivia.”
Still, I took my time adjusting on my stool to ease the throbbing pulse from his grip to my core. His deep growl satisfied my need to push, and I finally caved, facing the dark eyes that delivered on all the sin they promised.
Fuck, I wanted him.
“Did you know she was coming?” Daniel cut in.
His irritation sliced through the bubble of tension around Kent and me. The club flooded my senses, reminding me that, as much as I wanted to mount my husband right there, I couldn’t.
“I did not,” Kent answered, his gaze not wavering from mine.
“I wanted to surprise you.”
“Consider it successful.”
“I think she surprised Daniel more,” Hanna added under her breath.