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Knowing this was new for us, I caressed the outside of her thigh and slowed my tongue, focusing my attention on my wife, waiting for any sign of denial. When it didn’t come, I pulled back, replacing my tongue with my fingers, and watched her.
“Go ahead, pet. Open that pretty mouth and suck his cock.”
She held my gaze for as long as she could, until she turned her head too far and parted her lips. Ryan dug his fingers into her hair and pulled her toward him, while at the same time, he shoved his hips forward. I eyed her hands for our safe signal, but it never came.
I barely remembered to play with her. I was too entranced by the sight of her pink lips stretched wide around another man’s cock. I should’ve hated it, but I didn’t. I loved it. Loved knowing that even if he came down her throat, she was still mine. Mine to love. Mine to control.
I loved knowing she sucked him off because I told her to.
Goddammit. I needed to make her come and fast. I was on the edge of coming in my pants, and I’d much rather be inside her.
With half the time left, I returned to the task, giving it my all. She moaned and squirmed against my mouth, her cum coating my chin.
“Fuck. That’s a good girl,” Ryan breathed. “Yeah. You’re gonna make me come so hard. Keep sucking just like that.”
Her pussy pulsed on the edge of coming, and I flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit, knowing I was running out of time.
And then it happened.
The chime of the clock rang, letting me know time was up. As if that had been the only thing she was waiting for, she broke. Muffled moans and cries worked their way free as her opening spasmed against my mouth. Despite my shock, I continued to suck and play, letting her ride out the orgasm.
“Fuck. Oh, fuck,” Ryan cried. “Her throat is like a fucking vibrator on my dick. I can’t fucking hold off. Oh, fuck yeah.”
I sat back just in time to watch him pull from her swollen lips and grip his cock, jerking himself until he sprayed white ropes of cum all over her stomach. She was utterly stunning. Like a piece of art with abstract streaks decorating her skin, silvery tracks coating her cheeks, and swollen red lips.
Once Ryan finished, he smeared his cum into her skin with one hand and used the other to roughly cup her jaw, holding her in place as he leaned down to lick the tears that had snuck free. “You’re gonna come to my office every morning and let me fuck that pretty mouth. Understood.”
Her chest hitched over a stuttered inhale, but she still nodded.
“Good girl. Now it’s Cane’s turn, and I have to confess, he’s not as gentle as me,” Ryan explained with a devilish smirk.
“Let’s get you off this table, sweetheart,” Cane said with his pants already undone. “I want you on your knees so I don’t have the table getting in the way of going as deep as I want.”
“Wait,” Olivia objected softly as she was adjusted to how he wanted her. “I don’t want to do it that way. I don’t want you to—”
Cane gripped the sides of her face. “I don’t fucking care,” he growled before roughly shoving his cock back as far as he could go.
Again, I watched her hands for safety signs, but they never came. Good because I had work to do. Reaching into the bag by my chair, I pulled out a bottle of lube and a curved dildo.
Cane pulled Olivia off balance, giving more room for Ryan to play with her tits, and me more room to access her ass.
Anticipating her reaction, I smiled and coated the toy before drizzling the liquid between her cheeks. Immediately, her cheeks pulled tight, and she attempted to shove at Cane’s thighs, her protests muffled.
“Shhhh, pet,” I cooed. “We said we wouldn’t fuck you, but we didn’t say anything about you not being fucked by toys. Now relax. I’m gonna stretch your little asshole out. I promise to make it feel so good.
More muffled cries but no safe signal. So Cane held her tighter and slid her down his length until she made soft choking sounds. Fucking beautiful.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Just open your throat for me. Let me in.”
She tried to resist when I circled her opening with my finger, but I pushed past her resistance. First one. Then two. I let Cane’s rough thrusts push her back onto my fingers, spreading them more and more.
“Get her on all fours,” I ordered Cane. “I’m gonna need more access to fuck her with this.”
Without taking his dick from her mouth, he fell to his knees, forcing her to follow to her hands, where he continued his onslaught of her mouth.