Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 38

“Well, thanks for that.”
We trek slowly to the front of his truck before Law gets a full glimpse of me. He pushes away from his truck bed and takes four angry strides in our direction.
“What happened to you?” The question is for me, but his glare sears into Nathan, as if implying he has something to do with my injury.
I need to shut this down fast. I have nothing more to say to Law after the tug o’ war game he’s played with me since the minute he showed up in town. There’s nothing he has to say that I want to hear. Not anymore.
I speak over his question and address Nathan. “I’m good here. Thank you for helping me.”
“Cami,” Law growls and turns his front into my side as if blocking Nathan from our conversation.
I’m so close to crawling into bed, I can almost taste the sleep I’ll be having. With that in mind, I lean forward on my crutches, the taut line of my body conveying my annoyance. “What are you doing here?”
“You’re hurt.”
“That’s not why you’re here.”
“What happened?”
“Again, not why you’re here.”
“Cam.” His voice cracks, and the resulting ache that spreads through me nearly pulls me under. Why does he have to act like he cares when I know three days from now his moods will flip again? The tone of his voice roots me to the spot, and my eyes flash to Nathan before returning to Law.
“I’m okay. I fell while I was jogging. Twisted my ankle.” My instinct
is to take a step closer to Law, but that’s hard with one foot and crutches. I try anyway, wanting to reassure him. One crutch doesn’t lift enough and catches on the asphalt, sending me into the ground. Both men move, but Nathan’s closer and catches me with his hands on my hips.
Law doesn’t miss the possessive hold, and he rockets from whatever emotional dimension he’s in straight to pissed.
“Who are you?” His rumble booms like thunder in the night.
“I’m Nathan.”
A beat of silence passes. One he should use to clarify he’s my co-worker or my friend. Nathan’s stating his intentions. He won’t be forced into some platonic box, especially not after I agreed to go on a date with him.
“Is he your boyfriend?” Law turns his question on me.
“Well, no. I mean, he’s my, uh, he’s my Nathan.”
Law’s head dips in my direction. “He’s your… Nathan?” His voice is deceptively soft. That’s new from the Law I used to know, and it freaks me out. Beyond the fear is a hint of arousal. My nipples tingles beneath my sports bra, and I grip the crutch handles to keep from squeezing my thighs together at his growly rasp.
I look to my shoe and the open toes of my other foot. “I mean, he’s my co-worker.”
“It doesn’t matter to you who I am.” Nathan steps in, and I want to slap my forehead. We’re going to be here all night. “What matters is Cami’s exhausted and needs to lie down.”
“Is that so, baby?” Law mocks us both. “You need to lie down? Should I get you some of that soup I bought you?”
“Hey, man, I’m not messing around. Leave her alone.” Under the street lamps, Nathan’s jaw turns to stone.
“Neither am I.”
They turn to one another, and I swear they’re seconds away from throwing punches. I’m so enraptured by the scene unfolding in front of me that when fingers encircle my wrist, I jump.
I follow the arm with my gaze and look up at Nathan. My brow furrows with unasked questions. Once he has my attention, he strokes my inner forearm with his index finger.
“It’s cool. I’m going to get out of here. Car key, please.” He holds his palm up.
I shove the hand he isn’t holding beneath his open fleece jacket and unzip the front pocket of my sweatshirt. The single key to my car is stashed inside. My fingers curl around the cold metal, and I withdraw it, removing his jacket at the same time. His fingers squeeze around my wrist.