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“No. I’m not close at all. I’m not.”
The men chuckled, and Kent made it a point to drag his finger through my pussy and hold up his wet finger.
“Th-that doesn’t mean anything. Vaginas are made to be wet.”
“You’re right,” he agreed. “They are.”
My mouth opened and closed. I hadn’t been prepared for him to agree, and it left me floundering.
“So, how about I make you a deal?”
“What kind of deal?”
I knew even before he smirked that it wasn’t really a deal at all. “I’ll set a timer for ten minutes. You’ll lie back and spread your legs nice and wide, so I can eat your pussy.” He paused, dragging his tongue along my thigh, drawing out the anticipation. “If I can make you come before time is up, then we get to take turns fucking you however we want, whenever we want. If I don’t make you come, we’ll settle for you sucking our cocks until we come down your throat.”
“N-n-no. That’s not a deal at all.”
“Or you can walk out,” he offered like it was that easy. “Of course, we’d have to suspend pay for the last month of work for insubordination, and we couldn’t give a reference to any future employer.”
“Tha-that’s not fair.”
He shrugged. “I think it’s perfectly fair. I mean, it should be fairly easy since you’re apparently nowhere near coming as it is. Right?”
I clenched my jaw biting back the sharp retort to his gloating.
The guys stood back, staring down at me like hungry wolves waiting for the go-ahead to eat their prey.
To add to the torture, Kent pressed his finger against my opening and circled, tracing up to my clit with featherlight touches. Back and forth. Back and forth. “What’s it going to be, Miss Witt?”
I considered my options. Did I want to be fucked by these men? Did Kent want me to let them? Closing my eyes, I remembered the woman from the night I snuck in at Voyeur. I remembered the men watching her—worshipping her. I remembered how easy it had been to imagine that same scene with Kent by my side.
My core clenched around Kent’s finger. Any hope of him not noticing vanished when his brow slowly rose, already gloating over my submission. Needing to take him down a peg or two, I issued a challenge of my own. “Five minutes.”
He smirked. “Deal.”
Kent could make me come in less than that, just with words. I knew I’d lose, but that wasn’t the point. The real win was that I’d get to enjoy his voracious determination. Kent was beyond good when he fucked me with his mouth. But when he had a point to prove, I saw fucking stars.
Chapter Ten
As soon as Ryan hit start, I dove in. I pushed my tongue into her opening and slid up to circle her clit, sucking it. Her legs slammed shut around my head, barely muffling her cry of pleasure. Just as soon as they squeezed around my ears, they were gone.
I pulled back enough to look up her body, past the twin peaks of her breasts crowned by her rosy nipples. Ryan and Cane each had a leg pulled back to her chest, holding her open for me.
“Look at him,” Ryan commanded. “Watch his tongue circle that pretty pussy.”
“You may say you don’t want this,” Cane chimed in, “but your hips are pushing against his mouth, not pulling away. And these nipples are hard as diamonds, begging for our mouths.”
“Watch, pet,” Ryan said, leaning down to her nipple. “Watch us take what we want from your body. I don’t want you closing your eyes, trying to hide from the fact that you’ve got fingers pinching your nipple, a tongue pushed up inside you, and me sucking on your tit.”
He bit her tip with his teeth, and she cried out again, pushing her hips up against my mouth. Her sexy little pants for breath sent bolts of electricity down my spine to my balls. My cock ached with the need to bury myself inside her, but first, I needed to make her come.
She looked down, and her eyes clashed with mine. Pleasure and want and need called to me, silently begging me to fuck her. Shame tinged the other emotions in her blue depths. She hated that she loved this—that she wanted this, which I knew for her, only made the pleasure all the more intense.
Behind all of it, a spark of determination flickered, and I knew my girl would fight the orgasm she desperately wanted. With a smile, I refocused my attention back to her pussy and used every trick I knew to make her come.
“Fuck, look at that mouth. Already hanging open,” Ryan groaned. “Fuck it. Either way, we’re getting our cocks sucked, so why not get a head start.”
The rasp of his zipper preceded her whimpers of denial.