Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 44

When I round the corner from the hall, all the saliva in my mouth evaporates, and I’m suddenly desperate for a drink.
A soft dusting of hair sprouts a couple inches on either side of his belly button. It continues up underneath his raised shirt and…
His waistband.
His belt hangs open and parallel to his thighs. The top button of his jeans is open and folded down with the waistband of his underwear visible out the top.
Oh, Lordy.
His toned abs glistens with sweat. Law holds the bottom of his tee up to his face and uses it like a towel, allowing me to stare unabashedly. My mouth hangs open and drool probably glistens at the corner of my mouth. I can’t know for sure though. My entire body goes numb… or tingly. Maybe even both.
He drops his shirt, and his eyes landed on me.
His curse jolts my mouth closed and my mind blank. A warm hum stokes low in my belly, and I have a hell of a time thinking of anything else when that feels so good.
Law twists his torso and tags his cup off the counter beside the sink. He takes a long drink, and I watch his Adam’s apple bob as he swallows.
Lowering the glass, he clutches it near the middle of his abdomen and licks the remaining drop of water from his lips.
“Work’s done,” he grunts low, eyeing me steadily. There’s a distinct feeling of predator and prey, but at the moment, I’m not sure which role is mine.
“You’re naked,” I mumble. “In my kitchen. Half–naked. Why are you naked?”
He cocks his head and lifts a brow. A slow grin spreads across his lips. It isn’t full, but it’s enough for those long dimples on the sides of his mouth to peek out. “Cute toes.”
My nostrils flare in my attempt at a deep breath without being obvious. His grin broadens when I fail. He’s playing with me. The bastard gets off on making me squirm.
“Come here, Cami.” The huskiness in his voice stokes the warmth higher, and it crackles like a firework in my gut.
I take two hops closer before I stop myself. I can’t act on his commands. My willpower is shot around this man. I need to up my game before he chews me up and spits me out once again.
If he thinks taunting my attraction to him is the way to go, two can play this game. He’s had the upper hand in every exchange since he showed up in Arrow Creek, but it’s time for a power exchange.
I move two steps farther into the kitchen, and not a muscle in his body moves except his eyes. They track me. He watches me like a hungry lion eyeing a gazelle, except I refuse to be eaten.
The crutch falls intentionally from beneath my arm, and it clatters to the floor. While he’s distracted, I plant my palm on the countertop behind me and hoist myself up.
The sound of movement draws his attention back. His darkening eyes slowly raise to my new position.
I scoot closer to the edge, permitting my knees to fall wider apart. Not blatantly obvious, but in what I hope is a subtle invitation.
If he wants to play with fire, I’m going to show him how much it hurts to get burned.
Law’s nostrils flare, and he slams his glass down. In three long strides, he’s across the kitchen and working his hips between my spread thighs.
“Is this what you’re asking for, baby?”
A shiver rides down my spine. My head lolls on my shoulders.
He presses forward, the hard ridge of his erection rolling against my sensitive clit. I jerk at the contact.
I swallow once to clear my throat and control my breathing. “Is this what you want?” The sound of my voice is one I don’t recognize. The pitch high and soft and inviting.