Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 61

“Cool.” Nerves tingle along my spine.
“See you soon,” Nathan murmurs and ends the call.
Sadness tinges the edges of my mood, and I don’t want to think about why. I need to shake it off, not dwell on it.
“Hey, you okay?” Kiersten asks, stepping up beside me.
I smile. “Yeah. Hey, I have an idea. Since we aren’t driving, let’s have a quick drink. One for the ladies.”
“I like the way you think.”
Shot glasses mean extra dishes, so we bump from the bottle instead. I’ve just passed it to Kiersten when my phone buzzes with a text.
Nathan: Get your asses out here ;)
“They’re here.”
She tucks the bottle back into my cabinet, and we leave, locking up behind us.
The bar is in the dead center of Main Street. Right in the middle of a business strip, it takes up twice as much square footage as any other building. The overhang with the sign Calypso’s! sports red and green Christmas lights, even though the holiday has passed, and will probably look that way well into January.
The men drop us off at the big red door while they find a place to park, saving us from having to walk a good distance in the cold. We hoof it inside and into the warmth.
Packed isn’t a word one would use to describe any place in Arrow Creek, but in regards to its regular weekend turnout, Calypso’s is packed tonight.
The bar has entrances at both the front and the back of the building, with stairs leading to the basement on both ends. They run a full bar on both levels every weekend.
The upstairs has more tables for dining in, not to say food can’t be ordered for downstairs (it could), and the basement has a side of pool tables and a dance floor. From what I can see of the upstairs, there isn’t much room unless we want to stand at the bar. “Let’s go down.”
Kiersten changes her course and leads the way.
Chilly air blasts us from the door opening and closing so we pick up our pace. I have a mission to get another drink in me before the next hour starts, and it’s getting dangerously close to nine o’clock. This is the one night a year I let myself get uninhibited and free, and I’m desperate to enjoy it.
We find a table, and the waiter steps up just as Nathan and Rhett join us.
“Welcome to Calypso’s. What can I get you? The next hour is ladies’ hour, so the girls’ drinks are on the house.”
“Yeah!” Kiersten and I high-five over the table.
“I’ll have a Moscow Mule and keep ‘em coming.”
Kiersten grins. “Oh, that sounds yummy. I’ll start with one, too.”
“Shit, how am I supposed to owe you a round when our drinks are free for the next hour? I don’t know if I’ll be able to do a round after this.” I giggle, though completely serious. I can hold my liquor with the best of them, meaning I almost never get sick. That doesn’t mean I don’t get drunk easily. It’s a double-edged sword.
“Two rounds of tequila for the table, extra limes.” Nathan orders.
Leaning to my left dramatically, I twist my neck to look at where he sits beside me. “You’re trying to get me drunk.”
From the corner of my eye, I watch the waiter smirk and walk away to fill our order.
His jaw drops open, and he raises his hands in defense. “I am not. If you don’t want it, I’ll just have to drink it. Then it’ll be you who’s getting me drunk.”
“Unh-uh. I’m not the one who ordered.”
“Says the woman who gets free drinks for the next hour.”
I smile and fiddle with the wrapped silverware in front of me, enjoying the playful banter.