Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 42

On the cabinet

“Why do you ask…?” Vincent asked warily.

“Just wondering.” Aaron shrugged. “Maybe I’m curious since I’ve never had to work things out with a

“Hehe… because you’ve never loved anyone like that.” Vincent breathed a clear sigh of relief. Maybe
Aaron’s false ignorance was enough to make him drop his guard.

“Who do you actually love then? Emily or your girlfriend?” Aaron deliberately left out my name.

“Olive, obviously.” Vincent’s lack of hesitation took me by surprise. Then he continued, “But…”

My eyes widened as my ear perked up.

“I do envy you sometimes, Aaron. You do whatever you want, and everyone loves you all the same.”
Vincent sighed. “I wish I had that kind of freedom, you know? Like a real man.”

Vincent’s words made me want to vomit. He was trying to be a “real man” by cheating on me? What a
cheap, insecure


Would that be the same reason he tells me when I finally confront him?

Regardless, a smug smile crossed my face. He did still love me, and I was going to turn that against
him. That simple thought sent me into a daydream as I hid in the bathroom. I imagined breaking up with
him-cold as ice-and watching his heart break before my eyes.

He’d panic and stutter while his wide eyes filled with

confusion. And then I’d tell him that I didn’t love him. That I hadn’t for the longest time.

I’ve imagined that scene over and over, but now it felt so much more tangible. At the same time though,
I felt sorry for Emily.

I didn’t know why he chose her.

I picked Aaron because he was a casual casanova who outclassed Vincent in every way.

But Vincent must’ve only picked her because she truly loved him. It made her easy to take advantage

It was sad. The one who gets hurt the most is always the one who loves the hardest.

Vincent muttered something to remind Aaron not to talk about this again, and Aaron replied casually.
“Alright, I won’t tell your girlfriend. Get out of here now. I’m tired.”

Vincent gave him a wicked smile. “Satisfied or spent?”

Aaron laughed, “What do you think?”

They shared a low chuckle and said their goodbyes, and I poked my head out when I heard the door to
the hallway slam shut.

I turned just in time to see Aaron leaning out the open window to smoke. There was only a bath towel
around his waist, and it left the smooth muscles of his upper body on display. His eyes were half-lidded
in the smoke, and his distant expression was so handsome…


21:01 D

Oh no.

I didn’t want to leave.

Aaron put out his cigarette and reached one hand out to me. “Done cleaning up?”

I hesitated and didn’t move, but neither did he. He just kept his hand outstretched and looked at me
with soft eyes pleading for me to stay. Part of me believed he’d wait like this forever.

“You heard all of that,” he said matter-of-factly.

I nodded.

Aaron’s blue eyes seemed to call me over. His lips quivered, but he didn’t say anything. It was like he
was expecting something, and I felt like I knew just what it was.

If I went to him now, the boundaries of our relationship would blur, and we might slip into something
neither of us was ready


So I didn’t move. I told myself no.

The room was dimly lit, and the lights outside flickered behind Aaron. There he stood, looking like a
painting from the Victorian era. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew in, and the strands of hair in front of his
forehead fluttered and brushed past his eyelashes. The falling s*owflakes dusted the bridge of his
nose, his cheeks, and his lips.

I shuddered. I couldn’t stop myself from taking a small step forward, and before I could take another
step, he reached forward. His arm wrapped around my waist and spun me

around to pin me against the kitchenette next to him. Then he tilted his head and gave me a tobacco-
flavored kiss.

I rested my open hand on the back of his neck, and he leaned back slightly, unable to breathe.

After a while, he let go of me and smiled faintly, then he took a deep breath and said, “You’re not too
bad at that.”

I stopped to catch my breath before saying, “I’m not as good as you, that’s for sure. I heard you’ve had
three different women in and out of your bed in the same night.”

“Ah… You know exactly what you’re doing, bringing that up.” Aaron raised his eyebrows with a smile,
and with even the slightest force from his hand, I was held firmly in place.

The countertop was very narrow, and there were still two glasses left out. I only had enough space to
sit halfway on the surface. I felt off balance, but he stood in front of me to keep me from falling-and
from leaving.

Aaron squeezed between my knees, pressed himself close to me, and nipped at my lip. He whispered,
“Are you jealous?”

I felt his body temperature rise with my lower abdomen pressed against his c*otch, and I leaned even
closer into him. “Not anymore.”

He didn’t back away this time.

Instead, he reached up to gently undo the straps holding my robe closed.

The warm yellow light from overhead spilled across my bare shoulders; I wore nothing underneath. In
this position, he only

On the cabinet

had to glance down to see my fully exposed body.

200 IVUuchers

Even though we’d slept together several times, I still felt somewhat embarrassed, and I subconsciously
hugged him so that he’d stop staring.

He must’ve expected my sudden bashfulness because he * immediately pressed his lips against mine
as he quickly tossed the towel that was around his waist. With one hand, he held me by the shoulder.
With the other, he squeezed my hip as he lined himself up…

I was no match for him in bed. His hands were like magic on my body, and I was so disappointed the
foreplay ended so


I slipped off of the cabinet and instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist. My arms curled tightly
around his neck, and his thrusts were so violent that he was knocking me back into the counter every
time. By the end of it, I was limp in his arms.

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