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At least someone else was trying to find the humor in the whole situation.
“I think we need to review the rules again.”
The problem with acting spoiled and arrogant was it only encouraged people to treat you like a brat. And I hated being treated like a bratty kid. But I also hated the idea of anyone looking too close and finding an emotional basket case. It was a catch twenty-two—damned if I do, damned if I don’t.
At least one of those options felt familiar. An emotional basket case held too many unknowns. So, childish it was.
“Yes, let’s,” I cooed, resting my chin on my palm. “Uncle Daniel, do you mind if Kent and I use that table you were just on in about ten minutes. That should give you and Hanna enough time to leave so I can suck my husband’s dick.”
Daniel made choking noises, repeatedly blinking as if hoping to find anything other than the scene in front of him. “I-I-I don’t fucking think so.”
I faked a pout before turning to Kent. “What do you think? Since this is about all of us? Don’t you want to stay so I can suck you off?” He quirked a brow, not as amused as me with my antics. I shrugged innocently and turned back to Daniel. “We could even switch out. We’d only need about an hour out here. Then you guys could come back out and do whatever while Kent takes me to a back room to fuck me.”
“That’s enough,” Daniel snapped. “I’ve made my decision.”
“But you’re not the only owner,” I argued with wide eyes. I played a dangerous game, but the more I pushed, the further he got from seeing under it all. “You’re not the only one to make the rules. Kent gets a say, too. So, what do you say, baby?”
“I say we talk more about this later,” Kent answered smoothly. Daniel opened his mouth, but Kent continued. “Until then, I will keep Olivia with me in the office while I finish a few things up. Then we will exit through the back so you can proceed with your night.”
“I’m not a child that needs to be babysat,” I pouted.
Kent’s mouth quirked in a devilish smirk. “Trust me, Olivia. I’m aware.”
“Fine,” Daniel grunted. “But this can’t happen again.”
“Noted,” Kent said before I could get another smartass comment out.
With a farewell hug to Hanna and a petulant glare at Uncle Daniel, I allowed my husband to lead me back to the main office.
As soon as we cleared the door, he let go of my hand and moved to his desk. “Lock the door, Olivia,” he ordered before I could follow.
An electric thrill shot down my chest to my pussy. I squeezed my thighs together, prolonging the ache. I decided against panties, and between the ménage and my husband, cum leaked from my core, making a mess between my legs.
Kent sat back in his chair, looking like a regal king on his throne, awaiting his pleasure. When I didn’t move, he cocked an expectant brow.
“Why?” I asked, brushing my hand over my top, across the hard tips of my nipples. “You know what the risk of getting caught does to me.”
He bared his teeth like a wild animal, barely keeping control. The thing was, I loved it when he lost control. It rarely happened, and I basked in the raw energy and victory of watching him snap. “I’m very aware of what it does to you.”
Usually, he always took advantage of my kink, fucking me in as many places as possible. Sometimes only using his words, letting the thought alone of prying eyes watching him claim me get me off.
“So, why lock it?”
“Because I don’t want Daniel walking in.”
I rolled my eyes.
“And despite how hell-bent you are on pushing him into cardiac arrest, I don’t want to contribute. I’m your husband, but he’s my best friend and business partner. I need to respect that. I need you to respect that because if push came to shove, I’d fight for you.”
Guilt dulled the pleasure his words sparked. I knew he’d choose me, and it’d been dumb to pull him into the conversation. My desperation had pushed me to react without thinking it through.
“Well, thankfully, for you, I’m a big girl who can fight her own battles. In fact, if you step in, I may have to fight you, too.”
“You could try. Now, lock the door,” he commanded before I could react to his challenge. “And get your ass over here so I can eat your little pussy.”
I quickly locked the door and whirled around, ready to speed walk across the room. Not run, because Olivia Kent did not run for a man—but I did speed walk. I almost tripped over my feet when he raised his hand, silently ordering me to stop after a few steps. I watched him with wide eyes while he took his time studying me.