Where We Meet Again (Arrow Creek 1)

Page 93

He can’t be any clearer. Using the grip I already have, I yank him into me and down. Nestling back into the pillows, he rolls partly on top of me as our lips connect. I hope this is as clear of a response. A groan rumbles so deeply from his chest I feel the vibrations against mine. My nipples tighten and a warmth hums low in my belly.
I match him in the level of heat, kissing him with fourteen years of missed opportunities. Beneath the blankets, his hand skims my waist, moving lower to dip beneath my shirt. He trails his fingers up and over the skin of my tummy to find my breast. Our mouths separate with an audible smack when he abruptly pulls back.
“Where’s your bra?” he growls heatedly. The sun’s now high enough to provide enough light to see the desire swirling in his eyes.
“Seeing as there was a caveman, oh…” I moan as he pinches my nipple between his finger and thumb, pulling and rolling while watching me from above. He sinks his teeth into his lower lip, getting off on seeing the pleasure he brings me. “…early this morning, I didn’t have t-time to put one on.”
His fingers walk south, and he ducks his head to nip the skin on my neck. “Forget anything else?”
My answer slides out of me in the form of a moan, because just then, he discovers for himself if I have on underwear. “No…”
One thick finger finds the wetness and pushes deep inside. He cups me there, his grip possessive, as he works his finger in and out. Slow, smooth strokes. Too slow. Too much time has passed since the last time I had him, and I need him inside me now.
I lose the ability to speak when he takes my mouth again, so I get my point across by shoving my hands between us and cupping his erection. His hips jerk, and he thrusts himself into my palm. Our kisses turn frantic with need. His tongue goes from slow and exploring to spearing into my mouth. I get his button undone and yank his cock out as he breaks from our kiss.
“Fuck, are you mine, Cami?” He pants and digs his heels into the pillows to push himself farther into my hand.
There are only so many ways to answer that, but I have the perfect one. My palm slides up and around the head of his cock, gliding back down as I move further beneath the blankets and crawl between his legs. What little room available is cramped, but I don’t care. What I do care about is getting contact with as much of him as I can. My fingers curl into his jeans at mid-thigh, and with his assistance, I work them off. A hand on each leg, I run them up until they meet at the juncture of his thighs, which happens to be my intended target. One hand slides to cup his balls, and I trace them with my tongue as I jack him.
“Holy fuck, your tongue is incredible.”
His words spur me on as I explore, something I haven’t had a chance to do yet. I love how he holds his breath when I drop kisses along the crease of his groin, and the way he jacks his cock into my palm when I run my tongue along the skin beneath his balls. His hand trembles when he fists my messy bun and pulls my mouth from him with a pop. “Suck my cock, honey, or let me fuck you, but do it before I make a mess all over my stomach.”
A shiver racks my entire body at the heated look in his eye. I comply, scooting forward between his bent knees to fill my mouth. My tongue swirls around the head, and I take him all the way to the back of my throat. My gag reflex trips, tightening my muscles around him.
“You are done,” he moans. Hands clamped beneath my armpits, he hauls me up his torso, sliding my body over every hard inch. I want to kiss him, but he has other plans, shifting from beneath me so I’m on my belly in the pillows. He rolls on top, then does a disappearing act of his own.
He removes my jeans in record time, much faster than it took me to remove his, and then his hands caress me. “Scoot your knees under you.”
Even though there isn’t much room, I manage. My backside is in the air beneath the blankets. I feel self-conscious all of two seconds before Law takes care of my insecurity.
He grips each cheek of my ass in a palm and squeezes them one after the other, doing some exploring of his own. “Your pussy smells divine.” In one unhurried stroke, he flattens his tongue and licks me from my clit, over the entrance to my pussy, not stopping until he swirls it over my ass.
My entire body bucks, completely out of my control to stop it. That’s all the affirmation he needs to keep going. Over and over he traces the path. Beneath him, I’m a quivering mess. “Please,” I beg at the deliberate torture. “I need you to fuck me.”
In response, Law dips his middle finger into my soaked pussy. It isn’t what I want, but it’s a start. I rock against his thick digit. His tongue joins his finger in overwhelming me with sensation. I’m on the brink, panting and writhing against him. He withdraws his finger, plunges his tongue deep, and sinks his now-slick finger into my ass.
A scream tears from me as I come, throbbing around his finger and his tongue. If I’d been capable of thinking, I would have thought I scared the birds out of their nests. Good thing we don’t have neighbors.
Law doesn’t delay in taking what he needs as I come down. Wiping his mouth where my thigh meets my cheek, he rises to his knees, positions his cock, and drives in, all without removing his finger.
Harsh breaths and groans of pleasure erupt between us as we lose ourselves. Each time it gets better and hotter and deeper than the last. Years of lost intimacy compounds into a love making so sweet it nearly hurts. I give what he needs, and he takes what I offer, as the sound of our flesh slapping rings out in the early morning silence.
“Your pussy’s sweet, Cami, but I can’t get enough of filling your ass.” As if to prove a point, he strokes his finger inside me, rubbing it along the thin wall of skin separating it from his cock. I whimper when nerves electrify and something deep inside deliciously clenches.
“I can’t wait until you let me take your ass with my cock.”
My head flies back on a moan, and my body trembles as another orgasm rocks through me.
“I’m right there with you,” Law grinds out, removing his finger to grip my hips and slam into me once, twice, before the rhythmic throb of him coming fills me. My name falls from his lips, and his forehead touches my back.
“I love you, Cami,” he con
fesses earnestly, a tremor threading his tone. One arm wraps around me, and he strokes the back of my hand with his. Curling my fingers, I thread them through his and press them together into the pillows. My grip is so tight it has to hurt, but he never lets on. He just keeps speaking into my back. “I love you. I’ll love you tomorrow and fifty years from now. I’ve loved you for the past fourteen. I fell in love with you when we were kids and I stole your first kiss on that hill, and I won’t ever stop.”
It takes everything in me not to cry as I tell him the words I’ve wanted to say for so long. “I love you, too, Law. Yesterday, today, forever.”
He slides out of me, and we both drop to our sides facing one another. “Yesterday, today, forever,” he repeats.