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“Although, maybe I should spank you before jerking my cum all over your red ass for not warning me you’d be here. Do you think you deserve an orgasm?”
“I always deserve an orgasm,” I challenged. He narrowed his eyes, wanting me to submit. I would—I always did, but I still loved to push. “Besides, if you only spank me, you’ll miss out on how wet I am. It’s dripping down my thighs.”
He hummed, watching me rub my thighs together.
I bit my lip, playing with the edge of my miniskirt. “You’d miss how tight my pussy is.”
This time his hum morphed into a hungry rumble, and I smiled, knowing I’d won. I made it one step before his hand was back up. “You owe me something,” he demanded.
“Anything,” I breathed. I was done pushing back, ready for the pleasure that waited for me.
“Did you like watching that woman be with all those men?”
I blinked, his question catching me off guard. I’d been so caught up on imagining all the things he would order me to do—crawl to him, strip, dance, play with myself—that it took a second for my mind to catch up.
“Did you want to be her?” he asked softly.
I hesitated. I’d imagined an extra hand on my body occasionally but hadn’t gone as far to imagine a whole other person involved with Kent and me. Not because I thought he wouldn’t support it, but because an opportunity never arose that pushed me to consider it. We pushed for new experiences together, promising to always be honest about what we wanted.
Did I want to be shared by multiple men?
Did he want to share me?
He’d had threesomes before me with one-night stands, but I was his wife. Would he be possessive? Did he want to watch someone else touch me? A chill raced down my spine at the thought of Kent’s dark eyes watching as he ordered another man around my body.
“Don’t lie, Olivia, or I really will spank you. Without an orgasm.”
I’d never lie to Kent, but doubt had me holding back. “Maybe?”
“Yes or no?” he ordered. “Did imagining being bent over and finger-fucked while deep-throating someone else make your sweet little cunt wet?”
Him saying the words painted the perfect picture, and I couldn’t hold back. “Yes,” I confessed on a desperate exhale.
“Thank you.”
I should’ve been ashamed of the way I almost preened under his approving stare, but I was too eager to be with him to care.
“Now get over here and spread your pretty thighs. I’m fucking hungry.”
I wouldn’t admit it later, but I might have run.
Chapter Four
“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I ended my tirade with a guttural growl, all the way from the depths of my empty womb.
Another fucking negative.
I snatched it up from the counter with jerky hands and tried to break it in half, only growing angrier when the stupid plastic didn’t break. Giving up, I threw it in the trash with enough force to hopefully shatter it into a million pieces. Instead, I missed. It hit the wall, bounced off the trash can, and skittered out to in front of my feet with the stupid single line facing up.
Fire crept up the back of my throat, pulling my muscles tight around my neck as it burned its way to my eyes. My chest ached under the pressure of another failure. The test may as well have been a knife stabbing me over and over again. That would have explained the pain sheering through my insides.
“I hate you,” I whispered, unsure if I was talking to the pregnancy test or myself.
Why wouldn’t my body just make a baby? Wasn’t it supposed to happen after just one time of unprotected sex? Isn’t that what they promised in school? So, why was I standing there a year later, still not pregnant?
Logically, I knew they said it to scare us, but people got pregnant all the time without even trying, sharing countless stories of getting pregnant even on birth control.
It shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t be this goddamn hard.
Tears pooled, blurring the world around me before sliding down my cheeks. I swiped them away with an angry fist.
A ping from the bedroom pulled my attention away from trying to melt the plastic test with my glare. With a deep breath, I swiped the last of my tears and threw the damn thing away. I walked to the bed where I threw my phone as soon as I got home in my dash to take the test. I’d been so sure this was it.
The first thing I noticed was the time, and I groaned. I was going to be late for our monthly dinners with our friend group. I told Kent I’d meet him there as soon as I got off work. He’d hesitated before accepting my answer, and in that hesitation, I heard the concern he tried to hide. He knew me well enough to know I’d come to him with any problem.