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“Eight months and counting. I think Callum is more on edge than I am,” she deadpanned. “Like he hasn’t done this before.”
I laughed. “Where is daddy Callum?”
She groaned. “You know he hates when you call him that.”
“I know,” I said with a devilish smile.
She slapped my arm. “He’s in the kitchen with everyone else, trying to pretend he’s not dying to know how the first event went.”
“Am I the last one to get here?”
“Jake and Jackson haven’t arrived yet, but Carina, Ian, Erik, and Alexandra are here.”
“Well then, let’s go join them and hear what my sexy husband has to say.”
We rounded the corner just as Kent opened his mouth to start, but when he saw me, he stopped to wrap me in his arms.
“That’s enough, Kent,” Daniel reprimanded when Kent gripped my ass and lifted me up for a deep kiss.
“Prude,” I taunted, smiling in the face of his glare.
“All right, you two. Enough holding up the story. I want to know how the Voyeur—that wasn’t actually in Voyeur—sex event went,” Ian demanded.
“It wasn’t a sex event,” Daniel ground out.
We all scoffed in unison.
“Oh, my god. We know.”
“Just get over it.”
“Okay, okay,” Kent spoke up. “It went well. We covered all our bases and got all the waivers signed. It was more like a traveling act than anything else.”
After our night in Chicago, Kent came back to discuss a new business venture with Daniel. One that they decided to put me in charge of with my organization and marketing skills. People could hire Voyeur to put on a performance at various locations. It allowed them to add another layer to their role-playing or any scene they wanted to partake in. Of course, they couldn’t sleep with the performers, but if they wanted to take part in an orgy, we provided them with the people to surround themselves with. If they wanted to create a fantasy of being kidnapped and fucked in front of an audience, then we made it happen.
Honestly, I was most excited to see what people came up with.
“Wasn’t last night a businesswoman?” Carina asked.
“Yup. She wanted her male subordinates to come into her office for a review,” I explained. “Then she had them talk dirty to her while they jerked off and came on her desk.”
“I could get down with that,” Carina muttered.
“I’ll jerk off for you any day you want, baby,” Ian promised.
“Then her boss came in and bent her over the cum-filled desk and fucked her while they watched.”
“I am…” Alexandra started, narrowing her eyes. “Confused by the reaction I’m having to that fantasy.”
“No,” Erik rejected.
“Spoilsport,” she said, laughing.
“Okay,” Hanna interjected. “Who’s ready to eat?”
With cheers for food, we began to make our way to the dining room. Before Kent could follow, I snagged his elbow and pulled him back.
“What?” he asked. “Do you want to have a quickie before dinner?”
“What? No.” That had not even come close to my intentions for holding him back. But it did have merit. “I mean…maybe.”
Shaking off the thought, I dragged him closer to the living room, away from prying ears. The anticipation during the entire ride came roaring back. I’d been so distracted by the conversation that it faded. But now, looking up into his dark eyes, I could barely keep my feet on the ground.
“Baby? What is it?”
“I’m pregnant.”
His jaw dropped, and his eyes lit up.
“It’s still early. Only seven weeks, but I had to tell you.”
“What? Shit. Yes. Fuck, yes.”
I laughed at his ecstatic jumble of swear words. “You’re happy?”
“Fuck yes. Why the hell would I not be happy?”
“Because we’re a month out from finalizing our adoption. Charlotte could go into labor anytime this month.”
After finding out that nothing was wrong with either of us, we decided to look into adoption. We were unbelievably lucky when Charlotte, a young teen, selected us as parents for her baby.
“Is it too much?” I asked. We talked about having one baby—not two at the same time.
“Fuck no,” he exclaimed. “Hell, maybe you’re having twins? Or triplets.”
“Bite your tongue, Alexander Kent.”
His smile was slow and full of sin. “You know what it does to me when you call me that.”
“I’m going to need that quickie,” he declared, grabbing my hand and dragging me down the hall.
“We’ll be at the table in a minute,” he called out as we passed the kitchen.
“Are you fucking kidding me?” Daniel cried.
We both laughed, fumbling our way into the bathroom to celebrate our family coming together in an unconventional way.
But that was us.
We may falter, but we always find a way.