Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 65

Words aren’t spoken between us as we walk. I don’t know where we’re going until headlights flash through the falling snow in front of us. He brought me to his truck. Opening the passenger side for me, he waits for me to get in, then rounds the hood to his door.
I tug out my phone from my clutch and send Kiersten a text telling her who I’m with and that I’m safe. I wish her a happy evening with Rhett, then tuck my phone away again. I would turn it off, except Evelyn is out of town. I need to remain accessible. I just hope Nathan doesn’t contact me.
Law’s rage seems to expand within the confines of his truck. Enclosed inside, he fires the engine and cranks the heat. Within seconds, the windows fog, and I regain some feeling in my cold, numb fingertips.
Silence stretches as seconds turn to minutes, but Law doesn’t speak.
“He’s not a bad guy. We were drunk.”
Painfully slow, Law turns his head my direction. “Did he touch you?”
The question confuses me. Didn’t he see him kissing me? “He kissed me–?
“Did he touch you?” This time Law looks pointedly at my body. My heart squeezes painfully in my chest at the thoughts he must have going through his head.
“No, nothing like that. He only kissed me.” I leave out the part of him touching the skin of my ribs and shoving his thigh between mine. I don’t need Law flipping out. Even though he shouldn’t have done it, Nathan was drunk. He’s not a bad guy, and he didn’t intend to hurt me. If Law hadn’t shown up, I firmly believe he wouldn’t have gone any further than he did.
Law shoves a restless hand through his hair. “Good. I wasn’t looking forward to going back in the cold to break his fucking fingers.”
“Thank you. I can call a cab so you can get back inside.”
He snorts. “No and no.”
“What about your date?”
He drums his fingertips on the steering wheel. “She wasn’t my date. I met her here.”
The response set fire to my blood. “Oh, you’re doing that often now?”
I draw his coat tighter around me and fold my arms over my chest. “What about the blond a couple weeks ago?”
His nostrils flare. He leans forward and swipes a piece of dust off his dash.
“Exactly. So yeah, I’m going to call a cab.”
“They’re all you,” he mutters beneath his breath.
“Excuse me?” The hand I reach into my clutch freezes at his words. I withdraw it and toss my clutch on the dash.
“They’re all you! Every single one. I can’t get rid of you. And believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried to let go of everything I remember about you. The taste of you won’t leave me, and when I close my eyes, I hear you moaning my name.”
I snort. “So you fuck other women to get rid of me? Nice. I’m going to go.”
He snatches my wrist, halting my exit. “I don’t pretend to be a saint, but since you and I… I didn’t fuck any of them. Hell, I haven’t even kissed one. I sit across from them and pick apart the things that remind me of you. I give up, Cami. If I can’t get rid of you, then I have to have you.”
“I don’t believe that’s solely your choice to make.” Even as I try to push him away, my heart races from his words. Do I dare to hope he means what he said? What are the odds this will end up like every other time he’s kissed me or touched me?
His arm hooks me around the waist and drags me across the full bench seat until I’m firmly in his lap. His other arm barricades me in.
“I never again, in my life, want to watch you kiss another man. Those lips are mine. This pussy…” His hand drops to cup me between my legs. “…is mine. You have always been mine. From that very first day I told you I was in love with you until now. Mine.”
He crushes our lips together, fingers digging into my back to pull me close. It isn’t enough. Even with my breasts smashed against his chest, I don’t feel close enough. I drop my hands to the hem of my skirt, hike the fabric up so high it rides straight over my ass and settles around my waist, and rise onto my knees. Law slides to the side on the bench seat. I lift one leg to let him under and lower myself down to straddle his lap.
Desperate to feel him, I slip my hands beneath the hem of his dark button-down shirt, then up over the soft hair on his chest.
He breaks the kiss. Our chests rise and fall together as we catch our breaths. One hand steadies me at my hip, while his other drops to my exposed thigh. He runs his hand up to the crease of my groin and rubs his thumb along my fabric-covered clit. I jerk in his lap.