Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 60

Turning thirty must have messed with my head, because I went all out this year when picking out my dress. It’s the textbook definition of LBD. Little black dress. Short, black, and strappy with an open back, triangle cutouts beneath my breasts, and spaghetti thin straps that tie around mid-back. I have a cute little jacket to go with it for standing outside.
The shoes are even better. High, like I?
?ll be lucky if I don’t break my neck high, with an open toe and an open heel. They lace up the front and tie around the ankle, and the front has cutouts going up the foot. They are gorgeous and match the dress perfectly.
Evelyn and I had mani-pedis the day before, and I’d gone with fire engine red. I would have done French tips for my fingers, but I can’t do my job with long nails. This will do and adds a pop of color to my outfit.
I slither myself into the tight dress and tie it behind my back. Then I move on to hair and makeup.
Big and dark is the theme for the evening. Winged liner, smoky eye in purples and grays, cut crease, I even add a shimmering highlight to my contour. Mauve, matte lipstick goes on last. I transform my hair into a mass of big, wavy curls that I leave twisted down my back.
My phone rings from somewhere within the sea of makeup. I find it beneath a bag of brushes. Kiersten flashes across the screen.
“Hey, I’m almost ready.”
“Rock on, bitch! I’m standing on your porch, and it’s freezing out here.”
“Where’s your key?” I walk down the hall to let her in.
“On my key ring. I just didn’t want to barge in. You’re unpredictable these days. Who knows who you’re hiding in there.”
The deadbolt clicks, and I swing the door open. “Who I’m hiding in here? Good god, do you ever think about anything other than sex?” I tap the red ‘end call’ button with my thumb and step back to let her in.
The chill from the late December winter blows across all my exposed skin. The air so cold that it almost burns.
“Nope. A. D. I. D. A. S.”
“Ugh. The 90s called. They want their music back.” I meander back down the hall to retrieve my shoes from my bedroom. Kiersten follows.
“They want their jokes back, too.”
“My joke isn’t as bad as your sexual references.”
“And that song isn’t as bad as your joke. That song was popular well into the 2000s.”
Stuffing a few makeup staples into my black clutch, I shoot her a mock glare. “This is true. You win.”
“Woo-hoo! First round’s on you!”
I stick out my tongue.
“Are Nathan and his friend meeting us here or there?”
“Here. He’s our ride. We can cab it home. I just need to call him when we’re ready.” I sit on the edge of my bed and tug on my gorgeous shoes. After admiring them myself, I shove a foot in her direction. “Whatchya think?”
She pushes my foot down and leans over to pull me up. Cocking out a hip, she smooths a hand beneath her chin, and runs her eyes over me from top to toe. “Freakin’ gorgeous!”
“Thanks. You look fantastic too.”
“I’m ready if you are. Give Nathan a call.”
After circling the bathroom to make sure I turned everything off, I follow her out to my living room. “I’m on it.” I scroll through my contact list and tap his name. He answers on the second ring.
“You ladies ready to roll?”
“We sure are. Make sure you have the heat cranked in your truck.”
“Already do. Just picked up Rhett. We’re headed your way now.”