Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 46

“Oh I–? A sharp inhale steals my reply. Both my hands fly to grip his wrist where it rises and falls above my stomach.
Law’s done talking and proves such by slipping his hand beneath my red thong. His thick middle finger dips through my wetness and plunges inside. Deep. The sensation of something other than my hand or sex toy is a little strange, but not unpleasant. Any thought of discomfort goes out the window when he curls his finger and rubs a spot that arches my back and curls my toes. My toys can’t do that.
“Fuck. Do that again,” he coaxes. He braces an arm at the side of my head and watches my face as he rubs that spot deep inside me once more.
I can’t fight the response if I tried, and fuck me, I’m not trying. My back arches, crushing my breasts against his bare chest. The wiry hairs deliciously brush my sensitive skin not covered by my bra. My eyelids slam shut, and my mouth opens on a moan.
While his finger works inside me—slow and steady, increasing until I circle my hips, then slowing down again—the orgasm builds.
I haven’t had one in my entire life brought on by another person, but I’ve given them to myself. The feeling is the same, tense, like a spring coiling in my stomach. There’s no stopping it, but I can tell this one is going to be so much more intense than any I’ve experienced before.
Law sinks his teeth into the muscle where my neck meets my shoulder. I scream, nearly coming at the sudden change in sensation, but then his words stop me in my tracks.
“Is this your normal M. O.?” he croons, the question and the sound of his voice confusing me.
“What do you mean?”
He pushes back a little, looming over me on one arm. His finger stills deep inside me while he talks. “You know. Kiss one guy. Kiss another the next week. Next thing you know, you’re nearly naked, about to come on one guy’s hand, while having plans for a date later with the other guy.”
My date with Nathan. Oh, shit, shit, shit! “Law, we shouldn’t.”
His finger swirls inside of me, making me do that arch, eye roll thing again. “Ah!”
“It’s okay. I don’t mind sharing you a little. I’ve dreamed of taking you for so long that it’s worth it to finally have a taste.” A little malice enters his voice. “Besides, it’s not me who has to sit across from my date with another man’s come still inside me.” He works a second finger inside me and presses down. My legs shake.
I don’t want to look in his eyes, so I close mine. His words sting, but there’s truth behind them. I’ve dreamed about this too, and I can’t stop, even if I wanted to. I can be pissed about it later, but I’m so turned on that I’ll die if he stops.
“Jesus, Cami.” He lowers his forehead to mine. I peek and see his eyes are now closed too. “You’re so goddamned tight. How is that even possible?”
A strangled breath escapes. “I don’t… I mean, I’m not… I’ve never…” What am I even trying to say? My chest aches, and to push it away, I grasp the sides of his head with both hands and pull his mouth to mine.
He groans into my mouth, and I’m pleased he lets me have control.
For a moment.
It doesn’t last long. Whatever agenda Law has, he’s on a mission to complete it.
Wrenching his mouth from mine leaves us both gasping for air. He pushes back and lowers himself down my body, dropping to a forearm between my spread thighs. Seconds pass as he watches himself finger me, desire etched on his face.
His warm breath fans over my sensitive flesh, and my hips jerk in response. His brows crease, and he shoots me a curious glance before looking at my pussy again.
Without warning, he lowers his head and dips his tongue into my wet slit. Just one swipe.
My pussy clenches tight around his fingers, and a gasp of pleasure erupts from my throat. I’m so close to coming.
Law lifts his eyes to mine, holding me enraptured with a steady stare, and plunges his tongue in with his fingers.
My hips jerk hard, but he isn’t finished. His fingers scissor apart, and his tongue flutters relentlessly in the space between them, hitting nerves deep inside me I had no idea existed. Three seconds later, the tsunami building inside me makes landfall, and my orgasm pulses rhythmically through me, squeezing his fingers in a tight grip.
My eyes roll back, and I swear I black out from the pleasure. I’ve never felt anything like it in my entire life. My bare chest heaves as I regain normal breath.
“Hey, Cami?” His husky voice sounds from somewhere near my hips.
“Yeah?” I don’t bother opening my eyes to answer.
Wiping his mouth on my inner thigh, he places a soft kiss there. He presses another kiss a little lower and traces the crease of my groin as he speaks. “You’ve done that before, right?”
Embarrassment steals everything else, and I fling an arm across my eyes. “No.”