Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 49

“Please, hurry.”
With my plea, he sinks the tip inside. It’s slow and tantalizing, but also the most blissful form of torture in my entire life.
When he’s completely seated to the root, he begins another torturous rhythm of long strokes. The pressure builds immediately, and I know it’s only a matter of time before another orgasm rips through me.
He seems to feel the same way. It isn’t long before he increases his pace. “I’m going to take you hard now. Can you handle it?” His face contorts in a wash of pleasure and pain, as if holding himself back nearly hurts.
“Yes. Go faster. I can take it.”
He makes me prove it.
I clench his hips with my inner thighs and hold on while Law takes me hard and fast. He wraps one hand beneath my arm and up my back to hold on to the base of my neck. The grip helps him drive deeper while strengthening our physical connection. Our hips slam together so hard I’m sure there’ll be bruises. My hands roam every inch of his skin, desperate to feel all of him, to remind myself this moment is real and not something I’ve conjured up.
“I’m close. Hold on.”
“I’m nearly there,” I pant into the space where his mouth nearly touches mine.
“Wait for me.” He angles this thrusts just right so the top of his pubic bone rubs against my clit. By the third brush of his pelvis, I fall over the edge.
“Law!” I cry.
I tighten around him, and he seats himself deep as his own orgasm washes over him. He buries his face in my neck and whispers my name repeatedly.
“Fuck, Cami, fuck me. Are you all right, beautiful?” His hand behind my back strokes my neck, while he plants his other elbow in the bed to support his weight and brushes the hair out of my face.
Emotion chokes me. “I’m perfect,” I squeeze through the tightness of my throat.
“I know, baby. I feel it too,” he soothes and tucks my face in his throat.
We hold on to each other while our heart beats return to normal and the chaotic emotions fade. Law carefully slips out of me and treks into my master bath. The toilet flushes and the tap turns on and off, and then he’s back with a damp rag. He hooks me around the thigh and cleans me off.
“Thanks,” I say after he ditches the rag in the bathroom and returns to the bed a second time.
“I’ve got to get going. Some things to take care of at work. Kiss me before I go.”
Those words warm my heart. The entire day has blown my mind and I’m still processing if it’s real.
I don’t keep him waiting since he has work to do. Putting an elbow to the pillows, I sit up and press my lips against his.
“Have a good rest of the day, beautiful.”
My eyelids flutter closed at the sweetness of it all. When I open them, he’s striding toward the hall. “You, too.”
It seems inadequate, but not as awkward as ‘thank you’ or running after him and professing my love, both of which are possib
He strides out the door and into the hall. The jangling of his belt buckle tells me he’s getting dressed, and I smile to myself. An image of him standing naked in my hallway floats through my mind. His head pokes around the doorframe, and I quickly wipe the goofy smile off my face.
If I hadn’t, his words would do it for me.
“Oh, and have fun not thinking about me while you’re on your date tonight.” With nothing more than a smirk, he leaves.
Seconds later, the front door opens and closes, and a few seconds after that, I hear the roar of his engine firing to life.
That son-of-a-bitch.
Needless to say, I cancel my date with Nathan. I text Law to tell him so, but don’t know if he got it, because he doesn’t respond.