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“You have such pretty breasts. So small that my whole hand covers them.”
“I’m sorry,” she muttered, moving to try and close her shirt.
I blocked her hands, knocking them back before returning to her nipples, brushing my thumbs back and forth across the tips. “They’ll do. Playing with these is going to help me come. Or would you rather I spend longer inside your mouth? I could make you spend the rest of the night with your mouth open wide. I’d switch between fucking your mouth with fast, shallow strokes and forcing my way deep into your throat with long hard fucks. I could hold my orgasm off so long you would forget what it feels like to not have a dick stretching your pretty lips.”
She shook her head, tendrils of hair falling over her chest. “No.”
“That’s a shame,” I tsked. “Or maybe you’re just eager to have my cum spill on your tongue?”
“What? No. I don’t want t—”
I thrust my hand into her hair, gripping a handful at the base of her neck, and jerked her chin back. “It’s a good thing I don’t care what you want. This isn’t for you. This is for me. My pleasure. And no matter how much you beg or how wet your little pussy gets, there won’t be an orgasm waiting for you at the end of this. This is you showing me how sorry you are. Now, get on your knees.”
Her eyes flared to life with pride, and I waited for her to tell me to fuck off. I held her stare and challenged her to say it. And when she didn’t, I could’ve almost come right then and there from the pleasure her submission surged through my veins. She held my gaze the entire fall to her knees and didn’t look away until she had to focus on unfastening my pants.
A groan of relief slipped free along with my cock, and I fisted myself with my free hand in an attempt to relieve the aching pressure. Leaning forward, I brushed the head along her full lips that remained stubbornly shut.
“C’mon, Olivia. Be a good girl and open that pretty mouth.”
After a moment of hesitation, she parted her lips and barely covered the head before pulling back. A mix of frustration, anticipation, and laughter rumbled deep in my chest. My girl wanted to play.
I squeezed my fist in her hair and tipped her head back enough to meet my eyes. With my free hand, I gripped her jaw, digging my fingers into the joints, forcing her mouth wide. I pushed until I hit the back of her throat and leaned down as close as I could to meet her gaze. “Do you want me to fuck your face? Hmm? I could pin you down and ride your face like a fucking cunt. Is that what you want?”
With her mouth stuffed full of my cock, she just barely shook her head.
“Then open your mouth and suck me.”
She sucked in a deep breath when I pulled free but didn’t waste time before taking as much of me as she could.
“Oh, fuck. Yes. That’s a good girl,” I moaned.
I lost myself in the pleasure of her tongue laving the underside of my length. Of her teeth brushing against the head. Of her throat tightening each time she took me too far. All of it taking me closer and closer to the edge.
“Look at you,” I muttered. “Look at that little mouth stretched around a big fat cock.”
Through it all, she never stopped. She’d move faster, then slower, then deeper, then sucked on the underside and roll my balls. I wanted it to go on forever.
“Fuck, your tits feel so good,” I groaned, palming her petite curves. “So soft and small. Your nipples, hard little buds begging me to pinch and play. You like that?”
She tried to pull back, but I expected it and only let her get so far while still keeping me in her mouth.
“Do you know what’s missing?”
With my head still resting on her tongue, she looked up to me, and I stroked my thumb along her cheek, stretching my lips into a slow devilish smile.
Her eyes shot wide, and both hands planted on my hips to push me away, but I easily knocked them aside before gripping her head. While I didn’t stop, I did slow down enough to check for her safe signal. When she didn’t do it, I slid all the way in, pushing past all of her resistance until her lips were wrapped around the base of my cock.
“Fuck, yeah. That’s a good girl,” I praised. “Goddamn, I can feel your tight little throat trying to push me out, but I like it. I like the way it squeezes me. I’m gonna stay here for a bit so you can get used to me.”