Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 42

Law looks up from where he swaps out my screen for the storm window, his eyes catching mine. Even though the early morning light is dim, I his eyes appear dark. The gray overpowers the green, making them a parallel of the stormy weather outside.
His jaw tightens, the muscle standing out in his cheek, and his gaze sweeps down my body.
I drop mine too, getting a frightening glance of my inappropriate attire. Half-naked in a sexy, satin robe that hits mid thigh and clutching a bold red bra.
Clenching my jaw shut, I scream. In an epic fuck my life moment, I squat down in my barely there robe, retrieved my crutch, and limp away as quickly as I can, giving him the perfect view of my barely covered ass.
He’s going to get a piece of my damn mind.
What does he think he’s doing here? I haven’t heard a word since his text the night I hurt my foot; I didn’t even know he came back to town. Then, without asking me for permission, hell, even if I’d mind, he shows up at my house just after sunrise to replace my windows?
He’s insane.
I dress in record time. Evelyn pops out of her room as I storm down the hall just as a horn sounds from the driveway.
Crap, now she’s running late, and therefore, making other people late.
“Hug, kiss, get a move on,” I admonish gently as we rush to the front door.
We hug, and Evelyn moves to kiss me on the cheek while I swing the interior door open. My eyes move in that direction to read Lori’s mood and to apologize for the delay. Law stands on my doorstep with his fist raised, ready to knock, completely blocking my view. His jaw is solid and his eyes are unreadable as he takes the two of us in. If I were honest, I’d say he’s a heck of a sight better than Lori this early in the morning.
Evelyn gives me a kiss and pulls away, taking my attention with her. “See you later, mom. Love you.”
“Love you too, honey.” I run my fingers affectionately through her hair.
Law steps back and opens the storm door, which I notice also has the window installed instead of the screen.
She steps through it and tilts her head up to look at Law. “Oh.” She turns back toward me, as if she remembered something. “Am I staying late at Lori’s tonight?”
“Um…” I run through the reasons she would be, and I come up blank.
“Because you have that date. You said I’d be staying late at Lori’s?”
The anger pours off Law. His stare feels like a 50-pound weight wrapped around my neck. I clutch the knob of the interior door. “Yes.” The word strangles me. Clearing my throat, I speak louder. “Yes, you’ll be at Lori’s until I can come get you.”
At this exact moment, I’d trade falling down a hill ten times the size of the one by the Swinging Bridge than having to deal with a pissed off Law. Again.
“Cool. Later mom.”
I wave to Lori, hoping she isn’t upset with us for running late, while also praying she doesn’t run her mouth to anyone about the strange man on my doorstep at eight in the morning.
A measured breath clears my head to address Law, but he beats me to it. He does it by being concise and pissed in a way I can tell he doesn’t want to discuss it.
“I have two windows left, then I’m done with those. I’ll clean the gutters and get your lawn mower to the shed. The window by your kitchen sink had a small hole in the seal, so I caulked it.”
“When did you… how did you know…?” I splutter, trying to understand what the hell is happening.
“The day you hurt your foot, your daughter told me you were doing outside work, then left to go for a jog. I looked around while I waited for you to get back.”
“You spoke to Evelyn?”
“Yep. Nice kid. Polite. You should tell her not to answer the door when you aren’t home. It’s not safe.”
So many things flash through my mind at once. “You went through my garage?”
He looks me steadily in the eye. “I was waiting a long time.”