Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 66

“Your body responds like that because it’s mine.” Another swipe, another jerk, and the wetness soaks my thong. His hand keeps moving, this time in. He slips his index finger between the fabric and my pussy and runs it along the string. The material slips from where it’s nestled between my cheeks, eliciting a moan from me.
His other hand releases my hip, and he squeezes it between us. His index finger appears in front of my face. “Suck,” he commands.
I open my mouth without hesitation, and he slips the digit inside. I stroke it with my tongue, licking, sucking, and teasing the edge with my teeth.
Law groans and flexes his hips so his hard erection connects with me. “I bet you give fantastic head,” he growls, his darkened eyes steady on mine.
I shrug with a coy smile and pause my ministrations to his finger. “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never done it.”
His head falls back against the seat, and his eyes drift closed. “Fuck yeah, baby. That’s mine too.”
Once satisfied with my sucking, he removes the wet finger from my mouth and returns it between my legs. Where he still holds my thong away from my body, he rubs the wetness against my other hole. The unfamiliar sensation bounces me in his lap, and his responding smirk is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.
“That’s going to be mine too. Start you slow, but you’ll learn to love it.”
“I don’t know, Law.” A low moan replaces the uncertainty in my tone as he rubs the spot again.
“I need to fuck you. Do you trust me?”
“You’re going to do it now?” I yelp and start moving to get off his lap.
He lets go of the fabric of my panties with a snap and clamps an arm around my waist. The other hand prods more insistently and creates a sensation that becomes more arousing by the second.
“Not going to fuck you here.” To punctuate the location, he presses deeply against my asshole. “Fuck you here.” He shifts his hand, slipping easily through the wetness to glide his pinky and ring finger inside me. At the same time they fill me, his index finger slips in my ass to the first knuckle.
“Oh, my god,” I breathe, dropping my forehead against his shoulder.
All his fingers move, pumping slowly in and out of both holes. The sensation is nothing like I’ve ever felt before.
“I’m going to die if you stop.”
“I won’t stop. Get ready, because you’re about to take my cock.”
My legs shake as I rock my hips on his hand. The movement comes instinctually, and I can’t stop it.
Not that I want to. I absolutely do not want to.
He works himself free with his other hand, then moves it to my waist. The pressure of his touch urges me to lift. He sinks lower in the seat, slides his two little fingers out of my pussy, and positions his cock below me.
“Reach down and put me in you, baby. Hurry.”
I line him up, and without waiting for him, I sink myself down on his hard cock.
“Jesus, fuck, you feel good. Ride me. I want to watch you take me.”
His words spur me on. I’ve never done this before, but this is Law. If I had any insecurities, the look of unadulterated bliss on his face completely wipes them away.
With his cock in my pussy and his finger filling my ass, I ride him.
The fogged windows give the illusion of privacy, but even if they were wide open, I’m so far beyond caring. The feel of his warm flesh beneath me, filling me, his free hand touching me, keeps my attention completely.
Our breathing increases, the sound of our skin slapping together grows louder, and then I’m reaching the precipice, clenching around his finger and cock, and riding the tidal wave of an orgasm like I’ve never felt in my life.
He gives that to me, letting me come down before he takes over. Powering into me, he slips his finger from my hole, and the loss of fullness nearly sends me over the edge again. A few more pumps and he stills, planted to the root, his dick throbbing, and the deep sensation
throws me into another orgasm.
His mouth takes mine, softer this time, and our breathing slows together. When he pulls away, he runs his thumb down the side of my cheek. “Why are you so incredible?”