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I held my breath, waiting for him to say something. The doubt marring his handsome face flayed my skin, cutting me open. I needed him to believe me. I needed him to know he had all of me.
Using the last thing I could think of, I laid myself at his feet in the only way I knew how, hoping he wouldn’t walk away.
I didn’t fall to my knees, but I didn’t have to.
A spark flashed in the dark depths of his gaze, lighting a matching spark of hope in my chest. His eyes softened, making room for the hint of light to grow, shifting his stare from doubt to something warmer. With a deep breath, his broad chest expanded, pulling his shoulders back. He grew before my eyes into the man that never failed to make me beg. As fast as his eyes softened, something else replaced it—something arrogant and dark. Despite being in the midst of our worst fight ever, my body heated.
“Show me,” he commanded, but I was too distracted by his power to understand. When I took too long to answer, he clarified. “Show me you’re sorry.”
My mind flew through what he could want, unsure of the exact next step. The doubt and pain faded from his body, but it still lingered in the shadows, waiting to be addressed. Moving on instinct, I closed the gap with hesitant steps and reached out my arms. Before they could wrap around his strong body, his hand snapped out and caught my chin, lifting it almost painfully high while his eyes commanded I not look away.
“That’s not what I meant,” he said, looking down his nose at me.
The cool tone of his voice crept down my spine. He sounded angrier now than ever before. Yet, something about it stroked my skin, bringing it to life. As if my body figured out what my mind couldn’t, my nipples pulled tight, and my pussy clenched.
Swallowing hard, I asked, “What do you want from me?”
I’d laid myself at his mercy, begging him to believe me when I told him he was enough. When his lips twitched, and his grip tightened, I knew he planned to prove to both of us that he was more than that.
Doubts still burned through my mind, but after the explosion of our argument, they simmered to embers. She claimed that the past few months weren’t about me, and I had to believe her. While I wanted to push for more beyond the hint of what plagued my beautiful wife, her glossy blue eyes let me know she needed me.
And she wasn’t completely wrong. We hadn’t played in a while. We were still passionate, but being busy with work forced us to keep it simple. When was the last time I worshipped her while pushing her boundaries of comfort? When was the last time I made her kneel for me?
Too long.
We both loved when we played, but tonight, we needed it.
I gripped her chin tighter, tipping it up so high she almost had to raise on her toes to keep up. With a deep breath, I sucked down the power she submitted to me. It filled my lungs and spread through my veins. My muscles tensed, ready to pounce.
“I don’t want your cute little hugs,” I stated coldly.
Her eyes flicked between mine, trying to keep up with my reaction. “What do you want?”
She didn’t know we were playing yet but watching her try and figure it out created a different kind of rush—one of anticipation and need. Releasing her chin, I traced the soft line of her jaw, down her straining neck, and along the hard edge of her collarbone until I rested at the buttons of her shirt.
“I know you said you didn’t want to, but you owe me. You hurt my feelings. So, you’re going to be a good girl and get on your knees and suck on me.”
“But I—” she started, still unsure of how to react.
“Shh, shh, shh,” I soothed. I leaned forward to press a gentle kiss to her forehead while I worked the buttons of her shirt open.
“Kent—ah,” she cried out when I roughly pinched her nipple through her bra.
She looked up, and I stared, silently reprimanding her. She studied my face, but I gave nothing away past a cool arrogance. The veneer was so different than who I was with her that she didn’t need to see anything else. Understanding softened her features, and sparks ignited behind her blue gaze. She corrected as soon as she realized why I stopped her, and everything fell into place.
There it was.
Her perfect submission.
What we both needed tonight.
“Let me see these little tits.”
She stood still with her arms at her sides, playing her part with a shy demeanor as I unhooked the front clasp of her bra. I spread the cups, baring her small pale breasts. Her pink nipples pulled tight as if begging for my attention. She gasped, pulling back on instinct when I gently drew circles around a hard bud. I took my time touching and her body trembled in what I knew was need but gave the illusion of fear, and I ate it up.