Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 48

In the bedroom, he releases my nipple with a slow graze of his teeth that sends goosebumps skittering across my arms and tosses me onto my queen-sized bed.
He looms at the edge, looking down on me, and grips his cock in his palm. His hand slides up to palm the head, then back down where he gives it three sharp tugs.
Law is hot when he was in a pair of well-fitting, dark-wash jeans and a shirt stretched over his muscular frame, but strip the man naked and have him stroke his cock? He’s downright combustible.
The thought must show on my face. Law smirks and slows the motion of his hand until he’s steadily masturbating.
“Think I could get you off just standing here stroking my cock. By the way you’re squirming, I’d say you’re already close.”
“Maybe next time. I need you in me.”
“We should get rid of this, then.” His fingers hook in the sides of my thong and peel it down my legs. “Now spread them.”
Nerves hit first, followed by embarrassment. “Wh-what?”
“I want to watch you touch yourself.”
“I thought we were going to have sex.”
He leans over the edge of the bed. A hand plants in the mattress near my hip and his face nears mine. “We are. But first, I want to see how you’ve been taking care of yourself for the last decade and a half, and I want to touch myself while watching it. After that, when you’re so ready I can see your arousal dripping from your pussy, I’m going to lick you, and finally fuck you like I promised.”
“Oh.” The word leaves my mouth on a shuddered exhale.
“I know you like how I’m stroking my cock. Put your hand between your legs and show me how much. I’ll even help.”
He pushes my legs apart and drops to a hip, trapping one of my knees around his back. Bringing his legs onto the bed so he’s lying on it with me, he uses his free hand to push my other leg up, opening me wide. Once my legs are where he wants them, he snags my right hand and pushes it between them. Already, I’m dripping wet.
“That’s it,” he coaxes as I use two fingers to circle my clit. “Push them inside. Show me what you like.”
I dip them into my wet warmth and pull them out. A groan rumbles from Law’s chest. Using my arousal as lubricant, I circle my clit again. “Oh, God, Law.”
“That’s beautiful, Cami.” He strokes himself harder. “Show me again.”
I repeat the motion. This time when I circle my clit, he lowers his head between my legs while he continues to pleasure himself. “Don’t stop touching yourself,” he commands.
At first, I don’t understand why. But then his tongue joins my fingers, and a full body shudder rips through me at the pleasure. The pleasure steals my attention and my hand stops moving.
His tongue stops in response.
“Touch yourself, baby, and don’t stop,” he orders huskily.
“Right.” I start again, and so does he, his tongue and my fingers pleasuring me. Once I keep my fingers where he wants them, he moves his tongue lower and dips it inside my pussy.
He licks me like he said he would, and it ends up better than the first time. With the help of my hand, I come on a scream while he plunges his tongue in and out.
Law crawls up my body, stopping to press random kisses along my torso. When he’s between my hips, he drops back on his heels. “Can you get pregnant?”
“I’m on birth control.”
“Good. I’m clean, baby, if you trust me. If not, you’re gonna have to wait twenty minutes while I run to the pharmacy.”
I reach up and stroke the hair on his chest. “I trust you,” I whisper and mean it.
He groans and drops his lips to mine. While he kisses me, he rubs the tip of his cock along my opening. “You have no idea how sexy that sentence is. Especially coming from you. Get ready.”
“I’ve been ready.”
With his lips to my collarbone, he chuckles. “You came thirty seconds ago, and you’re raring to go again.”