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I barely pulled back but didn’t leave her throat. Only enough that I could push past her resistance again and again. I kept going until her nails dug into my thighs, letting me know she was at her limit. I pulled out long enough for her to cough and gasp for air before I shoved right back in.
“Yes. Take me all the way inside you, sweetheart. Show me how sorry you are.”
Her groans wrapped around my length, and I almost finished down her throat, but I wasn’t ready. Pushing deep one last time, I wrapped my hand around her throat. “I can feel myself against your neck, stretching you,” I said. “Touch it, baby. I want you to feel it.” Her hand replaced mine, and I held there, slipping in and out. “Good girl.”
Just when it became too much, I pulled out. She coughed and wiped at the mess my cock made of her mouth.
Pulling her head back, she met my gaze with bright, wet blue eyes. Smiling, I wiped at the silvery tracks down her cheeks. “Fucking perfect,” I cooed. “Now it’s time to make me come. Make sure you swallow it all.”
“But I don’t wa—”
“I. Don’t. Care. You’re going to take all of my cum into your mouth and swallow every last drop. Even if I have to pin your jaw open and shoot it right down your throat. Understood?”
Such a simple word, but I heard everything behind it. The stubborn pride, the excitement, the love. The submission.
“Good girl. Now, suck.”
This time she didn’t play around, and neither did I. I met each bob of her head with a thrust, racing toward my orgasm, needing the release.
“That’s such a good girl. You’re gonna make me come so hard. Yes. Fuck. I’m gonna come. Look at me.”
As soon as her eyes met mine, it hit me. My world exploded, pulling me apart from the inside before all coming back together. Holding her head in place, I fucked her mouth, never looking away from my wife as I emptied myself on her tongue.
My legs shook, and I stumbled back, slipping free of her mouth. “You did so well, baby.” I cradled her face, wiping away the last of her tears and, like a cat, she leaned into my touch. “Now, come shower, so I can touch every inch of your body. Then you can tuck me in and do it all over again.”
It was going to be a long night.
But we both needed it.
Chapter Seven
The morning sun and disappointment greeted me first when I woke.
I didn’t even need to look to know Kent was gone. Still, I stretched my arm across his side of the bed, hoping to catch his lingering warmth. Anything to make up for the lack of kiss he usually woke me up for before he left for the day.
I tried to rationalize it away with the fact that he kept me up most of the night, using me however he wanted. He hadn’t let me come once, continuing to keep me on a knife’s edge until I wanted to scream. It wasn’t until the very end that he finally got me off. I’d waited so long, it’d been almost painful.
And I accepted every excruciating, beautiful moment of it because he was right, even if it had been play. I owed him. I’d been so wrapped up in my own pain I hadn’t given much thought to anyone but myself. My chest ached all over again, remembering his face when he asked me if he was enough.
God, I fucked up.
I just hoped I hadn’t fucked us up beyond repair.
Needing to feel close to him, I rolled over to bury my face in his pillow. Instead of his spicy, citrus scent, I found a piece of paper. I opened the folded sheet and smiled.
I love you.
It wasn’t my morning kiss, but it was something, and I could work with something.
But first, I had to get out of bed.
I fumbled my way to the bathroom and flicked on the light, meeting my eyes in the mirror. They looked…different. I stared back at them every day and knew every detail, but somehow, last night pulled the curtain back on the filtered view I’d been taking in the past few months.
Dark circles smudged under my dull blue eyes. My usual smirk, like I knew something you didn’t, was missing, leaving my lips flat and emotionless.
It was…startling. Sharp.
Honest—something I hadn’t been with myself or anyone else these past few months. Along with every detail, I also saw every action, wearing them like a coat of grime. Swallowing the lump building in my throat, I closed my eyes.
How had I gotten here?
By hiding, my mind whispered.
Opening my eyes, I shook my head and stared hard at the faded version of myself.
No more.
I was Olivia Kent.