Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 41

Vincent came

My sudden anxiety brought a layer of cold sweat to my forehead, but Aaron reached for his phone
anyway. In less than a second, he was talking to Vincent.

Vincent’s voice was faint, but it was undoubtedly him. When I bit my lip to stay silent, Aaron started
getting more thrilled by our cheating. His hips rolled forward and pounded my body ruthlessly, and just
then, I was suddenly thankful that I still wasn’t as sensitive as most women. Otherwise, it would’ve
been impossible for me to hold my moans back.

But no matter how hard I tried, Vincent still noticed that something was wrong. “Are you busy right
now…?” He asked.

Aaron sighed, lowered his head, and kissed me. He let the microphone sit right beside my face, and I
quickly turned my head away. My heartbeat was thunder in my chest, and I was too scared to even

With a smirk, Aaron asked innocently, “No, what’s wrong?”

It was quiet for a moment, then Vincent said, “My girlfriend isn’t in the room. I don’t know where she is.”

Aaron sneered. “Why would you think I knew?”

As he said that, he wickedly sped up his motions. It was too much for me to bear, and I couldn’t keep
my mouth shut



Vincent obviously heard the noise, and I heard the sly smile in his voice when he quickly said, “Haha…
You have fun then. I’ll leave you alone.” Then he hung up.


I didn’t expect Vincent to be back so soon, yet Aaron didn’t seem to care. I tried to push myself off the
bed with my arms and kept hissing, “Hurry up already! I need to go!”

Aaron just smiled nonchalantly and refused to let me go. He didn’t speak as he thrust into me harder
and faster, and my mouth hung open while my eyes rolled back. The air was filled with the wet slapping
of his skin against mine.

He was doing this on purpose!

I was afraid of making a scene so late at night, so I lowered my voice and begged him in a harsh
whisper, “Aaron-! Stop, please!”

He laughed. “Why should I listen to you? I’m not your boyfriend.”

I didn’t say a word, and he stared at me expectantly as his hips slowed to a stop. He really wanted to
be difficult about


But I was just relieved he gave me some way out. “Babe,” | begged.

He happily responded. “Again.”

Acting like he really was my boyfriend not only excited him, but also stirred an odd feeling in my chest.

I called again. “Babe, please… I need to go…”

My voice was soft and seductive, and I even surprised myself with my coquettish whimpering. Aaron’s
blue eyes were surging with a high tide of emotion, and I had no choice but to match his rhythm and
enjoy fleeting moments of our union.

When it was over, I was still nervous, almost panicking. He simply hugged me and lazily dialed a
number on his phone. “Daisy? Hi. Vince is probably gonna be there soon… Yeah, just mention she’s in
your room.”

Then Aaron hung up and leaned in to kiss me, but I avoided


He mockingly held my chin in his hand. “Angry?”

I closed my eyes and didn’t respond, but he cheerfully continued, “It’s like you’re a completely different
person before and after we f*ck.”

I pushed Aaron aside and said firmly, “I’m going back.”

Aaron sighed and his arms behind his head. “Right now? Aren’t you afraid of him finding out?”

I furrowed my brow and asked, confused, “How would he


He smiled, sat up to wrap his arms around my waist, and muttered in my ear, “If you go out like this,
any normal person would know exactly what you were doing in here…”

I frowned and bit my lip: “… Can I use your bathroom?”

He let me go with a sweet smile. “Of course.”

I kept the blanket wrapped around me as I bent over to look for my clothes, but before I could s*atch up
my underwear, a thick fabric fell over my head.

It smelled g**d-a hint of l*m*ngra*s-and it wasn’t until I stood back up that I realized it was Aaron’s

He pulled his cigarette case out of the drawer on the nightstand, then went to the table to pick up the
lighter I gifted him. The whole process was so natural, like he wasn’t at all worried his best friend could
be minutes away from finding

out about us.

He must’ve had too much to drink.

“Don’t set off the fire alarm.” I kindly reminded him.

It took two whole seconds for Aaron to register what I said, then he laughed.

I tightened the oversized bathrobe and went into the bathroom barefoot. The lights in the room were
dim, so I didn’t notice it until I got to the bathroom: I was covered in h*ckeys, teeth marks, and bruises
from my neck to my thighs. My breasts were sore, but at least my nipples were still attached… I
avoided looking in the large mirror again and hurriedly turned on the shower-hopefully the running
water would wash away some of my shame.

When I heard the chime of the suite’s doorbell, my heart s*ipped a beat. I’d just pulled the robe back

The bathroom wasn’t soundproofed very well, so I could hear Aaron’s slow footsteps walking over to
open the door. The voice outside was Vincent’s.

Hidden in the bathroom, my heart started to race. I held my breath, pressed my ear against the
bathroom door, and listened to Vincent. “Daisy said Olive was in her room. Which one is it?”

“Just ask her yourself. Why are you coming to me?” Aaron’s

voice was flat and he seemed a little impatient.

“I texted her but she left me on read. Olive didn’t reply to my texts either. Besides, you know better than
anyone that Daisy has a temper. She can’t stand it when other people bother her.”

Aaron smiled and said, “And you think I can?”


But after a few seconds, Vincent smiled and said, “I know you,

man. You’re not like that at all.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Aaron yawned, “But even if I did tell you which one it was, you still
shouldn’t go. Then she’d definitely lose it. Women hate it when boys show up to spoil their fun.”

Vincent still didn’t give up. “It might be that easy for you-you don’t have a girlfriend. You don’t know how
much it hurts to be away from your lover.”‘

Aaron chuckled dryly. “Why can’t you just go to your other one then?”

“You need to stop saying s*it like that.” Vincent’s voice suddenly became serious.

“What are you afraid of?” Aaron paused for a few seconds. “It’s not like she knows. Even if she did, she
wouldn’t do anything about it.”

I bit my lip. Was Aaron mocking me? I’d used to trust Vincent wholeheartedly, but now, I couldn’t shake
the feeling that I was nothing but a joke to his entire group of friends. Even


“That doesn’t matter.” Vincent’s voice started to sound more


“Why don’t you break up with her already?”

Aaron asked exactly what I was thinking. I still wanted to be the one to dump Vincent, but I had to know
if he really loved Emily or if she was just a toy to him.

I didn’t love him anymore. I couldn’t.

But I needed him to love me.

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