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Goddamn, this woman was everything to me. Brave, strong, exciting, and so fucking beautiful it almost hurt to look at her. Then there was the love and trust she put in me, her willingness to step outside of her comforts for me. I didn’t know how I got so lucky, but I knew I’d do anything to make her as happy as she made me.
Stroking my hand down her sides to the curve of her ass, I grabbed the dildo and lined it up to her tight opening.
“Arch your back, pet,” Cane grunted. “I want to watch him put it in.”
Olivia dipped her spine, pushing her ass higher in the air as Cane leaned over her and fucked her face.
She cried out when I started pushing it in, but it quickly morphed to a moan once it slipped past the tight ring trying to keep me out.
“Oh god. I’m gonna come,” Cane exclaimed. He pulled out and pushed her upright so he could jerk his cum over her stomach.
Before she could fall back over on all fours, I grabbed another toy and wrapped my arm around her waist, holding her upright but still giving myself enough room to slide the dildo in and out.
“Do you like having your ass stuffed?” I asked against her ear.
“N-n-no,” she choked out.
“Hmm, I think you’re lying. I think you’re going to come again.”
She shook her head, her long hair whipping across my face.
I didn’t bother to argue. Instead, I slid my hand down her abdomen and slid the small toy between her folds, holding it against her clit.
“Oh, god. Oh,” she cried out again and again. Her body struggled to stay upright between her attempts to fuck the dildo and thrust against the hard vibrations shoving her toward her orgasm.
“That’s it, sweetheart. Show me how much you like getting your asshole fucked by this toy while Ryan and Cane watch.”
“Look at her little tits bounce,” Ryan muttered.
Both men sat back in their chairs, watching Olivia lose control as they slowly stroked their semi-hard cocks.
“My fingers are drenched,” I said.
“No. Oh, god. No,” she cried.
“Yeah, pet. Come on. Come for me.”
I rolled the vibrator around her clit and shoved the dildo inside her harder.
“Let it out, baby. Let everyone know what a slut you are. That you’d let us fuck your pretty mouth and tiny asshole for money. That you came all over my face because you loved the way I fucked your virgin pussy with my tongue.”
With one last hard thrust, she came.
Her body collapsed forward—her cries muffled against the floor. I followed her down, continuing the push in and out as she thrust against my palm, riding out her orgasm. She was wild and writhing like an animal in heat. She was beautifully lost in her pleasure.
She was mine.
“Fuck me,” Ryan muttered.
“Yeah,” Cane agreed.
Her body finally relaxed, and I slid the toy free, kissing along her spine, tasting her sweat with my tongue. “You did so well, pet.”
“She’s going to be really good for our company,” Ryan said.
“She can be a benefit for clients, too,” Cane added. “We can keep her in an office and let them come fuck that pretty mouth. Let them touch her however they want. Our own little pet to show off.”
“Exactly,” Ryan agreed. “We’ll strap you naked to a desk with your head hanging down. We’ll keep your legs spread nice and wide so our partners can get a good look at your wet pussy while they shove their cocks down your throat.”
Olivia whimpered, rolling her head in denial across the floor.
“You’ve passed the interview,” Ryan said. “You’ll make us a lot of money earning your keep.”
“But for me, pet.” Brushing her hair aside, I nipped her ear. “For me, you’ll spread your legs and let me inside you.
“No,” she cried, pulling away. “That wasn’t the deal. You didn’t make me come in time.”
“After seeing how much you liked your little holes filled, I’ve changed my mind.”
She rolled over and scooted back, the sides of her shirt swaying and playing peek-a-boo with her tits. “No. I don’t want it.”
“Then it’s a good thing I don’t care what you want.” I stood, towering over her. “I’m taking your virgin cunt whether you like it not. And you can say you don’t like it, but I felt your pussy pulsing against my hand and mouth, begging to be filled with cock. So wet. So needy.
Ignoring her denial, I turned to the guys. “Thank you for getting her warmed up for me. I’ll call if I decide to let you have a turn on our new prize.”
“Call us any time.”
“Let’s fucking go.” Reaching down, I hoisted Olivia up and over my shoulder. The restaurant was mostly empty, besides a few people taking our example and enjoying themselves in their own corner. I’d set the night up like a traveling Voyeur, and it worked perfectly.