Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 67

The question flatters me and warms me. In answer, I lean in and suck gently at his neck.
His fingers flex into my hips. “Keep that up, and I’m going to fuck you again.”
My head shoots up. “What’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing. I’d rather get you home first, but I won’t make it there if you don’t keep your mouth to yourself.”
I crawl off, fix my thong, tug my skirt down, and buckle up.
Law’s response isn’t verbal either. He throws the truck into drive.
I reciprocate by giving my very first blow job the entire way to his house, not caring that first bit that he tastes like me.
The incessant ringing of my phone won’t stop, pulling me from a fantastic dream. I throw a hand out toward my nightstand, slapping things out of the way in a sloppy attempt to locate my phone.
Something clatters loudly to the floor. The ringing stops, and I sigh. Thank you, universe. I dive my head back beneath my pillows.
The last two days were something out of a dream. I didn’t know two people could make love so many times and in so many ways. Other than coming up for food, we spent the weekend naked in his bed, in the house he built himself just outside the city limits.
Not just any house, but a dream house. Brand new, cool, and modern, and his amazing taste filters through every room. I always knew Law had a thing for architecture, but witnessing something he created is just short of incredible.
Somewhere during a sustenance break, he gave me a grand tour. He showed me the outdoor shower and sauna (that we had sex in), a hot tub beneath a retractable awning (that we also had sex in), and the master walk-in, stone shower with a built-in bench seat that was long enough for Law to lie down and still had enough room for me to sit.
He also shared he moved to Arrow Creek for work, but not as an exterminator. That was a temporary job he picked up to help a friend. Day to day, he works as a general contractor at his own business. He won a bid to build a new strip mall beginning in the spring, and he wanted to come early to get the lay of the land and a place to live.
My phone starts up again, crushing my opportunity to relive the weekend.
The pillow comes off and flies across the room. I tear the blankets off my body next and push into a sitting position.
“I’m up! I’m freaking up!”
Good thing Evelyn isn’t home. She’d think I’ve gone crazy yelling at nobody in my room.
I find my phone pushed to the other side of my nightstand.
Nathan calling…
I groan and rub my eyes, setting the phone back down as memories of the other night flash through my mind. Why is he calling so early in the morning?
I don’t even know what time it is. I turn the phone over again.
9: 47 a. m.
Okay, so it’s not the crack of dawn, but still early after a weekend of zero sleep.
I should probably get up now that I’m awake. But I was having such a pleasant dream. Law and me naked, his hands and mouth doing delicious things to my body that he’s been the only one to do.
The ringing starts again.
Something’s wrong. Nathan feels bad for the other night, I’m sure, and probably wants to apologize, but he wouldn’t keep calling me for that. He knows me well enough to know that calling me repeatedly when I don’t want to answer would only piss me off.
No. Something is wrong. Acid crawls up my throat and my stomach churns as I pick up my phone and hit the green button with a trembling finger.
“Nathan.” His name scrapes out of my throat.
“Cami.” One word serves as the crack that crumbles my entire world. So much raw pain riddles my name, it’s nearly palpable.