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I tried to press my legs closed again, highly aware of my exposure with every brush of the skirt against my mound, but Kent dug his fingers in, forcing them back apart.
“I need to see more. Her skirt is casting too much of a shadow,” Cane said. “Let’s put her feet up.”
Without waiting for an answer, Ryan and Cane knocked my shoes off and grabbed a leg, hoisting it high until my heels rested on the edge of the table. I fell back on my hands, thankful for my skirt offering me some privacy from whoever still dined behind us. If I could have closed my legs, I would have. My muscles pulled tight, but the men held my legs wide.
“Look at that little pussy. Nice and trimmed and pink,” Ryan groaned.
Three sets of eyes stared between my legs, examining me as if they were doctors studying for an anatomy exam of the vagina.
My chest heaved, and my limbs shook. The whole scene pushed my boundaries, shoving me into uncomfortable turmoil as my body fell into fight or flight.
“Tell me, Miss Witt,” Kent started. “Has anyone touched this pussy before?”
I squeezed my eyes shut and shook my head.
“I knew she was a fucking virgin,” Ryan said.
“So, no one has felt how soft and wet you are,” Kent said just before a finger stroked along one of my folds. I gasped, jerking my hips back. “I’ll take that as a no,” he laughed.
“What about this clit?” Cane asked. “Has anyone played with your little clit?” An unfamiliar touch circled around my bundle of nerves. This time I thrust up. “Oh, she’s sensitive.”
Shame scorched up my chest, spreading heat into my cheeks. I lost myself in being the intern and felt what she would feel. Arousal, shame, fear, and want pulsed between my legs.
“Open your eyes,” Kent ordered. He waited until I complied before resting both palms against my groin, using his thumbs to spread me apart, and leaving nothing to the imagination. “Gentlemen, I think it’s time we see the rest of her.”
“What?” I gasped.
Both men stood and slowly pried open the buttons of my top.
“Wait. No. There are people here,” I objected.
“Then let them see what a slut you are.”
“I’m not.”
In response, Kent slid his thumbs up between my folds and rolled them along the sides of my clit, pulling a shocked moan from my chest.
More shame washed over me. This time it didn’t go to my cheeks. It dropped between my legs, making me slick. Cool air brushed my chest when they peeled back the edges of my shirt.
“I think she wanted us to look at her tits. Otherwise, she would have made it harder to get to them,” Cane gloated, undoing the front clasp of my bra. With gentle fingers opposite of his massive size, he brushed the cups aside, baring all of me.
“Fuck me,” Ryan groaned.
“I never thought I’d be into little tits, but I fucking want these. I want to lick, suck, and bite all over them,” Cane added.
“Look at her nipples getting hard. I think she likes us looking.”
“No,” I denied with a jerky shake of my head. “I-I’m just cold.”
Ryan slid his large hand up my stomach and over my breast. “Feel pretty fucking warm to me.”
I choked on a breath when Cane dipped his fingers between Kent’s palms. “She’s getting pretty fucking wet, too.”
“Good. She’ll need it when I fuck her little virgin pussy,” Kent growled, leaning down to nip at my thigh.
“What? No. You can’t.”
“Why not?” he asked like he was asking why he couldn’t have ice cream before dinner.
“B-b-because I’m a virgin.”
“That’s the point. I want to rip you in half. I want to force my cock deep in your cunt and come out with your blood all over me. I want you to watch as I split you apart.”
“A-a-alexander,” I breathed. I couldn’t tell if I stuttered from nerves or arousal.
“Look at me,” Cane demanded beneath my chin. “Watch me taste you.”
I jerked my eyes just in time to watch him drop his lips around my nipple and suck. I tried to bite the cry off in my throat, but they still heard it.
Kent laid wet, sucking kisses down my thigh, and Ryan rolled my other nipple between his fingers. I rode the edge of coming with Cane’s fingers sliding up and down my slit.
“This is the job, Miss Witt,” Kent explained. “You need to make us happy. And it would make us happy to each take turns fucking every hole you have.”
I shook my head and twisted my upper body away from them. “No.”
All movement seized. Kent eyed me seriously, waiting for my safe word. When it didn’t come, he relaxed back into the control. “Why not? I can already tell you’re close to coming. You may say you don’t want this, but you clearly do.”