Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 45

“Only every day for the last fifteen years.”
I moan, losing my grip on the game. I should be on top here, but he’s quickly regained control with the years of experience. In a desperate attempt to take it back, I force a hand between us into the open flap of his jeans. Sliding it down the length of his hard cock, I palm him through his cotton underwear.
I can’t say for sure which of us groans louder, but Law punctuates his with, “Oh, fuck yeah.”
Those words sizzle straight to the fire in my stomach, and I stroke him, desperate for more.
He plants a hand by my hip for support and wraps the other around my upper back, his fingers cupping the back of my head. He holds me steady, making it so I can’t move away, and forces me to look in his eyes. Our foreheads touch. Our breaths mingle in the space between us. There’s no more backing down. Not from him, and definitely not from me.
I’ve had my first touch of Law. Not only in years. Ever. I’m not about to let him go before I finish what I started.
While holding my eyes, he swivels his hips, instigating a tempo he likes. One I like, too. The change of angle allows me to explore more of his incredible size.
“I want to feel your hand on my dick,” he rasps, then thrusts his hips forward, filling my palm with himself.
“It is.” My face flushes. Isn’t this what he wants? How do I communicate with a man who has years of experience ahead of me? I’ve never talked about a man’s dick, let alone to that man’s face while stroking said dick. The thought both embarrasses and terrifies me.
Law lets go of my head to reach between us and dwarfs my hand in his. I barely register his other hand leaving the countertop and pushing his jeans and underwear off. The buckle on his belt clanks against the floor.
“Like this.” He takes my lips in an open kiss and dips his velvet tongue into my mouth. At the same time his lips hit mine, he wraps both of our hands around his now bare erection and initiates a slow stroke.
I get lost in the feel of him. The hard warmth of his cock beneath my small palm, the sounds of the groans rumbling from deep in his chest, the strength of his hand wrapped around mine. Guiding me. Teaching me. His mouth taking mine in a passionate kiss that would blow all others out of the water if I had any to compare it to. His velvet tongue sensually strokes mine like two long lost lovers.
The warmth of his hand around mine disappears, but I keep on going, stroking him the way he demonstrated.
His hands cup my ass and lift me into his arms. I have no choice but to clench his hips with my thighs and wrap my free arm around his shoulders. The position might be hard for him, so my fingers on his cock slacken to grip his shoulders instead.
“Don’t let go of my dick,” he growls into my mouth. The desperate sound of his voice has my fingers tightening again.
He shuffles us forward a few steps, the clank of his belt on the floor reminding me that his pants are around his ankles. A smile tugs against his mouth.
Law wrenches his lips away and gazes into my eyes. He spreads his fingers on my ass cheeks and digs them into the soft flesh. Their proximity to my pussy turns the dull throb into a tsunami wave of desire.
“You won’t find much funny when I get my dick in you. You’ll be too busy screaming.”
Oh, god. The smile drops from my face. We’re going to… Of course, that’s where this is heading. It’s exactly what I wanted. Why does an inkling of fear creep in?
We hit the hallway, and suddenly we’re going down. I release an abrupt scream that Law silences with his lips. He kisses me hard, his tongue swirls in my mouth as he cups the back of my head.
His knees hit the carpet first, followed by his elbow from the arm he wrapped around my back. He cushions me so perfectly I hardly feel a thing. A small graze of carpet abrades my exposed lower back.
Breaking the kiss, he sits back on his heels. Power radiates off him as he looms over me. His body is built, and I’m about to receive an uninhibited view. Reaching one arm over his head, he grasps his shirt by the neckline and removes the material in one fluid motion.
The dark hair from his abdomen continues up over his pecs. Thicker in between where it crosses over his sternum
, it turns into a sprinkling around his nipples. I trail my gaze in the other direction, following the hair down to where it encircles the base of his cock. I can see what my accurate sense of touch determined before. His size is incredible.
“You’re wearing too many clothes.”
My eyes shoot to his, and all I can do is nod in agreement.
Law clenches the hem of my blue ribbed tank and tugs it straight over my head. I lift my arms and sit up to help him. The cotton sides up and off without a hitch.
As I lay back, he deftly flicks open the button on my jeans and slides down the zipper. He grips the denim at both of my hips and works the material down over my butt. Gliding his hands up my bare thighs and hips, he grabs a hold of my waist, lifts, and scoots us further down the hall. My jeans slide further down my legs.
“Are we going to crawl to the bedroom?” I tease, attempting to dispel some nerves.
“No, but it’s possible I might fuck you all the way there.”