Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 47

I won

Just when I thought I was suffocating, Vincent pulled away.

He hugged me while he looked around at the cheering crowd and happily accepted their blessings and

Alex nudged Aaron and joked, “Let’s get outta here. He

probably only invited us ’cause we’re single and he wanted to rub it in.”

But Aaron didn’t move. He still stood there looking at me as if he was expecting something.

I clenched my hand, and the ring on my finger dug in uncomfortably.

Just as they were happily pouring more champagne, Aaron finally gave up and turned to get his coat.

Alex excused himself, “Sorry, man. We have some other work to do, so we’ve gotta get going.”

I looked at Aaron, but he didn’t meet my eyes. He didn’t congratulate us either.

Vincent smiled. “Alright, that’s cool. I’ll send you the wedding invites in a few days.”

Aaron didn’t even look at him and walked toward the door.

He didn’t even give me a second glance.

When they opened it to leave, Alex snorted. “What are you doing here?”

Vincent turned his head and glanced over, and his expression fell.

I followed their line of sight.

Emily was here.

She had the look of Jacqueline, the killer from “Murder on the Nile.” If looks could kill, I would’ve
dropped dead in a


But I wasn’t going to go down so easy. If she was Jacqueline, then I was Nemesis.

I put a hand on Vincent’s chest and smiled up at him, “This is amazing… Thank you so much, honey!”
Then I sneered against his chest as I hugged him, and I heard his heart racing.

Emily looked straight at him and said, “Oh, you proposed today? Aha… Why didn’t you invite me? I
could’ve helped you blow balloons.”

Vincent gave a knowing glance to one of his buddies, who immediately stepped forward to escort Emily
outside. He grunted, “You’re drunk. You need to sleep it off.”

She did reek of alcohol, even from here.

Obviously, she struggled. Her eyes were bloodshot and she grabbed the tablecloth, yanking it back as
she was being dragged out.

“I’m not going!” She screamed.

Everything on the table fell to the ground, even the beautiful cheesecake Vincent worked so hard to
track down. It was a


Vincent gave her a cold glare. “Just do what you’re told. Go


Tears streamed down her face, and part of me felt sorry for her. Instead of arguing with him, she
grabbed my sleeve and sniffled, “He dumped me, Olive. He doesn’t want me anymore. What am I
supposed to do…?”

My calm smile never left, and I dabbed at her tears with a tissue. “Don’t cry… I’m sure he was just
another s*umbag, whoever he was. It doesn’t matter now.”

Emily didn’t say a word as she stared at the diamond ring on my hand.

I looked at Vincent again and joked, “Honey, she’s

heartbroken. Maybe you should’ve proposed to her instead.”

Vincent’s expression was a little stiff, and it took a long time to respond with a smile. “Quit joking like

Emily jolted as if she was struck by lightning. Her whole body straightened up and she blinked back her
tears, but she still looked unsteady. It was like she’d collapse at the slightest touch.

The ring on my finger was my greatest weapon. At this moment, it was the knife that carved out Emily’s

I didn’t know how much Vincent truly cared for her, but I was sure he was more interested in the sex
than anything. Unfortunately for Emily, it was the opposite.

Then she was gone, dragged away by Vincent’s friends.

Vincent seemed unaffected by that little episode. He hummed along to the music and bent down to
clean up the mess.

“Head back down to our apartment and get some rest,” he said. “And make sure you call out tomorrow.
I wanna go visit your parents.”

So I took the elevator down to our floor and entered our apartment. When I made it to the bedroom, I
locked the door behind me.

I had a message from Aaron.

Amorris: You didn’t break up with him

Amorris: Are you really gonna marry him?

HeyOlive: yes! and after we’re married, i’m going to keep cheating on him

Amorris: Then I won’t do this with you anymore

HeyOlive: so…

Amorris: This was the best time to leave him

Amorris: Everything’s in place for your little “revenge”

Amorris: Stay with me

Amorris: Only me

Amorris: If we keep doing this, I’ll be no better than Emily

Vincent was back from cleaning up outside. I heard the front door open and close before his footsteps
approached the bedroom. The handle shook. “Olive…? Did you lock the door? Let me in.”

I stood on the other side of the door, took off the ring, and slipped it under the door. “Take it back. I
have something to tell you.”

His cheerful tone persisted, “Then open up and tell me inside.

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