Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 57

I am grateful he isn’t one of the curious idiots standing on the side of the road with his arm wrapped around the woman beside him, keeping her warm from the cold as they look on at another person’s misfortune. The thought flits from my mind as the jealousy invades and forces it out. My job calls, but I’m having trouble tearing my eyes away from the big-haired blonde sitting in his front passenger seat.
As if he feels my eyes, his head turns in my direction. The only indication he gives to my existence. His eyes don’t flash; he doesn’t smile or wave. To him, I’m any other emergency person at the scene of an inconvenient crash.
Turning on a booted heel, I jog back over to the white Ford. With the help of the firefighters, we get Cecilia out of her vehicle, onto the longboard, and strapped to the gurney.
“Here comes your son, Cecilia. Let’s get you out of the cold.”
“Thank you.” She holds out her hand, and I give it a reassuring squeeze.
Nathan arrives with her son, who has a large bandage taped to his forehead, and together we get them in the back of the ambulance. The hospital is less than five minutes from the accident location, so we have them there in no time at all.
I’m silent on the drive back to the garage. A little sad, but mostly trying to remain strong. Seeing Law with another woman has been a possibility in the back of my mind, but I didn’t think it’d happen now. The man kissed me just yesterday. Here I thought we had time to work things out between us. I guess I was wrong.
Nathan parks in the garage, and after cleaning the back of the ambulance, we head inside.
“You hungry? I could make you something to eat.”
“I’m good. I think I’m going to go lie down for a bit. I didn’t sleep well last night, and if it’s busy tonight, I want to be well rested.”
Concern flits across his face, and he grips the countertop. “You sure you’re all right?”
“Yep. Don’t worry, I’m just tired.”
One hand leaves the counter to scrub the back of his neck. “You want some company?”
Is he asking what I think he is?
The question must show on my face, because his blanches in response. He waves both his palms at me. “No, that’s not what I meant. Just friendly company. Nothing more.”
To save him from himself, I throw him a lifeline. “Company would be nice. But if you turn on the TV, you better keep the volume down. I want to sleep.”
He catches up to me and nudges my shoulder. “Then I won’t be able to hear over your snoring.”
“I do not snore.”
His teeth sink into his lower lip, and his eyebrows raise. “You do. You snore like a lion with a sore throat.”
“Keep it up, and I won’t let you watch TV at all. And I’ll eat that piece of cherry pie you left in the fridge.”
“Okay, okay, truce. Just don’t hurt the pie.”
“You’re a dork.” I slip off my radio and curl into the couch cushion. Nathan sits in the leather recliner by my head.
“You’re adorable.”
I huff but don’t argue. The last thing I need tonight is another conversation about the non-relationship between the two of us. A nap is on the agenda.
While Nathan watches TV, I do just that.
Luck is on my side; the night is slow. I catch up on sleep and somehow keep Law from appearing in my dreams.
“I have to know the details. How have you been holding out on me for so long?”
“I haven’t been. We’ve both been busy.”
Kiersten glares at me over the rim of her wineglass. She swirls the dry red before draining it. “That’s crap and you know it.”
I slide the bottle toward her with the side of my arm since my fingers look like chocolate drizzled pretzels. “You’re wrong. The only reason it feels like I’ve been holding out is–?