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Maybe I’d have to have a conversation with Daniel when I got back.
But that could wait.
Right then, I had a squirming woman beating against my back that I couldn’t wait to get inside of.
Chapter Eleven
As soon as we cleared the elevator doors, he set me on my feet, and I backed away, pressing up against the wall. He stood there, powerful, strong, and in charge, watching me like an animal stalking its prey.
“Turn around,” he ordered.
Still riding the high of the scene, my body trembled, feeling the same nerves as if I really was a virgin about to be fucked by her boss. They combined with the anticipation and need. I was surprised I could still stand.
I did as he said and watched his reflection close in behind me. With rough hands, he pulled my hips back and pressed my back down, folding me in half. Without any warning, he flipped my skirt up, the air chilling against the wet heat coating my thighs.
The noise registered first before the sharp sting against my ass.
Smack. Smack. Smack.
“That’s for thinking you could tell me no.”
“Alexander,” I whimpered.
I held my breath, waiting for the next blow, but instead only heard the whir of his zipper and the rustle of his clothes. I gasped when the head of his cock pressed against my opening, barely nudging inside. Unable to stop myself, I pushed back.
“Fucking slut,” he muttered. “You say you don’t want it, but you’re practically forcing yourself on me.”
Any other time, if Kent called me such a lewd name, I would have lost my shit, but not here. Here, I was his slut—his whore. And I didn’t want to be anything else.
“Please,” I begged.
“Please, what?”
“Don’t,” I answered, barely able to get the lie out past the plea for more.
He laughed, folding over my back to nip at my neck. “This is going to hurt, pet,” he promised against my ear. “I want to tear through you and make you scream. I want to leave a mark so deep that you always remember whose cock ruined you.”
It was too late. He already ruined me for anyone other than him. And I accepted the mark gladly.
Letting me hang on the precipice of anticipation, he waited before finally shoving inside in one hard thrust. I cried out again and again with each push like it actually hurt. And it did. It hurt so much to feel so good. My lungs squeezed, working overtime for air. My skin pulled too tight, bringing every nerve ending to life. Pleasure swelled in my abdomen. It grew and grew until I wasn’t sure I could handle it, scared of what it would do to me when it burst.
He fisted my hair and shoved my face against the glass. He was callous and rough. He fucked me like a whore, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
“Fucking come on my dick, pet. Squeeze me. Show me how much you want my cum inside your tight little cunt.”
The cool surface against my cheek and the sting in my scalp kept me grounded to him. It held me close, keeping me safe enough to let go but loose enough to let me fly.
With one last brutal thrust, the swelling pleasure burst, tearing me apart from the inside out. I shattered to a million pieces, each one a shred of euphoria. I cried out, unsure if I’d ever be whole again. As fast as I exploded, I came crashing back to my body. The orgasm compacted around each nerve, almost making it too much to bear. My screams barely echoed past the ringing.
The sting burned through my ass, followed by another, pulling me back.
“Fuck, baby. I’m coming,” Kent groaned. He pushed in one last time, pressing his head to my back and moaning his orgasm into my skin.
We stayed like that, gasping for breath until the elevator door dinged open. A whole army could have been waiting outside the door, and I wouldn’t have cared. I wanted to bask in this moment forever.
Kent slipped free with a groan and pulled me upright with him. “This is our floor.”
Without waiting for a response, he scooped me under my knees and carried me down the empty hall to one of the two doors. I wanted to look around and see his hotel, but I couldn’t do anything more than bury my face in his neck and breathe him in.
The door clicked open and then shut. He didn’t bother turning on lights until he made it to the bathroom. Like a baby, I stood there, letting him undress me and then himself and tug us into the shower. He washed my hair and body before pressing me against the wall and lifting my leg to his hip. He held my gaze and slowly slid inside me. As fast and rough as we’d been earlier, this was much slower, almost like a cup of coffee after a big meal. He kissed me gently and rocked in and out until we both came, the orgasms a mild ripple compared to the tsunami they’d been before.