Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 54

“I visit him on his birthday. Every one.”
“Don’t you have anything better to do? Like live your own life? Why do you keep stalking me at the cemetery? This isn’t romantic.”
“Thought you might need some company today.”
His calm demeanor pisses me off. I roll off my knees and onto my ass in the snow. The harsh sunlight shocks my pupils as I tilt my face to his. “Is your phone broken?”
He runs a palm down his face and drops it to his side. Two lines appear between his brows, crinkled in concern. “Oh Cami… You look like shit, darlin’.”
“Just go away.”
“I tried that. More than once. I’m finding it hard to stay a
“I could give you a reason,” I mutter, knowing it’s the truth. Not knowing if I can go through with it.
“Time to go before you get sick.”
“What makes you think you can boss me around?”
“I’m not debating this with you. You’ve been out here god knows how long, you’re soaking wet, drunk enough to not feel the pain, and it’s thirty-fucking degrees outside. I’m not leaving you here to catch your death.”
I snort with derision. “Nice choice of words.”
The gap between us closes in three large strides from Law, and he crouches in front of me. The unyielding marble traps me. He gathers my face in his warm palms and takes my lips.
Warmth swells through my limbs, replacing the bone-deep chill. My mind blanks of the thoughts that have plagued me all morning. All I can focus on is the feel of his lips taking mine. Instantly, my nipples swell and harden. The throbbing ache awakens between my thighs, demanding to be dealt with. I’m so far gone I wouldn’t protest to being thrown to the ground and taken right here…
A fit of giggles steals over me. My hands seek his chest, and at contact, I push with all the strength I can muster. Law stumbles back a step, nearly falling on his ass, and I erupt into laughter again.
“What the hell?”
“I was just thinking…” I stop to catch my breath. “Ritchie would be horrified to know what we’re doing on his grave of all places.”
The corners of Law’s lips twitch, and he gazes at the marbled stone. “I think he would be pleased as hell.”
“Do you really?” The uncertainty rings clear between us.
“I do. No doubt about it.”
I gaze at the stone and nod my head. “I’m ready to go now.” I plant my hands on the headstone to hoist myself up, but the alcohol makes my limbs slow and lazy. Before I manage an inch, Law grips me underneath my arms and lifts. When I’m steady, he doesn’t let me go. Not completely. He encircles my shoulders with his arm and guides me into his side.
We both stare at the headstone, lost in our thoughts.
“First birthday in a long time the three of us were together. Can’t promise I’ll be here for the rest, but glad I could be here for this one.” He places a kiss on my temple.
“Me too.” I don’t have it in me to interpret the meaning behind his words, so for the time being, I let them drift off in the wind.
We gather my things from my morbid birthday party, and he drives me home. The goodbyes are quick. He doesn’t linger, and neither do I. The realization struck during the drive that what’s going to happen will happen in its own time.
I still have secrets to share with Law, secrets I’m not even sure I can. Until I do that, I have no business expecting him to be anything to me.
Without the full truth, he can never be mine.
“Hey, Cami!” Nathan calls from the driver’s seat when I walk into the ambulance bay the next day. We haven’t seen or talked to one another since I called off our date. I wasn’t sure how things would be between us. The familiar way he greets me immediately sets me at ease.