Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend By Jane E.L. Chapter 49

Let’s Lose Our Minds Tonight

“Aaron, this is Vincent’s house. He’ll be back any minute.” I warned him.

Aaron narrowed his eyes. “That makes it more exciting.”

He raised his hands to touch me.

I moved to dodge his grasp, but I was too slow. It’s my fault to compete with him. I spent my whole day
in the lab usually, and gym, what’s that s*it. But Aaron was totally different.

Aaron had muscles. I had seen them, and touched them. I should not forget them.

He tugged me toward him and spun my whole body around. Then, I was pinned to the wall.

I hurriedly put my hands against his chest, and it felt like my heart was about to jump out of my throat.

I tried to push him away, but I couldn’t move him at all.

I knew what was coming next, but I wasn’t in the mood. It’s not in my plan to have sex with my
boyfriend’s best friend just after he proposed me and abandoned me. I just wanted to be left alone to
sort out my thoughts, regardless of how ‘excited’ he was getting.

So I twisted my head away as he came down for a kiss.

His kiss landed on my cheek and I felt him freeze again.

Aaron seemed to laugh in exasperation, and I felt his chest reverberate. He let out a short gasp as if he
was the one who was being scandalized.

“You know you like it,” he muttered.

With that, he lifted his hand and cupped my chin, and his forced kiss engulfed me in an instant.

He used his tongue to pry open my teeth before exploring every inch of my mouth. All the while, his lips
melded with* mine.

I was so taken aback that my eyes widened, but his were closed in concentration.

In that moment, I nearly lost myself in the illusion of his love.

Just as my mind wandered, I felt a sting in my lower lip.

I glared at him. “Are you a dog?”

He bit me again for good measure, then responded. “Who are you talking about? That useless
boyfriend of yours?”

Without waiting for my answer, he continued, “Even in my arms, you still think about other men. Maybe
that means I need to work a little harder…”

This was getting more and more unbelievable. Why did he seem jealous?

It was him I thought about while I was with Vincent…

G*d, what was I thinking?

Aaron narrowed his eyes and stared at me for a few seconds. Then he suddenly kissed me again. This
one wasn’t as fierce as the first. Instead, it was so gentle that I felt like I was drowning.

My eyes fluttered shut and I let myself sink into it.

Before I could suffocate, Aaron let me go.

I gasped and opened my eyes to see him gazing down at me. His blue eyes were full of affection.

I hesitated.

D*mn it.

I saw pure love in his eyes, but before I could look deeper, it disappeared.

Maybe the last kiss left me so out of breath that I was hallucinating…

I shook off my jumbled thoughts and looked down at Aaron with a cold expression. “Get off me.”

Aaron glanced down and gave me an innocent look. “You’re the one holding onto me.”

I followed suit and looked down. The hand that I originally pushed against his chest was gripping his

I quickly let go and cursed myself for getting distracted. Just a kiss was enough to scramble my brain.

No… I shouldn’t blame myself.

It was Aaron’s fault for being such a hot kisser!

managed to calm down, but when I looked up I saw Aaron unbuttoning his shirt and exposing his toned

“You…” I trailed off and forced myself to look away. “That’s

enough, Aaron.”


His belt came undone next.

“Vincent left to see Emily and he isn’t back yet. Guess what those two are doing right now?”

Aaron raised an eyebrow at me as my anger erupted once again. “Stop it!”

“Olive, don’t you want to get back at him? I’m trying to help you.”

I gritted my teeth. This is exactly how it happened last time. “So I’m supposed to thank you?”

“No need to thank me. Just be good for me…” He lifted me up over his shoulder.

His shoulder dug into my stomach so hard that I nearly vomited up last night’s dinner.

“Put me down!”

I kicked wildly


He slapped my a*s and gave it a firm squeeze. “Be honest with yourself.”

“Aaron!” My body stiffened, and then I struggled harder.

The slap didn’t hurt much, but it was still humiliating.

Aaron strode into the bedroom and threw me onto the


The room spun for a moment, and by the time I recovered, Aaron was on top of me.

He put most of his weight on me, and he crushed me so hard that I couldn’t breathe. My face grew red
and I tried to shove him off, but he didn’t move.

“Aaron! Get off!” I glared at him.

Instead of listening, he stared into my eyes and said slowly, “Break up with him.”

“That’s my decision to make, not yours! I don’t want you in my life anymore!”

Venom dripped from my words, and I saw a look of hurt flash in his eyes.

Was I too harsh?

No. How could I be?

We were just f*ck buddies. He can’t take it that personally.

But the more I thought about it, the more uneasy I felt. Finally, I sighed and asked, “Aaron, do you
really like me?”

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